April 26, 2008

Locations in Common

  • Josh Guimond attended St. John's University. Nick Rossini also attended St. John's University before going to West Point.
  • Anthony Skifton's body was found south of the Cass Street Bridge; Christopher Melancon fell from the Cass Street bridge.
  • Jesse Ross and Matt Soumakis disappeared from the same area, possibly the same hotel almost a year apart. Both had been staying at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers.
  • Nathan Edberg and Nick Rossini both disappeared from White Bear Lake. The Rossini home is not too far from Decoy's Bar where Nathan Edberg was last seen. The Edbergs and Rossinis live within a few miles of each other.
  • Willie Jacobson was originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and moved to New York. (Danny Clune, http://finddanny.org/, who will be listed soon), had recently moved to Sandpoint, Idaho from New York.
  • Also see the post on the Lincoln Connection.


director said...

Not only did Matt Soumakis and Jesse Ross both disappear after staying at the Chicago Sheraton hotel & towers, but Trevor Hoheisel disappeared from there as well.

Lisa said...

True...and since this post was written, it has come to light that there have actually been a number of people who have disappeared from that area of Chicago under similar circumstances--some of them went missing just blocks apart. Stay tuned...I plan to do a special report on Chicago (similar to the one I just did on Boston.)

Lisa said...

@The Shadow,

Feel free to e-mail me at footprints.blogmail@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Americanborn said...

Ive been working on a spreadsheet for a several years on the names places missing and places found and last place seen. I have over 125 names on this list. I have cross referenced from all states missing men websites along with those that made the news. I have to update this since I have not worked on it in months. Would anyone be interested in this list when done? vet