September 20, 2009

Footprints undergoing re-construction

To those of you who have visited this website, left your constructive comments, and passed this website along to others in an effort to help raise public awareness about a series of tragic drownings, I thank you. The volume of information now posted at this website, the ever-increasing number of suspicious deaths, and the heavy traffic of posts and comments, is challenging the efficiency and readability of this site. Therefore, the website will be undergoing some re-construction, and you may notice some sections being moved or deleted. Finally, in effort to help maintain a more compact, streamlined Comments section that better upholds the Comment Policy, you will now need to log in to leave a comment. As always, you may still e-mail me with your tips, questions, or concerns.

Thank you for making this website a success and thank you again for your understanding during these changes.

The Webmaster,
Footprints at the River's Edge


BoyintheMachine said...

Lisa, I completely agree with the new changes. I haven't been coming around in a while, but just wanted to show my support.

Lisa said...


Fantastic! This is something I should have implemented a while ago. I am SO glad to have you back!

Devin said...

Lisa -I also wanted to say that you have my support with this!! You have done a fantastic job and I try to mention your site and the background story to it to whomever I think will be interested -the day will come when these terrible events will be solved!! Thanks for gathering such a large amount of data and I very much agree with putting cases from before the 1997 era if it feels right to you. Again my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims families and friends and I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!!