February 25, 2010

Peaceful demonstration to be held in La Crosse

This coming Sunday (Feb. 28), there will be a peaceful demonstration held in La Crosse, Wisconsin to help raise awareness over a series of river drownings in the city.

Sisters Paula Homp and Lisa Schwartzhoff (pictured in photo above, left and right, respectively) came up with the idea for the community-wide event as a positive way of raising awareness and to hopefully help prevent future drownings. Their 17-year old brother Terry Wilson drowned off Chut's Landing in 1986 after he had been drinking at a party.

"We hate to see another family go through that and if you can find a way to prevent that from happening, you’ll do everything in your power to do it," Homp told the La Crosse Tribune.

There will be speakers and a moment of silence for each victim, and Paula and Lisa will lead a human chain along the Mississippi River in Riverside Park."As we stand together, the strength in numbers shows power and support and that we can make a change in this city," Schwartzhoff said. "I just think it’s very important as a community as a whole to come together and show their support for this cause and stop it from happening again."

If you’d like to join the human chain, or voice your ideas on how to solve the problem, you can meet Paula and Lisa at Riverside park near the Visitor Center at noon on Sunday.

Date: Sunday, 28 February, 2010

Time: Starts at 12:00 PM

Riverside Park (near the Visitor Center)
La Crosse, WI 54601


BoyintheMachine said...

Power to them. The more that can be done to spread awareness on the issue, the better.

Hope a lot of people show up.

Craigs said...

I completely agree, BoyintheMachine.