February 12, 2010

Rally for Slyvester McCurry

The family of Sylvester McCurry is having a rally to draw attention to his disappearance. The rally will be held on Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. in front of the Stargate Night Club in Superior, Wisconsin where Sly was last seen. Yellow ribbons will be handed out to help raise awareness.


BoyintheMachine said...

Does anybody know what the area is like behind the bar or area around the bar where he was last seen? Is there a bod of water? Anyplace that he could of possibly collapsed or have been mugged?

Brandon said...

i know superior is a very dark place at night. of course its right by a body of water, its on lake superior!. anyways, im sure you could get mugged anywhere at night there, its very dimly lit place at night; anywhere you go.