March 11, 2002

03/11/02: James Rowe, 31, Chicago, IL

James Rowe is missing.

Thirty-one year old James Rowe was last seen early on Sunday, March 11, at the bar Different Strokes, 4923 N. Clark, Chicago, IL by friend Jeremy Todd.

When Rowe didn't come home that night and wasn't seen the next day, Todd assumed he had gone to visit his family in the suburbs. He hadn't. By Tuesday, after he had missed calling his mother on her birthday--something he's never done---his family knew something was very wrong.

According to his parents, Rowe has never gone missing like this before, and his belongings were where he had last left them.

Rowe does have a medical condition, encephalitis or inflammation of the brain, that can cause issues with his memory problems, dizziness and loss of balance. According to Todd, he did not have his medication with him, and it is possible he could have blacked out.

But to date, it appears that James Rowe has not been found, and what happened to him is a mystery.

Both Todd and Rowe's parents have filed police reports.

Anyone with information can call Mr. and Mrs. Rowe at (941) 981-3594.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god this is my brother. I thought no one new anything. I just googled it and here you are. I am so sad and pissed off that this could happen and no one cares. The police didn't do anything and neither did the news stations. they said it wasn't juicy enough. Mean while his friend and ex roomate gets away with this. You heard me the killer was his friend his name i think was Jeremy and he looks like the dad from "family ties" please someone help me get more info

Anonymous said...

Lisa I have mor einfo if you will think it will help. It's funny I talked with a good psychic( didn't really believe it until she told me thing he and I would only know. Here is the funny thing she said that he was in water were it was dark and it was cold. Reading all the other stories it can't be a coincidence. There was a detective in Michigan who during the time told me they were following a lead of a man that was traveling around the midwest possibly doing things to stray people like this. I hate that they don't continue these investigations.

Jrowe8 said...

This is James' brother Joe please change the contact phone number to 941-981-3594. Thank you. Oh yea the roomates name was Todd and he definatly had something to do with it. If he or police want to discuss THAT call me!

Turbo said...

I know it's been a while, but I had to comment on this case. The bar James dissapeared from is still in business, though it's now called The SoFo Tap. I visit the bar often. To be clear, there is no body of water in the area. Lake Michigan is a good 20-30 minute walk east from the bar. While the bar is located on busy Clark St., that particular stretch of Clark is very dark and desolate at night.