January 6, 2019

When Your Child Goes Missing

by Paula Lookabill

Can you imagine someone you love disappearing? I can’t. Yet every year thousands of people go missing. Just gone. The people that love them have no idea what happened, or if they are still alive. Which brings another devastating string of thoughts. What if they are alive? Where are they? Are they safe? Are they scared? Are they hungry? Are they too hot or too cold? Now, imagine that loved one is a missing child. Your child.

Most of us can’t imagine that happening, nor do we want to. Yet that is exactly what happened to a mother in Alma, Arkansas, on June 9, 1995. Six-year old Morgan Chauntel Nick was playing with friends at a ballpark in Alma when she went missing. Her mom, Colleen Nick, was watching a Little League baseball game and hesitantly agreed to let Morgan go catch lightning bugs (fireflies) with friends. It was approximately 10:45 p.m. when Morgan and her friends headed back to their parents. When the children reached the parking lot, they all stopped to empty sand from their shoes. Morgan stopped by her mom’s vehicle, just a few dozen feet away her friends. When her friends finished, they realized the game was over and started back to the field where they met up with their parents. Realizing that Morgan wasn’t with the others, Colleen asked the children where her daughter was. They told her that Morgan was out by their car emptying her shoes, but when Colleen reached the parking lot, Morgan was nowhere to be found. Her friends reported they had seen Morgan talking to a “creepy” man while she was putting her shoes back on. That was the last time she was seen or heard from. 

A huge search ensued at the ballpark that night and has since spanned the country over the last 23 years. There have been many tips over the years about what happened that night, as well as persons who may have been involved. Unfortunately, none of those leads have ever brought any news of what happened that fateful night. Morgan’s case was made more difficult because of the lack of physical evidence. In addition, no one saw the actual abduction.

There have been many suspect’s throughout the years. The most prominent is a man who stands about 6’ tall, weighs approximately 180 pounds and has a scruffy beard and salt-and-pepper hair. He was driving an older model red truck with a white camper shell. Morgan has blonde hair and blue eyes. At the time of the abduction, Morgan was 4’ tall and weighed approximately 55 pounds. She was wearing a green Girl Scout t-shirt, blue jean shorts and white tennis shoes.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the work of Morgan’s mom, Colleen Nick.  Since her daughter’s disappearance she has worked tirelessly to bring Morgan home. At one point, shortly following Morgan’s disappearance, Colleen made the Alma volunteer Fire Department, which was next door to the Police Department, her home and search headquarters.  

In 1996, Colleen started the Morgan Nick Foundation, which provides a support network to parents and families of all missing children. The foundation helps provide intervention, education, and legislation. You can take a look at their website at morgannickfoundation.com.

Unfortunately Morgan is still missing. If you have any information regarding her case, please contact the Alma Police Department at 1-479-632-3333. Or, you can call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

July 29, 2018

Theory on Mysterious Deaths

- Daniel Albrecht, guest contributor

First and foremost, my deepest sympathies go out to all the families who have lost their sons in a most horrific way. My heart truly goes out to each one of you.

When I first came across the strange abductions of literally hundreds of young men across the upper Midwest, I thought there might be a connection to the Franklin Savings and Loan Scandal from the late 80 ́s out of Omaha, Nebraska. I will not go into detail about it here, as many are aware of these unspeakable events. But for those who have not heard, the Franklin Scandal was a nationwide network of pedophiles operating at the highest levels of government which ran straight up to the Reagan, Bush White House. A few names for you to investigate, should you choose to do so.

Former Senator and attorney, John DeCamp of Nebraska, who not only blew the case wide open, but published a book with the title,” The Franklin Cover Up.” There is also a documentary that was never broadcast called “A Conspiracy of Silence.” This can be found all over on YouTube. Boystown in Nebraska was a major source for the prostitution of young boys. The late Ted Gunderson, who was the former head of the FBI for Southern California, and after his retirement, conducted extensive research on this, and many other subjects. Finally, the late and former Senator Nancy Schaffer who, along with her husband, was executed in her bed while asleep in May of 2012. She was ready to publish her book on the nationwide Child Services Protection Organization, which is nothing more than a cover for human trafficking.

After having read many, many cases on these young men, I have concluded that there is no direct connection to the Franklin Scandal, but I do fully believe it is part of the same network. I can, however, conclude that this is NOT the work of a single individual, responsible for this mass abduction. Not only are there hundreds of cases in the United States, but Canada, and Europe as well. Since 2008, at least 80 bodies of young men, fitting the same description, in the city of Manchester, England have been discovered in the canals that run through the city, all under the very same circumstances as those in the States. There is also a case in Germany, as recently as July 18th, 2014, where a young man on vacation in Bulgaria, simply ran off into a field, completely disoriented, and has never been seen since.

Let me state that I do not buy into the theory that these young men simply disappeared, committed suicide, or “accidentally” fell into a body of water and drown. I believe without question, they were all, every single one of them, abducted, used for experimentation, and finally dumped into bodies of water to make it look accidental. I will also not use the term, “Smiley Face Killer,” as this is highly misleading, and diverts from the true intention of what is really going on. It also belittles the seriousness of these cases. I believe all these “smiley faces” found at the scenes where the bodies have been recovered are a tactic to keep people running down the wrong path. Or it is someone ́s very sick joke.

In almost every single case, these young men have been out celebrating, or just relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Every young man that has been targeted is athletic, strong, intelligent, and is either still in college, or has just finished. It all takes place in the early hours of the morning, and usually during the winter months, when suddenly, for some unexplainable reason, they exit the establishment, become extremely disoriented, and their behavior is not only erratic, it does not fit how they usually act.

This leads us to the first point. All these men have been deliberately sought out and targeted, which means that over a course of days, or weeks before they vanish, have been observed, or even stalked. This leads us to the second point that those who have been targeted, are also being watched in the establishments they are in by the people who plan the abduction. The main reason I believe this second point is that in several of the cases, these young men are asked to leave the place, and then once confronted by law enforcement, or family members, deny that they were asked to leave. A “sudden” memory lapse seems to be a recurring theme.

There has been much conjecture as to how the men have been put into such a state. One suggestion is having been drugged, by slipping something into their drinks. This is a very plausible conclusion. I believe this in some of the cases. There are other cases, however, where the young men were on the phone with people, talking normally, but were also very disoriented. Some have also sent text messages, giving the appearance of seeming normal. In the many cases where the young men are seen on video surveillance, you can clearly see the strange behavior, such as acting drunk, walking around in a state of confusion, looking like they will be sick, etc. This is a strong indicator that they were, without question, under the influence of some outside force, not of their own choosing.

This is the headline from an article, and I will post the link, so you can read for yourself in it ́s entirety.

Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain
https://www.globalresearch.ca/electromagnetic-and-informational-weapons-the-remote- manipulation-of-the-human-brain-2/5458103

This is just one of dozens of excellent articles on this subject.

This all leads us now to the main question of why? Why is this happening? Why target young, intelligent college-aged men?

It is a well-known fact that for centuries, wicked governments all over the world, have used their own populous for experiments. The United States is no exception. There is ample information on many of the things the US government has done to its people.
The hideous 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Study. 200 black men diagnosed with syphilis are never told of their illness, are denied treatment, and instead are used as human guinea pigs in order to follow the progression and symptoms of the disease. They all subsequently die from syphilis, their families never told that they could have been treated.

The disgusting incident in 1940 in Chicago, where four hundred prisoners were infected with Malaria to study the effects of new and experimental drugs to eradicate the disease.

The LSD experiments, spraying cities with infectious diseases, the list goes on and on. As time continues to move forward, so do the technologies and their methods of deployment. In other words, technologies have become far more sophisticated than we can possibly imagine, and in usual style, they must be tested on an unsuspecting population.

That is what I believe is happening to these bright, young men. I believe because of their athletic appearances, their intelligence, and their young age, they have been chosen for some sinister governmental experimentation. Once a specific young man has been chosen, they are then either drugged, or have some sort of technology used against them to put them under the unusual circumstances witnessed by those out with them, as well as what is seen on surveillance camera coverage. For example, wandering around aimlessly in a field, thinking that person knows where they are, and at the same time, talking on the phone to a parent, and being somewhere completely different than thought. There have also been cases where the young man was on the phone, sounding completely normal to the other person, and without warning, sound literally terrified by something they are seeing. The connection is lost, and that person is no longer reachable.

Once taken, they are brought to some unknown location, horribly used as guinea pigs, tortured, and either not responding to whatever they are being subjected to, no longer being useful, or simply dying from the experiments, are brought back very close to where they were taken. This would also explain why, when searches are conducted, especially in and around water, no body is found until days, weeks, or even months later, in the exact spot where the searches took place. As stated above, it is my belief that a “smiley face” is then drawn, or spray painted to divert everyone involved in the investigation from the truth.

In conclusion, I wish to emphatically state, in no way is this theory a proven one, nor do I wish to make all the families who have lost their loved ones seem like this is a cold-hearted, wild and conspiratorial sounding explanation. I have the utmost sympathy for them all.

I realize that to some, this entire proposal seems ludicrous, even far-fetched, but in all cases I have read, there have been no signs of foul play, sexual assault, or any other indications helpful in determining the demise of these young men. I can only conclude this to be the work of highly sophisticated technology implemented by rogue members of governmental agencies who have yet to be exposed for the horrific crimes they are committing against their own populous.

April 4, 2016

02/13/16: Zachary Marr, 22, Boston, MA

Zachary Marr.
Photo credit: Boston police
Our thoughts go out to Zachary Marr and his loved ones.

Zachary Marr, 22, was last seen on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at the Bell in Hand Tavern near Boston's Faneuil Hall. Marr, who lived in Harvard, MA, and was a student at Mount Wachusett Community College had taken the train to celebrate his birthday with his three cousins. The group, according to a family member, was from the Leominster area of central Massachusetts and not real familiar with Boston.

After being dropped off at the train station by his father, Matthew, and riding the train, Zachary's cousin, Amanda Marr, picked him up from North Station at about 6 p.m. According to the Boston Globe on February 16, "The two drove back to her apartment in South Boston, where she prepared dinner for him: chicken, chips, guacamole, and hummus. She said they had a drink before leaving to go to the Bell in Hand art about 10 p.m."

At around 1:30 am, Zachary sent Amanda a text that he was going out to smoke a cigarette, something he had done several times that night. He was seen on surveillance at 1:40 am, standing outside the Boston Public Market, across the street from the tavern. It was a weekend that saw record cold temperatures of 9 below, but Marr just had on a pullover sweatshirt. He had left his coat in the coat check.

"He sent me a Snapchat saying they're not letting me back in, let's leave," said his cousin Amanda, "I texted him and said where are you, and he said out front and that was at 1:41 am." It was apparently last call.

One of the released surveillance images does show Marr still in front of the Market as late as 1:44 am. But by about 1:51 am, after Amanda and her cousins grabbed their coats and got outside, he was gone.

"I was trying to stay calm," Amanda told the Globe. She hoped he'd just gone for a walk, run into a friend or met a woman, and she'd hear from him later that day. But he didn't turn up.

Photo credit: Boston Public Market / NECN.com.

     Photo credit: Boston Public Market / NECN.com.

Wide shot of Bell in Hand Tavern with Boston Public Market at left.
Google image search. Photo credit: Bill Mueller, June 2015.

The restaurant said in a statement that they provided video surveillance to the police, which shows Marr did not attempt to re-enter the Bell in Hand. Video shows other customers leaving and re-entering after 1:20 a.m. and they said Marr would not have been denied access. The restaurant said another video shows Marr in front of a garage, heading toward the Surface Artery.

The Boston Globe has reported that additional surveillance video shows Marr on a walkway, then walking on train tracks before disappearing into into the river underneath the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. 

Search team near Zakim Bridge at Nashua Street.
Photo credit: Caitlin Fichtell, 
The Boston Globe, February 23, 2016

Marr's missing person's poster describes him as 5-feet-8, 175 pounds with blue eyes and short brown hair and beard. If you have additional information, call Boston Police at 617-343-4571 or Harvard, Massachusetts, Police Sgt. Coates at 978-456-1212.

Zachary's body found

Two passerbys spotted Marr's body in the water in the locks near Paul Revere Park in the Leverett Circle area at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Preliminary evidence indicated his death is consistent with a fall into very cold water.  The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office later added that he did not appear to suffer any trauma. Investigators have not announced an official cause of death, though they said there is no sign of foul play. 

Amanda Marr said Zachary had a few drinks that night, "but it was nothing out of the ordinary." 
Matthew Marr told the Boston Globe that he suspected Zachary might have tried to swim in the Charles River, or fell through the walkway.

Marr's paternal grandmother had passed away from breast cancer in January, and according to The Boston Globe, he was planning to help his father pack up her apartment that weekend. He had been very close to her, and while he was under some stress, nothing has been reported to indicate Marr was depressed. Marr, a graduate of Leominster High School, was a student at Mount Waschusett Community College. He was taking five classes and was doing well in school. In addition to being a full time student, he was also working full time at Quiet Logistics. The company provides shipping fulfillment for high-end retail fashion brands. Marr had just been promoted.

A funeral Mass for Zachary Marr was held Wednesday, March 23 at St. Anne’s Church, 75 King St. Littleton with burial in Bellevue Cemetery in Harvard.  


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May 4, 2015

05/01/2015: Robert Songtag, River Falls, WI

Update: Body of missing UW-River Falls student found
Day two of the search for 20-year-old Robert "Bobby" S. Sontag resulted in the discovery of his body on the Kinnickinnic River below the upper dam.
Sontag’s body was found around 1 p.m. Monday, May 4, a day after he had been reported missing and a search to find him had begun.
According to River Falls police, a wallet with a photo I.D. and other documentation was found on the body that helped identify Sontag.
An investigation into the circumstances of his death is ongoing.
River Falls police say Sontag, a UWRF student, was last seen in the area of the 400 block of South Main Street around 2 a.m. Friday.
He didn’t show up for college classes Friday and wasn’t seen or heard from since. His pickup truck wasn’t moved.
His disappearance was first reported to police Sunday at 3 p.m.
Sontag was last seen walking home from a bar with a friend. The two then went their separate ways.
Authorities believe alcohol was involved in Sontag’s disappearance.
Police and firefighters began searching for the young man later Sunday afternoon. Firefighters went out on Lake George in a boat to look.
Those efforts were interrupted by a thunderstorm but resumed before being called off because of darkness.
Monday morning they started again with help from Pierce County Sheriff deputies and the use of a quieter air boat.
Deputies in the boat peered into the waters of Lake George and the river, looking for a body. A sonar device was submerged as part of the search effort.
Other officers and firefighters were posted along the upper dam by the old power plant. A body below was finally spotted from a distance and a group descended the cliff to just below the dam.
Sontag was a junior majoring in dairy science at UWRF.

UWRF has counseling services available to students, located in Hagestad Hall.

April 26, 2015

03/21/13 (Update): Derick Higgins, 21, Smithfield, IL

Derick Higgins Missing since 3/21/13
from Smithfield, IL
I am thrilled to announce that Derick Higgins has been found safe. Derek turned up in San Diego in January 2015 and has since been reunited with his family.

"I don't even know how to explain it. There is not a way to explain it, there is not a word in the dictionary that can explain how we feel,” his parents Tim Higgins and Deb Corsaw told CBS8.com.
"When we first saw him, the first thing he did was stand up and gave us both a hug and it was....such a relief," said Higgins.

It was during a routine traffic stop that police noticed Higgins acting nervous. When his name came up in the police computer as endangered, police took him into protective custody and  brought him to the local hospital. Higgins had been living alone on the street for 22 months begging for money, fending off robbers, getting beaten and burned and eating out of trash cans. His father told the Journal Star that his son tested negative for drugs, was struggling with memory problems. CBS8.com reported that his parents believe, "prior accidents contributed to his disappearance and his memory loss."

“We are very nervous....we have a long road ahead," his father told CBS8.com. But we see light at the end of the road, we are very happy about everything.” 

His parents encourage parents of the missing to have hope. 

“Don't give up. Be persistent,” added Corsaw.


Alford, Abbie.  Man missing for two years is found in San Diego. January 22, 2015. CBS8.com.
Accessed April 26, 2015 from http://www.cbs8.com/story/27910166/man-missing-for-two-years-is-found-in-san-diego.

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March 26, 2015

03/26/15: William Hempy, 21, Rochester, MN

Police: Body Found Is Missing Rochester Man

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Authorities said Monday a body found in the water on Sunday in the northeast area of Rochester is that of a college student who was reported missing last month.
Authorities found a body at about 7 p.m. Sunday floating in the water on the 4600 block of East River Road NE. The body was taken to the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office in Rochester for identification and an autopsy.
The body was identified as 21-year-old William “Harry” Harrison Hempy. Hempy had been reported missing to the Rochester Police Department on March 26 and was last heard from the day before. Hempy had spoken to his father via cell phone and told him he would not be home in time for a scheduled outing because he was going out for a run.
Authorities said the results of the autopsy are still pending, but foul play is not suspected.

September 15, 2014

07/01/14: Josepf Zurnieden, 42, Minneapolis, MN

Joe Zurnieden
MISSING since 7/1/14

A Minneapolis father of two has been missing since early July.

Joe Zurnieden, 42, was last seen at his home in the Hiawatha neighborhood of south Minneapolis about 6 a.m. on July 1, 2014 when he left for work. A few hours later, his wife, Katy, spoke with him.

"I was talking to him. I was concerned that he didn't have a lunch with him that day, so I said, 'Let me know where you are and I'll bring you lunch. Me and the girls will bring you lunch,' and I didn't hear from him again," she recalled.

The van he was driving was located two days later near 26th Avenue and Marshall Street in northeast Minneapolis, but Joe has not returned home and hasn't been heard from since he was last seen. 

Joe's wife, Katy, told Fox 9 News that the disappearance is very out of character.
"It's not like him," Katy Zurnieden told Fox 9 News. "Not at all." She is worried that her husband may have fallen into the Mississippi River. 

"He goes for walks to clear his mind," she said. "He would say that he didn't want to do all of his work in his van. He liked to find beautiful spots to just think."

Searchers have looked for Zurnieden along the banks of the Missisippi River to no avail. 

Minneapolis police do not suspect follow play, but they are asking that anyone with information:
  • send a text to 847 411 (tip 411), enter MPD and the tip  or 
  • call the tipline at 612-692-TIPS (8477). All texts are anonymous.
Joe Zurnieden is white, 6 feet tall, 165 pounds with dark, receding hair.

If you would like to donate to the search effort, a trust account has been set up at Wells Fargo. Tax ID 47-6346506. You may stop in to any Wells Fargo location, transfer money from your Wells Fargo account, or mail a donation to:

Zurnieden Family Trust
P.O. Box 17112
Minneapolis, MN 55417

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