October 20, 2001

10/20/01: Eric Blair, 18, East Lansing, MI

Delta College freshman Eric Blair, 18, was visiting friends at Michigan State University for the weekend. He and some friends were walking on River Street when they became separated. Divers found Blair's body in the Red Cedar River three days later.

Blair and friends began drinking at Holden Hall, then attended a party at a female students’ apartment. Police said Blair was asked to leave because he was too intoxicated. The students were walking on River Street near Water's Edge Drive and the Cedar Village Apartments when the group bumped into some other friends from Central Michigan University. Around 12:30 a.m., Eric and the group became separated. A few hours later, other people in the area called MSU police saying they saw a man in the river in the area where Blair was last seen.

Using sonar equipment, Blair’s body was recovered in the Red Cedar River three days later. Divers found Blair's body in water 10 feet deep after almost 34 hours of searching. The water was 50 degrees that night and the current was moving at 5 mph.

Three MSU students were sentenced for supplying alcohol to Blair.

Facts of Interest in This Case
Name/age: Eric Blair, 18 (from Bay City, MI)
College: Delta College, visiting Michigan State University
Physical description: unknown
Last seen: 10/20/01, 12:30 a.m., River Street & Water's Edge Drive near Cedar Village Apartments
Recovered: 10/23/01, Red Cedar River, by Bogue Street and Farm Lane (near Shaw Hall)
Cause of death: accidental drowning
Blood Alcohol Content: .14
Air temperature: 50 degrees
Water current: 5 mph


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