September 29, 2002

09/29/02: Craig Burrows, 23, Eau Claire, WI

Craig Burrows, 23, left a tavern on Water Street in Eau Claire, WI and disappeared. He was reported missing after he did not show up for work. His body was found in Half Moon Lake, near the beach, a week later.

An autopsy found that the 23-year-old accidentally drowned, said Sgt. John Arnette of the Eau Claire Police Department. Investigators believe alcohol played a role in Burrows' death but must wait several weeks for his blood-alcohol test results, Arnette said.

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Craig Burrows, 23
College: not a student
Residence: 928 Walnut St., Eau Claire, WI
Physical description: unknown
Last seen: 09/29/02, bar in Eau Claire, WI
Recovered: 10/06/02, Half Moon Lake
Cause of death: accidental drowning
Injuries: unknown
Blood Alcohol Content: unknown


Brooke said...

I went to school with Craig for 13 years and always thought his death wasn't accidental. When the others started to show up missing/drowned it became obvious to many, but still not investigated. I hope they look closer into the new theories

Anonymous said...

Starting with Craig there were 4 victims less than 200 miles apart in a 40 day period in Wisconsin and Minnesota.One of those was cHris jenkins whose death is being investigated as a murder.

Some of the other sudden spikes in the number of young men going missing and being found in water later are as follows

3 young men in the Northeast in a 43 day period.Two of them were Disc jockeys

3 young men in NY .2 of them were volunteers for an ambulance corps.

Another would be LaCrosse Wisconsin .During one spike a young man was chased into the water and another of the victims was known to be terrified of water.

Lisa said...

We are thinking of Craig and his family!