January 19, 2008

01/19/08: Tommy Booth, 24, Woodlyn, PA

Video surveillance shows Tommy Booth, 24, and his friends arriving at Bootleggers nightclub in Woodlyn the night of January 19, 2008. No one ever saw him leave. Two weeks later, after a warm spell melted the ice, he was found in the creek behind the bar. Tommy had epilepsy and was taking medication.

Search and Recovery
Police initially searched the area in the vicinity of the bar with no success. Tommy's mother and stepfather also organized search parties. There had been no activity on Tommy's cell phone or bank account since his disappearance.

On Sunday, February 3, 2008 about 30 volunteers from the Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue Team organized a search with about seven K-9s and searched the wooded area behind the bar and creek and the ramps to I-95. After about two hours, they found Booth lying face down in the Ridley Creek about 200 yards downstream from the bar. According to Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby, the rear of the bar is about 10 yards from the creek.

It was just he was in the club, and then he was in the creek, said Tommy's step-father, Tim Bush. "It never made any sense how he got there."

Portions of the creek had been frozen, but heavy rains and warmer temperatures the week prior to the search had melted sections.

A Puzzling Case
The coroner ruled Tommy's death an accidental drowning. There were no signs of trauma, not even a bump on the head. "This case always puzzled me," said Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby. Tommy was a healthy, robust young man and hadn't had enough to drink to become disoriented. Booth, was still in possession of his wallet, cell phone and medication.“There’s no obvious sign of foul play,” said Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby. “We don’t know what happened. I can’t figure out why he would have been back there. He doesn’t know this area, doesn’t know the bar.”

ABC Action 6 News, Philadelphia:


Anonymous said...

I heard that the theory on the Smiley Face killer is actually not one serial killer, but rather a band of killers-- a gang of ex-military 20-somethings that are taking revenge against men of the same age who went to college instead of serving their country in Iraq as they did. Another clue I heard about the gang is that the seem to strike in the beginning of the month-- within the first week of each month. Have any other information on this? I find it an interesting theory.

Anonymous said...

The latin gang connection .

The three pointed crown of the smiley face killers .

A Smiley Face is found
http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/indexRidley Township Det. Scott Willoughby worked the Booth case. Something clicked after watching the 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS’ investigation about the Smiley Face Killer Theory on Good Morning America. On a hunch, Willoughby asked his detectives to take another look behind Bootleggers. "When they went down into the area where we thought he went into the water, they noticed the graffiti and they noticed this smiley face painted on the wall," said Willoughby.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> The smiley face, which had slash marks for eyes and a 3-pointed crown on it's head,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

was on the wall of the bar under the party deck, just 30 feet from the creek. Police said they had never seen this kind of graffiti in Ridley Township before. Detective Willoughby has sent photos of the Ridley Creek graffiti to retired detectives Gannon and Duarte (who discovered the smiley face link). He also contacted the FBI, even though they've looked at the other cases and dismissed the possibility of a link.

Some gang names: Bloods, Kings, Counts, Vice Lords, TMV’s, TMC’s.
They dress to the right.
Symbol: Pitchfork turned down, also, a 5 point star which stands for love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.
Predominant colors: red, black and white.

Latin Kings use a 3 point crown which is usually black and gold, or just black. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

They are called Slobs by Folk.
When tagging they always cross out the “C’s” (for “crip”) and X out the “O’s” (for rolling).
The structure of the beads are as follows:
They are red, white and black.
All red beads mean simply: gangster.
Multicolor beads alternating six of each means your moving up in rank.
Multicolor beads means that you have killed someone.
Red and black beads mean your a Vice Chief.
Black and white beads mean your a Chief or retired.
The Vice Lords use the colors of black and white.
Counts and Kings are from the same sect, but they are rivals. This is unusual since they are from the same sect.
Dealing with gang members; this is taken from the website listed below. It is at the bottom of the webpage and quoted as written.
How to treat a gangster? Treat them with kindness and respect and they will treat you the same way. It is all about respect. If you have a problem with them, you will accomplish more by talking nice to them and trying to get them to see your position than by being rude, disrespectful, or intimidating.
Remember that the “Real Gangsters” do have standards they live by. Their code of ethics are: Never mess with small children, old people, religious people, or innocent people. It is the “scavengers or wannabes” that act without remorse or guidelines in most cases. I have found that for that reason, the hardcore gangsters are willing to work with people like myself to get these scavengers out of the gang life. They have a tendency to cause more trouble and attention than they are worth.
Gang activity is more rampant in cities that have highway access; thus making it easier to escape from the police after committing a crime; etc.
no gangs


Anonymous said...


BoyintheMachine said...


You are absolutely correct about the three-pointed crown.

However, I'm quite sure if you realized that the implication is the graffiti has NOTHING to do with the death.

When Gangster kill, it's about the violance. They don't drown people.

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