April 26, 2008

The Car Accident Connection

Four people are reported to have car accidents the night they disappeared:
  • Brandon Swanson, 19, Marshall, MN. Brandon called his father to say he had accidentally driven into a ditch.
  • Nick Rossini, 21, White Bear Lake, MN. Nick had been involved in a drunk driving accident in his mother's car. He was taken to the police station then was picked up and driven home by his parents. He apparently went out for a run later that night and disappeared.
  • Ryan Katcher, 19, Oakwood, IL. Ryan had been driven home by his friends after a party. He apparently went out again later that night. His body was found inside his truck in a retention pond a Kickapoo State Park.
  • Nathan Edberg, 21 from White Bear Lake, MN could also have had an accident or been run off the road. His truck was found at the junction between two interstates.

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