April 26, 2008

The DJ Connection

A few of the young men were radio djs or had a dj connection:
  • Nick Garza worked as a dj on the college radio airwave.
  • Josh Szostak was the lead radio jockey at Plattsburg. Nicknamed ‘the Stag,’ he was popular and easily recognized by people on campus.
  • Jesse Ross, or "Opie" reportedly loved his job as an intern at the radio station 95.7 The Vibe and became a popular radio personality on the "Shorty and the Boyz" morning show.
  • Brian Welzien had driven to Chicago to attend a private New Year's Eve party where a former NIU student, Reid Cain, was the disc jockey. He disappeared after returning to his hotel later that night.
  • Nathan Kapfer had dj'd a local party the night he disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Except for Nick Garza the DJ'S were last seen the 21st or 22nd day of the month.The ones last seen on the 22nd were at a street named Pearl.Did they decide to go to those bars or was it suggested by someone else?

Anonymous said...

A company that often has worked at Middlebury colledge facilities is named Stewart construction.Could a killer have seen one of their construction trailers with the name and address on it and saw an opportunity they did not want to pass up?They then waited for someone to leave alone from Stewart hall to kill them?Stewart Construction is at 24 Pearl Street in Essex Junction Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe not, because that would mean someone had to lure Nick Garza to Stewart Hall,knowing he was a DJ.It might help if we knew they just decided on their own to go somewhere or was suggested by someone else.