July 28, 2008

Date Rape Drug Theory

What is a Date Rape Drug?
"The term "date rape drug" usually applies to the drugs Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) and Ketamine Hydrochloride...The drugs are virtually undetectable; they are tasteless, odorless and colorless. All traces of the drugs will leave the body within 72 hours of ingestion and are not found in any routine toxicology screen or blood test - doctors and police have to be looking specifically for them and they have to look quickly.


Date rape drugs are easily slipped into drinks and food and are very fast acting. They render the victim unconscious but responsive with little or no memory of what happens while the drug is active in their system. The drugs also make the victim act without inhibition, often in a sexual or physically affectionate way. Like most drugs, date rape drugs render a person incapable of thinking clearly or of making appropriate decision. This makes for a very passive victim, one who is still able to play a role in what is happening but who will have no clear memory of what happened after-the-fact. Without any memory of events the victim is often unaware that they have even been raped, and if they are aware or have suspicions they make very poor witnesses." (Excerpt is from About.com.)

What is GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate)/GBL?
GHB is made from gamma butyrolactone (GBL) and Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium---"basically a degreasing solvent or floor stripper mixed with drain cleaner." When this concoction is ingested, GHB is produced in the body causing "intoxication, increased energy, happiness, talking, desire to socialize, feeling affectionate and playful, mild disinhibition, sensuality, enhanced sexual experience, muscle relaxation, loss of coordination due to loss of muscle tone, possible nausea, difficulty concentrating, loss of gag reflex."

GBL "is a clear liquid. Looks just like water. Can be mistaken for water because it is usually found in a small (30ml) clear plastic bottle, a water bottle, or even Gatorade bottles, which contains several doses. One quick taste, and you'll know it's not water. Not as common, but also found as a white powder. In fact, powder use is on the rise!"

Many people have bad reactions to GHB, including "nausea, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, amnesia, vomiting, loss of muscle control, respiratory problems, loss of consciousness, being conscious but unable to move, and death----especially when combined with alcohol or other drugs."

In large doses, GHB can cause "disinhibition, sedation, desire to sleep, rambling incoherent speech, giddiness, silliness, difficulty thinking, slurred speech, passing out, and death."

What is Rohypnol?

It is a prescription sedative/depressant belonging to the Benzodiazepine family of drugs - it is produced worldwide by Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. The generic name for Rohypnol is Flunitrazepam. This drug is not manufactured or approved for use in North America but can be found as a street drug. The drug comes in pill form in .5, 1 and 2 milligram dosages. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless and can be crushed and added to any drink, including water, without detection. In the late 1990's as an answer to Rohypnol's popular use as a date rape drug, the manufacturer voluntarily changed the formula to change color when it comes in contact with liquid, but it is still easy to find in it's original generic formulation. Repeated use of the drug can lead to dependency.

The most common effects include; disinhibition and amnesia, excitability or aggressive behavior, decreased blood pressure, memory impairment, drowsiness, visual disturbances, semi-consciousness, dizziness, confusion, stomach disturbances, and urinary retention. It is quick acting, with noticeable effects occurring within 20 minutes of ingestion. Mixed without alcohol the effects last 8 - 12 hours, with alcohol the effects last longer, up to 36 hours. After ingestion it can be found in the blood stream for 24 hours and in urine samples for 48 hours. The pills are small and white with a split-pill line on one side and the word "ROCHE" with the number 1 or 2 in a circle stamped on the other. They are quickly dissolved in liquid especially when crushed first.

What is Ketamine Hydrochloride?

Ketamine Hydrochloride is a legal drug sold as a veterinary sedative or hospital grade anesthesia and goes by the brand names Ketaset® or Ketalar®). It is in the same family of drugs as PCP (phencyclidine). When used in humans the drug acts as a dissociative anesthesia; it renders the user vaguely aware of, but comfortably detached from, all bodily sensations.

The most common effects include; delirium, vivid hallucinations, cardiac excitement, mild respiratory depression, confusion, irrationality, violent or aggressive behavior, vertigo, ataxia, slurred speech, delayed reaction time, euphoria, thinking, altered body image, analgesia, amnesia, and coma.

When taken orally or nasally the effects take 10 - 20 minutes to be realized. When taken intravenously the effects are instantaneous. The effects last less than 3 hours and the drug is detectable in the system up to 48 hours depending on the method of ingestion. Since it is often mixed with other mind-altering drugs, like heroin and cocaine, many people do not ever realize they have been given this substance.

In undiluted form it looks like an off-white powder, in diluted form it looks like slightly cloudy water.

  • Some of the victims were reportedly very disoriented. Michael Noll mistakenly walked into the wrong house. Other men were seen holding their heads in their hands, running through the streets, or seemed confused.
  • Jesse Ross was seen on a surveillance tape carrying a Gatorade bottle.
  • Detective Gannon believes Patrick McNeill and Lawrence Andrews were drugged with GLB, and then placed in the water.
  • Some of the toxicology reports said no drugs were found, however, according to what I found above, these drugs leave the body quickly and may not be looked for routinely.

GHB Information
Rohypnol Fact Sheet
Ketamine Fact Sheet

Readers - feel free to post your comments/findings about a possible connection in the comments section under this post.
Was a Date Rape Drug Used in These Cases?


BoyintheMachine said...

Wow, I never noticed this blog entry before.

If these deaths are murders and if these guys are being drugged, then GHB would be a good choice.

Another good drug of choice would be liquid LSD.

The key thing to remember is that if these guys are being drugged then it is more likely a liquid form of drug that cannot be detected, i.e. tasteless, colorless, is being used.

I believe Bill Szostak has commented about a belief in injections. I'm skeptical of such because most people would notice the sensation of an injection. Also keep in mind that this is supposedly occuring in public. The chance of getting caught injecting a drug into a victim is just too great a risk. The liklier choice would be a ingestible, liquid drug as pills are also too problematic. (can be detected by sight, even when crushed and if it settles to the bottom then it's possible the pill might not get ingested by the would-be victim. Therefore liquid forms of drugs would be more preferred.

Both GHB and LSD are available in liquid forms and for the most part are undetecable in an alcoholic beverage to a would-be victim. They both also have very limitied detection times in the body.

The most important thing to realize is that if these deaths aren murders then the victims need not have been drugged. Many people forget how dangerous alcohol can be. A drunk man walking alone at night is extremely vulnerable to attack or injury, and yes, even prone to accidents, both fatal and non-fatal.

Anonymous said...

in the Piehl/Gannon/Duarte podcast, Gannon claimed (I believe, if I heard right) that GHB was not the only drug detected, meaning GHB WAS detected in some of these cases. In any case, he also mentioned that other drugs detected in the autopsies may soon be announced to the public. So look forward to that in the coming months, assuming he keeps his word.

I agree with you that the sensation of an injection would be too much of a risk for the suspect to take. Not only that, but a shot would be easily noticed in an autopsy.

BoyintheMachine said...


I think they were talking about Todd Geib.

Todd Geib was found with 2 prescription drugs in his system.

My feeling is that they are most likely the kind that my generation abuses for recreational purposes, i.e. xanax (zannies), lortab, Oxycontin, etc..)

As far as I know, no GHB was ever detected in autopsy in any of the victims. This is no suprising because GHB does not last long in the body.

Anonymous said...

Improvised Chemical Weapons/
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Improvised Chemical Weapons
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Anonymous said...

I don't really know where to place this comment & theory. It is related to drugs in a way.

Since it seems like there is more than one person involved in these murders, are the followers who are doing the actual dirty work drugged or perhaps hypnotized in some way. How did Charles Manson get his "family" to do what he wanted them to do?? Was is it a combination of drugs, suggestion, loving relationship, sex, orgasm, all giving the followers the positive re-inforcement they would need to actually do that Charlie told them to do???

Is this sort of like a form of hypnosis??

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