April 18, 2008

The Lincoln Connection

What started out as just a strange coincidence--quite a few connections to the word Lincoln throughout these cases--has morphed into quite a long list. With that said, America is full of streets, schools and parks named after presidents (Lincoln seems to be a particular favorite), so please take this with a grain of salt.

  • Brad Olsen was last seen on W. Lincoln Highway.
  • Nick Rossini and Nathan Edberg's mothers worked at Lincoln Elementary School.
  • Nathan Kapfer attended Lincoln Elementary school.
  • Max Walker was from Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Josh Stostak is believed to have last passed by Lincoln Park by the Martin Luther King Monument.
  • Brian Welzien spent his evening at a bar on Lincoln Street.
  • Abel Bolanos' car was found parked on Lincoln Way. His body was found in Lake Laverne near Lincoln Way.
  • The search for Brandon Swanson is taking place in Lincoln County. His car broke down on Lyon Lincoln Road.
  • There is a Lincoln Center on the campus of Fordham University where Patrick McNeil attended school. [Tip courtesy of Ethan.] It is not known whether McNeil attended classes here.
  • It may be a stretch, but Willie Jacobson was a member of a student group called Youth Against War and Racism (Lincoln was instrumental in ending slavery).
  • Edward Lamphear, a man whose name recently popped up on this blog as a possible suspect, attended Lincoln High school.
  • Dan Pirfo's body was located at the bottom of Ithaca Falls next to East Lincoln Street in Ithaca, NY. [Tip courtesy of Brett.]
  • There is an area called Lincoln Park in Chicago, where some deaths have occurred.


Anonymous said...

Ed Lanphear and Lincoln:

Edward “Eddie” Lanphear has worked at the paper mill for 24 years. Lanphear, 46, grew up in Wisconsin Rapids. He went to Lincoln High School.


Anonymous said...

Robert Hosty drowned in June in Lake Michigan. No witnesses - went to the Lincoln School.


Anonymous said...

Brandon Swanson's car was 1 1/2 miles from Lyon Lincoln Rd. (Also the highway 68 he was traveling on is also known as Lone Tree (google map)... refernce to Lone Tree Bar?

Trevor Boehm went missing from Northwestern University which is close to Lincoln Highway

and on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

Lincoln is a common name so on the surface it looks llieke it could ba a coincidence,but there are other things besides the name lincoln that connect most of the disappearances listed.

Josh was one of 2 DJ's missing in the NE in a 43 day period and the first letters of the city names during that period spell out arm.he was on a street that is connected to Columbia and then Pearl and Shaffer has a pearl Jam tattoo on his arm

The disappearances of Abel Bolanos and Josh Kaneaukua were close together

There was disappearances of someone that went to a party on the Donald Ross Road and Ross and Rossini within 2 months of each other.All of them were on myspace

Anonymous said...

There are obvious connections to LINCOLN.

Abe Lincoln was saved from a near drowning experience at the age of 7.