September 25, 2006

09/25/06: Paul Shuman-Moore, 19, DesMoines, IA

Paul Shuman-Moore, 19, was a sophomore at Grinnell College when he disappeared on September 25, 2006. Almost seven months later, on April 16, 2007, Paul’s body was found in a swimming pool at a country club near the Grinnell College campus. The pool had been covered, but there was an opening at one corner. Paul's wrists and ankles had been loosely bound with duct tape. Although Paul left behind a suicide note, his case continues to garner attention on the web because his decision to take his own life seemed to come out of the blue.

Unanswered Questions
From Paul's eulogy, given by his dad: "This was not a person in the throes of depression. He was not stressed over school or any social or personal issues. He was acting normal up until his final moments. Things were going well for him socially and academically. A couple days earlier, he was approved to host a new radio show on the college station, where he would play experimental jazz. He had a great time playing in an ultimate Frisbee tournament at Grinnell that weekend. He went to a party with the Frisbee team on Saturday night. Sunday night, he played his guitar in a small club on the campus. He was that bold, self-confident Paul – making odd sounds with his guitar and a special effects pedal. Then he watched the band that played after him. After that, he went to a party. It was a normal college kid’s weekend. And then he walked to a country club swimming pool near his dorm and methodically, deliberately drowned himself."

Facts of Interest in This Case
Physical Description: 5'7", 138 pounds, medium length brown hair and brown eyes.
Last seen wearing: green T-shirt, a light-colored plaid shirt and white sneakers.

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Lisa said...

My thoughts are with Paul's loved ones at this difficult time of year.