October 15, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Here's another - Robert Hosty drowned in Lake Michigan, no witnesses. Fits the demographic and attended guess what? A school named Lincoln.

When will LE (other than Gannon and Duarte) get a clue?


Anonymous said...

was just reading this today and thought of your website... seems to fit the description


Donalo Ross said...

I am Don Ross father to Jesse http://findjesseross.com. If we can help my email is doktordsbc@aol.com thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

JOSHUA HAIGHT was last seen at 1:00 p.m. on July 13, 2005.
The body was found but the police did not report where, except that it was in Northeast Fergus county.There is a Lincoln Reservoir in Northeast Fergus County.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Michael Smith, 27 190 pounds with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen near Michael's Bar and Grill in downtown Ludington around 2 a.m. on December .The bar is on Madison.Madison turns into Lincoln Street.

Anonymous said...

9 days later Tom Smith disappeared

Anonymous said...

Jason McNaughton of Topeka KS. He was somewhat older (31) but looked young and was attractive. He stepped out on the balcony of a hotel for a smoke and disappeared. His body was found a month or so later in the Kansas River. Still no cause of death though he was found in mid October (I think). Cross reference in the topeka capitol journal.

Anonymous said...

Thomas McKay Jr.

A 24 year old man from Mokena who had been missing since December 13, 2008, was found in a Tinley Park Creek on Tuesday, March 2, 2009. Thomas McKay had a history of behavioral issues that were noted as a likelihood of bipolar disorder and past tragic circumstances that have effected him since high school. Prior to his disappearance, his parents claim he became increasingly depressed and paranoid and had a fear of being taken by the CIA. Two days before his disappearance, he was taken to the hospital but was not admitted because of a lack of health insurances. On the day of his reported disappearance, he had left his father's home in Orland Park on his own with his wallet (containing about 200$) and cell phone, which had been turned off.

It has not been determined how long his body had been in the creek, was snagged on a beaver dam. He was found with his wallet, identification, and was wearing religious jewelry. [No mention of his cell phone] The creek runs by Centennial Park in Tinley Park which surrounds the twelve acre lake [NOT Orland Park's Centennial Park]

Thomas McKay was a 2001 graduate of Lincoln-Wy East High School. He was attending classes at Joliet Junior College and worked retail. Described as sort of a loner. He was devoutly Catholic. His Funeral will be Monday, with visitation on Monday at St. Mary's Church.


"The decomposed body was found face-down in about 8 inches of water, lodged in a beaver dam and easily could have entered the creek elsewhere" (John) Curran said (Tinley Park park district director)

Tinley Park police Cmdr. Pat McCain said:
""He was in the water a long time."
"There doesn't seem to be any foul play involved in this."







I've been keeping up with this case since reports of his disappearance. I hoped it would end differently, it didn't. May God bless and rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

Thomas McKay - Chicago Tribune reports his body was found closer along McCarthy park, which is near (or within, even) about southwest of Centennial Park of Tinley Park.

Craigs said...

I know this is going to seem strange. I apologize. I just started thinking about Stargate Atlantis - the movie, the show, etc.

I recently started watching the series, so I just noticed some things.

Start plugging in the states where these young men went missing. Use Stargate Atlantis as one of your search terms. You may find some businesses close to the area with "Stargate" as the name or other Stargate references.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy; and yes, I know all things can be related somehow. It's just something of ... interest (to me, at least).

Stargate (the club) was also the last place Sylvester McCurry JR. was last seen.

Craigs said...

Also, 05/16/09: Shane Fair, 19, Toronto, ON, Canada

was last seen at Atlantis Pavilion.

I know, I know. I'm trying to convince myself I'm not crazy.

Craigs said...

This will be the last one that I refer to, as I don't want to seem like a raving lunatic. There are references to "red river" and "Atlantis". (Not the show, but just various connections.)

08/08/09: Braden Andersen, 20, Winnipeg, MB, Canada was found in the Red River.

Craigs said...

One more "Red River". This one was 09/23/05: Patrick Kycia, 19, Moorhead, MN

...and now I'm really done.

I do hope some answers can be found.

harth.jasper said...


Another Lacrosse WI person

Bridger78 said...

Joey Kaiser's case is similar to Thomas McKay Jr. Joey attended Nativity Catholic school. He was also bipolar and apparently left his home in a manic state on May 20th, 2008. His bicycle was recovered by the intersection of Saint Clair Boulevard and Mississippi River Boulevard, same place where Dan Zamlen went missing a year later. He was found later that summer in the intakes to the Ford Dam power plant. This is the same place that Dan Zamlen was found.

Lisa said...


You are correct, the cases are similar. It was reported that Joey attended Cretin Derham Hall high school, but that is a private Catholic school. Like McKay, who was also Catholic, he struggled with a bipolar disorder.

Joey disappeared from the same area as Dan Zamlen, a Catholic at St. Thomas High School and both were found near the Ford Dam. Dan had no history of mental illness, but he was a diabetic.

Anonymous said...

@ Craigs

Previous victims were DJ’s. This is also the initials of a character on Stargate SG1. That character is Daniel Jackson who is a Doctor. David Reilly went missing the same day of the year as Jesse Ross who is a DJ

1/11/10 -STARkville police looking for Lester Jones who was on his way to Jackson.

1/17/10 Sylvester Mcurry-missing after going to STARgate nightclub.

1/30/10 Bryce Tartar- Armstrong Atlantic University

2/13/10 Craig Meyers missing after going to a wedding reception at all STAR Lanes

In Stargate Atlantis the leader lives in a tower-Mcurry was on Tower Avenue
There is a tower in Stargate Atlantis

1/17/10 Sylvester Mcurry SUPERIOR ,Wisconsin

1/19/10 Eric Peterson LAKEville,Minnesota-car found at AQUAport

1/12/10 Lester Jones -cell phone was found in the gas station bathroom on LAKELAND

1/30/10 Bryce Tarter was last seen heading home. The route is believed to be Highway 204 to Old RIVER Road.

Someone is claiming They believe Myers was carried to the water . I have only seen one person make that speculation.There is no they. There is a difference between speculation and gossip.He should let people speak for themselves and quit pushing his views and telling everyone else what someone elses beliefs are. BITM has turned this into a gossip site.

There are several odd things about Myers disappearnce.
The timing-There are 365 days in the year. Lacrosse averages one drowning in a little of a years time.
He is athletic.
He studied criminal justice-It is not the only LE connection with a Lacrosse victim.
He went to All star Lanes

It is jumping to conclusions to push a view based on footprints. Someone would not have to be right next to an intended victim to chase him toward the water.This will be my last post here since Lisa thinks the gossip is ok.I don't think she knows the difference.I also don't want to put up with my views mis represented by liars and idiots..Just because one does not except the official version may not be true does not mean they are holding firm to another belief. BITM need to shut up.