October 27, 2008

Dealers of Death gang

Confessed murder Jeramy Alford, who is a suspect in the death of Chris Jenkins, has claimed involvement with a gang of killers called the Dealers of Death, or DOD, that has murdered 30-40 people (but not necessarily those fitting the profile). He says the alleged leader of the gang is a man called "Zmiley."

The retired New York investigators who originally released the smiley face killer theory (Nationwide Investigations) have said that Alford's involvement has not been corroborated by outside sources.

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The following contains excerpts from a story that appeared in Milwaukee Magazine.

To read the full story, go to Milwaukee Magazine.com.

Source: The Smiley Faces, Jessica McBride, Milwaukee Magazine, 10/27/08
After three months of research into the case, Milwaukee Magazine has learned a gang called the “Dealers of Death” claims involvement in the deaths of some of these men. Convicted murderer Jeramy Alford, who is also a suspect in a river death that police now believe is a homicide, told the FBI last year that the gang had murdered 40 of the men. One admitted gang member: a man nicknamed “Zmiley.”

In a letter obtained by Milwaukee Magazine, the FBI said there’s no evidence the gang exists, but admits Alford discussed the gang. (Both the FBI and the New York cops talked to Alford.) Milwaukee Magazine also has discovered documents from the New Brighton, Minn., police department in which two men associated with Alford, including Zmiley, admit belonging to the Dealers of Death.....
Milwaukee Magazine has interviewed police in Iowa and Minnesota and examined investigative documents in New Brighton, all of which paints a portrait of a gang called the Dealers of Death with links to Jeramy Alford.
The Alford brothers are from rural Iowa, near Cedar Rapids, which is 75 miles from East Dubuque. They’d also lived in the Minneapolis area, sometimes shuttling back and forth between states.
“They were a transient family who became well-known to us,” says Detective Bob Knoop of the Williamsburg, Iowa, police department. “They lived in subsidized housing and then in a trailer park. We had been watching them for illegal drug activity. Jeramy was one of those guys who couldn’t keep out of the way of the police.”
In 2005, Knoop says, Jeramy Alford was arrested for harboring runaways. Police discovered he’d branded one of them, using a hot razor to create the beginnings of a five-point star. “He told them he would take them to Minnesota and make them part of his gang,” Knoop says. Alford claimed his group was a political subdivision of a Chicago gang; another cop remembers the name as the “Dealers of Death.”
David Miller, who prosecuted Jeramy Alford for the murder of Douglas Miller, says Alford had tried to falsely blame that homicide on fellow gang members nicknamed Zmiley and Roach. As a result, the police questioned these two men.
[Note: In 2007, Jeramy Alford was sentenced to a life term for murdering Miller, with the help of his brother Luis Alford, using a metal bar, hammer, barbecue fork, knife and soda case. Miller was beaten, stabbed and burned before being dumped in his car in an Iowa river. ]
Zmiley told police that the Dealers of Death had 300 members. “I was once a part of a little clique they had called the DOD,” the records quote Zmiley as saying. DOD stood for “Dealers of Death” and was based in Iowa, he said.
Zmiley said he was on antipsychotic medication, lived in a tent by the river, was a regular at Brothers bar in Minneapolis, and had engaged in violence in the past. He claimed Alford confessed to murdering a college student in an Indian costume. But Zmiley remembered the victim’s name as Andrew, not Chris Jenkins. “He [Alford] just said, ‘I killed this stupid looking dude and I threw him over the bridge,’ ” Zmiley told police. [Note: Minneapolis media also reported that a female informant told police that Alford had bragged about killing Jenkins.]
Roach, who has a Minnesota criminal record, also told police he’d been a member of a gang he referred to as “DOD” and then called Dealers of Death. He said Jeramy Alford was the leader. (Zmiley told police someone else had taken over the gang after Alford was incarcerated.) Alford declined to be interviewed by Milwaukee Magazine. But when questioned by FBI agents, he claimed the DOD gang had murdered 40 young men.
Detective Gary Sykes of the New Brighton police department, who investigated the Miller homicide, is convinced the DOD gang robbed people for drug money, mostly in Minneapolis. “They hung out on the street all night and slept where they could during the day. Did Alford kill Chris Jenkins? It’s possible. Is he involved in other deaths? They are capable of almost anything, especially Jeramy. They have no compassion for human life. They were just plain weird.”


harry said...

Chuck Loesch, who has been working on the case, says the claims of Jaramy Alford about Alford throwing Jenkins off the Hennepin Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis dont matc up with some of the forensic and physical evidence in the case.

“The story is in conflict with what I know and what has been presented to me by experts and scientists and law enforcement officers familiar with the case,” said Chuck Loesch, a private investigator who has worked on the case in the past.

Loesch doesn’t believe Alford threw Jenkins over a bridge, and there are four reasons why.

First, take their size, according to Alford’s driver’s license, he’s 6 foot 4 and weighs 180 pounds.

Jenkins was an athlete, weighing 180 pounds at 5 foot 8.

“I’ve known guys small that were world champion weight lifters and they’d still have a problem with that,” amount of weight, Loesch said.

Second, there’s the Hennepin Ave. Bridge.

Cameras on the Federal Reserve Building were recording that night, but the security officer who checked the tape didn’t see anything suspicious.

Third, according to the autopsy, Jenkins’ body doesn’t show the type of trauma that would typically be seen from someone thrown from such a high bridge.

“With the height of the Hennepin Ave. Bridge and the backwater current and the water between the island, the northeast side are contradictory to what the engineers and scientists at the University of Minnesota river lab have told us,” Loesch said.

And the fourth clue, Jenkins was found four months after he went missing with his slip on shoes still on his feet. Experts believe they would have fallen off if he was thrown.

harry said...

Here s a comment made by a a private investigator on Cris Jenkins case.

a very intresting read..

"My name is Charles Loesch, I was the private investigator who worked on the Chris Jenkins case. To verify, you can contact either of the Jenkins, or Chief of Police, MPD, Tim Dolan, they all have my email address. I know both Kevin and Anthony, both retired NYPD HOMICIDE detectives. I peronally checked out both of these individuals, as did other close assiciates of mine, in law enforcement, locally. Chief Tim Dolan has a copy of Kevin Gannon's resume. Tim Knows the truth about Kevin Gannons background!! Kevin Gannon is one of THE HIGHEST decorated homicide detectives in NYPD. I have his bio, if you are interested. He twice was awarded the Medal of Valor, I have the press release photos, which, had MPD officer Garcia, had the common sense to even attempt, the most basic fundimentals of police work,he would have easily found the TRUE background on Gannon. And to say that Garcia's contacts stated that no one in the NYPD union had ever heard of Tony, is another bald-faced lie! Although retired, Tony is still a current member of that Union. In fact, he is personal friends of the president of the Union. Garcia has just publically lied, he has NO credibility! In regard to evidence, and casework, I was with Tony and Kevin, when we attended the meeting with MPD homicide. To state (Garcia) that MPD "worked" with them, is another fabrication. There were a number of MPD homicide detectives there, also present was Chief Dolan. NO ONE from MPD brought a file of their caseswork to that meeting...this is simply not done, unless of course, you don't want to walk into the arena of culpability. This and the other connected cases, are very complicated. The fact that a MPD officer took Chris' girlfriend home that night (Halloween, 2002), and in fact, she was wearing his uniform shirt and hat as a costume, goes to one(initial)fact of the case. That Tony Norris, one of the three heads of security at The Loan Tree Bar, kicked Chris out, for no reason, but, subsequent, to, having a conversation with the MPD officer, brings in the starting point to Chris' disappearence. He would still be alive today, had those actions not taken place. The girlfriend, the cop, the bouncer, getting kicked out of the bar, the cop takes her home...do the math. That is mearly the first brick on this mansion of a case. Kevin and Tony, have spent untold hours, interviewing AND THEN following up, any thought, idea, evidence, etc. with ACTUAL POLICE WORK!!! They would go to what-ever State, to include or exclude, what they were told, or what they had discovered. There are over forty thousand police officers in the NYPD, Kevin is one of THE highest decorated HOMICIDE DETECTIVES in that department. He is extremely bright, and doesn't quit. He takes the Oath of The Homicide Investigator extremely seriously. He does have evidence, but what foolish investigator would lay his full case out to the public? Why would you arm the suspect with a defence in court? Tony and Kevin have tried to give what they have to both the FBI and MPD. In that very same meeitng at MPD, that I referred to, Sgt. Dulap stated,the only way we will take that case to the county attorney, is if you produce a video or photos of the murder taking place. Is that an insane statement or what? And then, their explanation as to how a certain piece of evidence happened to end up in Chris's possession...I can't go into detail, but if I did, I assure you, you would be outraged!! As I stated, this is a very complicated case, it has many paths that criss-cross, and intersect, at various levels. I know these guys, Kevin and Tony, I know the quality of work they do, and the extreme dedication they have to finding the truth, and to bring justice to the families of the victims. If OTHER law enforcement personnel, would spend more time on the beat, and less running down someone they know absolutely nothing about, perhaps something might get done. I could tell you about how much interference has come our way from members of MPD, serious lies, and, especially in the initial year or so of the case, taking the position of eyes wide shut. Garcia, has just given the MPD a very black eye. He went public with information that is contrary to the truth. His words, the lack of insite, the workings of officers in that department that wrap around some of the very fiber of this case, once you see the facts from the past and into the present, I suspect some serious questions might be brought foreward to the Mayor of Minneapolis."

Lisa said...


Thank you for your comments. I did raise these problems in the post on the Jenkins case, including pictures of the Hennepin Avenue bridge. The cables on the bridge and layout would make it difficult to throw a person off the bridge. I have been on this bridge many times, and it would also be impossible to do it without being seen.

Please note that Alford is not quoted as specifying which bridge he supposedly used. There are 6 bridges upstream from where Jenkins was found. A few are quite dark and don't have much traffic or the problem with the cables. I believe the Jenkins family did have some testing done of river currents and possibly entry points, but without seeing those reports, I don't think you could safely rule out the possibility of being thrown off a different bridge.

Harry said...

Thanks for your response.

I personally think these "murders"(??) are too sophisticated to have been made by Alford. I really dont think Alford (a looney) has/had nothing to do with it. I think he´s been told to take the blame.

here´s some more info..

Smiley Face Murders Update, Cryptic Messages From Killers

BoyintheMachine said...


The link you provided to the Zimbio site is a joke.

The author states that one of the phrases at the scene was:

"You can't see what you're not looking for."

He then goes on to give this special meaning.

The problem is that it comes from the song, 'Rest of my life' by Kottonmouth Kings.


monique777 said...

Good to hear something positive about Gannon from someone who knows him and has worked with him.

All I've heard up to this point is he was a retired detective with too much time on his hands and so he came up with the SFK. That he is looking for the publicity,money etc.

But what else can we expect when they cover up at the MPD and who knows where else because they are so adamant not to connect these drownings.

If speculation continues and heightens,one day something very convoluted will begin to unfold.I don't think it will be pretty.

The DOD being capable of all these drownings is rediculous. They appear to be thugs and looking for credit for a killing.And they can't even tell a good enough lie to make it appear they actually did kill someone.

Let the DOD take the fall for now but the truth will eventually be revealed when the can of worms is opened.

Anonymous said...

I personally think these "murders"(??) are too sophisticated to have been made by Alford. I really dont think Alford (a looney) has/had nothing to do with it. I think he´s been told to take the blame.

alford is in jail FOR MURDER


ALford was said to be branding runaways and prmosing them he would take them to the city and they would be part of "THE GANGThe ganag is said to have a new leader since Alford was put away.

The branding remined me of this.


Jimmy stated that he had escaped with Johnny from the pedophile ring and sought refuge with his parents. Jimmy was a runaway that got caught up in the same ring that Johnny was kidnapped into. Jimmy showed the rocking X brand he had received while in the ring to Noreen and the America's Most Wanted producers; many other boys were branded like cattle with this rocking X logo to torture them and mark them for life so they could be identified by this distinctive mark. A brand like this is registered with a ranch in Colorado. This mark can also be seen on Johnny in one of the photos that Noreen received in August 2006.


Anonymous said...

abduction cases and the course of the moon


form a forum called the franklin files

I do not know anything about cults or moon worshiping. I do not have any answer to what this chart might mean. It might mean nothing at all. It just is what it is. I will share a few of my opinions, and explain how and why I created it.
A while back, I noticed that all three boys taken from the Des Moines area were taken on the weekend following the full moon. Along with the other similarities, this just did not seem likely to be a coincidence. I do not know what the significance might be. If they were taken right before, I might suspect that someone wanted these boys for some sort of ritual on the full moon itself. That was not the case though. The only guess that I could come up with, was somewhat logistical. Perhaps some sort of a cult, or sect, gathered together for some sort of ceremony, only under the full moon. It might have been during these meetings that each of the boys was chosen, and the abduction was organized for the coming weekend, when there would be fewer people out and about. That is just a guess though.
After I had made that observation, I began looking into other similar cases that have been discussed in these groups. I did not specifically look for children who were taken at any point in the lunar cycle. I looked for children taken by strangers, with very few clues, from the early eighties into the early nineties. I then compared the dates of their abductions with the nearest phase of the moon, and put them into the chart. It is not a complete list for sure, but I did not drop anyone out because the date did not fit in. When I knew the approximate time, I tried to get the arrow in the exact position relative to the moon. (Note - I have found out that I have the incorrect date for Michaelea. It should be November, not December, but it is in the correct spot).
Here is the theory; if the kidnappings were not influenced by the moon in any way, then the dates should have randomly scattered across the chart. This is a small group. I will not pretend that it is a scientific study, but the chart does suspiciously seem weighted to the center. As an experiment, I randomly picked ten dates, looked them up, and worked them into the chart. They spread all the way across. I invite others to try the same thing.
Allow me to put this another way. These dates all fall into a range of fifteen days around the full moon. There is a fifty-fifty chance of that happening each time. What is the likelihood of flipping a coin eight times, and coming up heads, all eight times? The three boys from the same city all fall into a sliver one tenth of the possible outcomes. The two on the west coast were years apart, but only days apart on the lunar calendar. This is a statistical anomaly. Statistical anomalies usually point to outside influence. In this case, the kidnappings, hence the kidnappers seem to have been influenced in part by the cycle of the moon.
Many would like to believe that the stories of child sacrifices, or satanic worshiping, are simply made up, imagined, or exaggerated. I would like to believe that myself, but when I see the most heinous crimes imaginable, seemingly dictated by the moon, a knot is forming in my gut that I cannot get rid of.


Anonymous said...

Okay the DOD is NOTHING it started as a brother, another brother and his cousin...just a bunch of as you said umm Wanna be thugs. Whatever they have worked it "up" to be with Roach and zsmiley and "alford" is just that a work up. Okay and as for Jeramy being capable of all these killings just because he is in prison for a murder...Did you see how sloppy, and frantic this murder was. Not the work of a seasoned killer. I mean they went straight to their momma after killing this guy in a erratic, non planned way and if they did plan it they are the most moronic planners. So yes I agree he wasn't capable of doing all of the smiley face killings. Not to mention when all of these started he was like 15 or younger. Oh and the person that he said he threw off the bridge was that zsmiley dude...at least that is what he told me years ago. I hate to say I knew who the tipster was before I read it. I even said I bet it was that zsmiley dude. Jeramy was alot of talk but rarely action. I knew him personally for many years. But yes the DOD is a little homegrown wanna be posse that started when a young boy and his cousin got high and decided to form a gang. His cousin has been in prison for like the last 12 years so it was just him. His other brother left the family ten years ago. So it was him, and luis and that little roach dude and zsmiley. and a little runt dude from iowa that jeramy also said he killed but oddly enough got a traffic ticket a year ago. I learned along time ago not to believe what jeramy said. He laughed when he told these stories and Never threatened me not to tell. And I straight out told him if the police ever ask me questions I am not going to lie. When I would ask if his "stories" and that is what they were...were true he would cock his little grin and chuckle and say you'll never know. But I know. He would have gotten caught alot sooner.

Anonymous said...

dealers of death that gang is for like the 80;s 90,s i think they all dead now they use to hang out down town omaha ne.

Anonymous said...

There is a unidentified army of assasins comitting mass murder, it said that they come from the bowels of hell. DOD.

Anonymous said...

I have been investigating these so called Dealers of Death for about two years now, and it seems that the members are very secretive and seem to be from petty thugs to firefighters, police officers, and central intelligent agencies. It seems that the members never truly reveal their full identies to one another. They use nicknames such as Ajax, or Smitty, etc... Their meetings are very secretive and seem mostly to be held in the midwest, or the heartland. It seems that the so called gang or secret organization seems to follow some of the secret traditions of other masonic orders. I followed this investigation to the top. It seems that high ranking members of our own government seem to somewhat acknowledge the existence of the DOD. but would not go on the record. From my estimation, I would say There is at least two-thousand members nationwide. I am gathering my evidence now and will eventually go public with it when the time is right.

jaredwood76 said...

ok everyone i am jeramy and luis's older sister and yes they are both convicted "killers" and years ago when all this chris jenkins stuff first come up i believed jeramy might of had something to do with it simply because of douglas miller but he didnt kill anyone except for doug and as far as jeramy belonging to any gang or the dod hell no he dont .my brothers have had a rough childhood and have been in trouble with the law but mostly for petty crimes and jeramy is full of big talk but thats all it is is talk to make his friends think hes something hes not and another thing as for the branding goes that was to push jeramys pain threshold

jen said...

To Jaredwood, the alfords sister, I am Doug's sister and I think your whole familhy is sick and a rough childhood does not excuse murder. My brother was a great man and did not deserve to die the way he did. I hope your brother rot in hell along with the rest of your family!!!!!

Nathan Murphy said...
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