January 10, 2009

How You Can Help the Missing

Profiled on this site are many young men who are still missing. Volunteers are needed to search and distribute flyers. Money is needed to help keep the search effort going, hire private investigators, print flyers, help families with unexpected expenses, and to establish rewards for information. Please help bring these young men home.

Distribute a Missing Poster:
Lee Cutler (WI)
Nathan Edberg (MN)
Kyle Fleischmann (NC)
Craig Frear (NY)
Justin Gaines (GA)

Josh Guimond (MN)
Michael Jansson (IL)
Tony Luzio Jr. (OH)

Brad Olsen (IL)
Keith Ryan (IL)
Brian Shaffer (OH)
Brandon Swanson (MN)
Jimmy Tsui (NY)
Nate Williams (MN)

Send Donations
Many of the families have official websites and may be accepting PayPal, cash and check donations, donated frequent flyer miles, items for silent auctions or are selling buttons or other items. Please check the family's official site for more information about how to help.

Kyle Fleischmann (NC)
Justin Gaines (GA)
Josh Guimond (MN)
Jesse Ross (IL)
Brian Shaffer (OH)
Brandon Swanson (MN)

Report a tip
If you have any information to add to the investigation, please go to the missing person's post on this blog (the list is on the main page at the left) for the investigating agency's contact information.

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Shelter Buds said...

Love your blog! What incredible work you do for the missing! Would you be interested in checking out Peace4theMissing.ning.com/? We are about 286 members with heart and soul offering comfort to those families with missing loved ones.

Grace Flynn
Peace4 Greeter