July 27, 2004

06/27/04: Craig Frear, 17, Scotia, NY

Craig Frear is still missing.
Seventeen year old Craig Frear was last seen about 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 27, 2004, walking toward the woods behind the Cambridge Manor apartment complex in Scotia, NY where he had been visiting his ex-girlfriend. He called his parents to say he was on headed home, but he never made it there. His car was left in the parking lot of the apartment complex, and he has not been seen since.

Scotia is a small village of 8,000 people about 20 miles northwest of Albany, NY (upstate NY). According to the Times Union, police and family believe Frear was following paths in the woods that link Cambridge Manor with his family's home on the Yorkshire Court cul-de-sac in Schenectady, NY, just a short distance away. Railroad tracks cut through most of that area, but police say there were no signs that he was hit by a train. The area has since been searched numerous times by hundreds of people, and search dogs have also been used, and nothing has been found. Similar searches of the nearby Mohawk River have turned up nothing.

Frear's social security number has not been used since his disappearance, indicating that he has not paid taxes, opened a bank account or applied for a job in the United States. He was not carrying a cell phone, any cash ($40 was left in his bedroom), credit cards, clothes or his driver's license. His license had been stolen at school, and he had not gotten a new one.

The night before he disappeared, Craig Frear slept at his friend Matthew Holub's house. The pair had been friends since age 10, and they were co-captains of their high school soccer team. Holub told the Times Union that Frear was upset about a break up with his long-term girlfriend but gave no indication that he planned to run away or hurt himself.

The following day, Frear visited the ex-girlfriend at the Cambridge Manor apartment complex. While he was there, his mother spoke with him on the phone and told him she and his father had found out he was not showing up for his job at the Price Chopper. Craig had actually lost his job at the supermarket after two months of employment and had been hiding it from his parents. He told his mother he would be home in 10 minutes, the time it would take to drive.

Two middle-school students told investigators they saw Frear walking along the tracks, away from where he parked his car. It would have been a 45-minute walk, but Frear never made it home.

Quick Facts:
Name/age: Craig Frear, 17
Last seen: 6/27/04, Cambridge Manor Apartments, Scotia, NY
Physical Description: Caucasian, 5'11", 190 pounds, red hair, brown eyes, dimples, sometimes wears goatee; wearing white short-sleeved t-shirt, blue jeans or jean shorts, white Adidas sneakers with three black stripes, gold chain with a St. Christopher medal


Concerned said...

The one thing that bothers me about this case is the fact that he left his car behind and decided to walk home (or to his grandparents home as some speculate) through the woods. This makes me feel uneasy. Why would he decide to walk instead of getting into his car and driving there? Why would he leave his car behind? Yes, he definitely could have encountered "foul play" walking in those woods - especially because there are railroad tracks there and there is always the possibility of encountering shady characters in that type of environment. Or maybe he really did decide to leave it all behind and run away. He was having a very hard time during that period of his life - had broken up with his girlfriend, lost his job, had an argument with his parents about the loss of his job. It's just that car issue that really makes me wonder if he could have just run away or sadly committed suicide.

Anonymous said...

Concerned-Please document your claims of this young man's personal problems and the timeline.
for ex. did he break up with his girlfriend 2 years before or the day before.
argument with parents
loss of job
You are so concerned that everyone sadly commits suicide so there doesn't have to be an investigation. You are good.
None of the "facts" you claim are reason to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

This website is crawling with trolls.

Anonymous said...

Frear may have left his car behind thinking of running away or suicide, but if he wanted to commit suicide, he would have known he could have done it just as easy, or easier, if he used his car as a tool. I'm thinking he was just needing something to help cool himself down, and walking can be an excellent stress-reliever for many people. It's a great possibility that he did in fact encounter in foul play, and if this is true, did the police investigate every area possible? Every lake and river around? It's not as common for someone to kidnap a 17 year old man. They would have murdered him by now, and his remains could be anywhere, and if this foul play was by a random person/random people walking around, since he didn't seem to have any enemies, they would have most likely never murdered anyone before and wouldn't have taken the body overly far away. If he was dead, the police should be able to come up with a body.

Anonymous said...

Why do the missing persons sites state that he went missing at 2pm, not midnight? He was last seen at his girlfriends? Does she say how they left things? What is his connection to San Diego?

mike said...

craig was about to get into his car when he was waived down by a tall dark headed guy named steve or steven and taken into the woods, once there he was killed and disposed of he is either buried near the water tower or was weighted down in the body of water near the tower

Anonymous said...

The source of when and how Craig left is the girlfriend, who now refuses to speak to the police. She is the last person known to have seen him, and repainted her apartment shortly after his disappearance. She also will not speak with his family.

Craig is my cousin.

fantasticvolume said...

I think this is a perfect example of of the Scotia Police being unqualified and terrible at their job. Is there even a Detective in scotia? If this problem was addressed and solved years ago, as it should have been,(joining the Scotia Police Deoartnebt with the Glenville PD) there would have been real detectives on the job and there would be some closure to the family. Once agian, Scotia P.D., hats off to you for doing your best to never perform a good service to the people who pay your salaries. I hope Criag Frear is found soon and it exposus the inadequacies of the Scotia Police Department.

SESAZ said...

I could say that Craig and I are cousins through Richard and Barbara, though we have never met. Since his disappearance I can't seen to get him off of my mind. I had a dream about Craig and cannot let it go. I feel like the missing piece of evidence is that little "needle in a haystack" that is being simply overlooked. It's a very sad story...but the truth always comes out. Have faith that Craig's case will be solved.

concerned... said...

I am concerned about the connection between the girlfriend and Craig's disappearance. Could she have wanted him out of her life bad enough to invite him over and then send him to the woods to wait for her, so they can talk, and when he arrives there, encounters the foul play she has set up???? Is this a love triangle?? It is very unsettling that he would leave his car and walk home. Wouldn't that be an inconvenience for him in the long run??? Leaving the wallet and personal belongings behind at his house....does this signify that the girlfriend called him unexpectedly and told him to come over quick?? I think BCI needs to focus in on the girlfriend and who she is connected to. Something just doesn't add up.

Nicole M Berg said...

I never read all of these comments until now. Why is everyone so focused on the girlfriend? From what I've heard from Craig's old high school friends, he and his father were not on good terms. And Craig was depressed and miserable at home. I really feel like he ran away to escape it all. Think about it. Why would someone leave their car, ID, money and everything behind and set out on foot? He knew what he was doing, I think. And I believe he went to say goodbye to his girlfriend. But that's just my opinion. Whether he's still alive now? I couldn't begin to speculate on. He definitely could have come home by now.

mum49 said...

My heart goes out to those left behind in this case...originally a Scotia native I remember well those woods and the swampy terrain..we called it "frog pond" and the mud and mire was very thick in places..As a child I played there frequently and in one incident I was almost literally "sucked down" into the mire, it had the rolling consistancy of quicksand. As crazy as it sounds my husband did mention the possibility that he may have misstepped in those late hours and been "pulled under"...My hope is that he did just runaway and that someday he will return..my own children were about the same age when he disappeared..

ColdCase said...
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Samantha said...

It is a sad and unsettling story, but if you don't know all of the facts then you shouldn't speculate. Insulting the police department is moronic. Do you know them, or work with them...do you know what is like to be a police officer...no, then. Keep your mouth shut. That doesn't help Craig or his family. My wish for all involved that some kind of closure is found...and soon.

xXCsai said...

Stories like this disturb me. Enough to the point where I sometimes google additional information. Here is one of the things that I found. There's still hope in a weird sort of way:

ColdCase said...
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Moonmaid said...

New video:

curious said...

I dont know much about the case so forgive me if i get anything mixed up.

-Craig breaks up with his girlfriend.

-Craig Frear slept at his good friend Matthew Holub's house. (Guys have feelings, guys need to hang out and talk about things sometimes)

-Craig was upset about the break up with his long-term girlfriend but gave no indication that he planned to run away or hurt himself.

-Craig visited his ex-girlfriend at the Cambridge Manor apartment complex.(for what reason?)

-His mother spoke with him on the phone and told him she and his father had found out he was not showing up for his job at the Price Chopper. (his parents are pissed, he should probably get home, right?)

-Craig says he will be home in 10 minutes. (10 minutes means he plans on driving) (45 minutes probably means he walking through the woods)

-His car was left in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

-Craig was last seen walking towards the traintracks and woods?
The area has since been searched numerous times by hundreds of people, and search dogs have also been used, and nothing has been found. Similar searches of the nearby Mohawk River have turned up nothing.

I dont think Craig went into the woods. I dont think Craig would leave his car at his house unless he planned on going back later on that evening. I dont really know if i believe that Craig left the apartment voluntarily.

like i said forgive me if im wrong because i dont know the real details or the family, the friend, or the exgirlfriend, i just know what i read.

Unknown said...

Anyone know the girlfriend's name, and when they broke up?

Anonymous said...

This is something I was gonna ask. Does anyone know her name? The ex girlfriend?

janetlwil said...

I question the testimony of the two boys who said they saw Craig walking in the woods. It's possible they were shown a photo of Craig and asked if they had seen him to which they replied, yes, we saw him. The correct thing to do would have been to ask the boys if they had seen anyone walking in the woods and if they said yes, they should have then been asked to give a description of the man they saw and see if that matched Craig's description. It's possible there was more than one man out and about in the woods.....like maybe a man who had killed Craig, especially since the boys said he put his fingers to his lips and said, shhhhhh. I suspect the solution revolves around the breakup with the girlfriend, the loss of the job, and not wanting to deal with his parent's anger. Also some other things were happening like the stolen driver's license, etc. and I'm getting a feeling there was some illegal drug activity involved. Also it doesn't make clear if Craig and the ex-girlfriend were the only ones at her apartment or if someone else was there (like someone who killed Craig) and the girlfriend had never come forward with that information.

Anonymous said...

We have a new Facebook page set up that has been getting a lot of feedback about the case. Hopefully this will shed some light on your question.