April 30, 2009

04/04/09: Jesse Archer, 33, Green Bay, WI

On Friday, April 24, 2009, a passerby spotted the body of 33-year-old Jesse James Archer at about 3:10 p.m. in the Fox River near the coal piles south of the Don A. Tilleman Bridge on Mason Street [also reported as the Walnut Street Bridge] in Green Bay, WI. The location was not far from Pearl Street.

Archer had been missing since April 4.

Recovery and Findings

The Green Bay Fire Department water rescue team used an inflatable boat to bring the body ashore at the Leicht Memorial Park boat dock, just north of the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge about an hour after it was first reported.

Brown County medical examiner Al Klimek said the body was identified as Jesse Archer right away because of his tattoos. Klimek said the body was probably in the river several weeks and might have surfaced due to current changes caused by Friday's warm weather. He also told the Green Bay Press Gazette that there were no immediate reasons to suspect foul play, but he said the condition of the body would require additional time to finalize a cause of death.

An autopsy was planned Saturday (April 25).

Jesse disappeared on April 4, the day before college student Dan Zamlen disapppeared in neighboring Minnesota. His body was found on April 24,  the day before Jelani Brinson, another Minnesotan, was found).

About Jesse Archer

Jesse is the son of Susi Preshaw, Jacksonville, Florida. A memorial gathering to commemorate Jessie's life will take place at 2 p.m. on Saturday (May 2, 2009) at St. James Park, 801 S. Madison Street. Malcore (West) Funeral Home & Crematory is assisting the family.


Anonymous said...

Jesse Archer's body was found today, RIP Jesse


monique777 said...

It's really sad. Nothing in the media about Jesse Archer. No coverage of this man!

Dan in Detroit said...

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BoyintheMachine said...

@ Dan in Detroit

I visited the forum you suggested and discoverd that all that stuff was nonsense. Just because you can make patterns with names doesn't mean it has any relevance with these cases.

Also, at least one person there told a person with the screenname of "Detroit Breakdown" to stop posting this crap on the Johnbenet Ramsey forum. "Detroit Breakdown" then tried to make it look like these deaths are connected to Johnbenet Ramsey's death, which it clearly is not.

On top of that, you give the name of a person you claim is "the killer", as well as list other names you claim are serial killers as well. This could open you up to a lawsuit.

veronica lee said...

jesse james archer is my brother. my name is veronica lee,i can be reached at veronica.lee2@yahoo.com. please if you have any info on my brothers,last days let me know what happened to him. i love you baby brother.... we miss you so much!!!!! RIP... i will always love you!!!!!!!!!!

veronica lee said...

It has been a whole year,still i want you here.How could you just disappear and leave me alone in fear.Mom and your children are left in tears,Our hearts are broken and torn all apart.Wish i knew who is responsible for taking your life,whoever it was i hope they live in fright that someday they will be caught and things will be set right.RIP,Roni

veronica lee said...

JESSE,When the wind blows,I can hear you whispering my name.I think back to when we were young and would play.I am so sad when there is thunder,because i cant help but wonder what happened that day.Then when it rains,I swear i can hear you say"DON'T WORRY SIS,I AM FEELING NO PAIN,GOD KNOWS WE WILL BE BACK TOGETHER, SOMEDAY!!!"Whenever the sunshine's i feel you smile,you laugh and say"GO AHEAD AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!"XO XO YOUR BIG SISTER,RONI

Cecilia brandon said...


He really did love you and your mom. And now I see where he learned to write the poetry from. May God Bless you in your journey.


veronica lee said...

Thank you Cecilia,Your the first one to find and read this blog imade and wrote in my brothers name sake.lol it made me laugh,and cry,i kinda forgot about it until you posted. Thanks for making me smile...Veronica

Kimberly Stiles said...

It has been 7 years almost to the day that my husband was found. I miss him everyday and so does his son and daughter!! RIP Jesse James Archer we live you so much a lot for real!!

Kimberly Stiles said...

It has been 7 years almost to the day that my husband was found. I miss him everyday and so does his son and daughter!! RIP Jesse James Archer we live you so much a lot for real!!

Unknown said...

You were not Jesse's wife. You guys never legally got married, just because he bought rings does not mean you are married. As far as his ring, it stayed on a chain around his neck.