May 16, 2009

05/16/09: Shane Fair, 19, Toronto, ON, Canada

Nineteen-year old Shane Fair went missing on May 16, 2009 at a formal dinner and dance party at Atlantis Pavilion at Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario to celebrate the end of his school year at York University.

He never got on the last bus that would have taken him back to campus to his dorm room. Friends have said that the young man had been drinking during the formal.

His body was found in Lake Ontario on May 30, near where he was last seen.

Fair's family and friends conducted searches, put up posters in the waterfront and downtown, started a Facebook group with information on the search, and his parents offered a $12,000 reward. Police expanded the search for Fair Wednesday with divers and officers on the ground searching the buildings at Ontario Place.

A security video released by the Westin Harbour Castle showed Fair walking along Queen's Quay W. the night he disappeared. Friends believe he may have tried walking to his mother's house in The Beach.

About Shane Fair
According to, Fair was a Canadian Forces reservist and was set to join the army full-time the week after he disappeared.

On Saturday, May 30, 2009, an off-duty police officer found remains floating in the water near a bridge off Ontario Place, only steps away from where Fair was last seen.

An autopsy will be scheduled to determine the cause of his death.

Police say that there is always a risk of hypothermia in Lake Ontario, even when the weather gets warmer. "The thing you want to remember with Lake Ontario along with all the other great lakes is they're considered cold water lakes year round," says Toronto Police Const. Gary Gibson. "What that means is hypothermia is an issue even in July and August."

Quick Facts:Name/age: Shane Fair, 19, Toronto, ON, Canada
Last Seen: 05/16/09, Atlantis Pavilion at Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario
Physical Description: White, 5'11", 170 pounds and has brown hair styled in a short mohawk. He was last seen wearing a blue suit with a blue shirt and blue tie.
Recovered: 05/30/09, Lake Ontario

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monique777 said...

What is a positive side to this story is the police have video foorage of him walking several blocks away from the site he went missing. On the videao they show a car doing a quick U-turn and they are hoping to identify this car.

Then they find Shane's body at the site he went missing from. Doesn't make any sense unless the personin the video isn't Shane. His mother believes it was her son.

monique777 said...

Gosh, sorry my typing is so bad!

Solomon Grundy said...

What Ever Happend To this Video Moniquua???

Just Another thing that Gets Left open ended, Like SO MANY of The Other Clues Left behind by these Blood drunk Killers

Its ALL very sad. Like its The Illumanati or something.

Who Knows