June 30, 2009

Body found in Mississippi River near Hwy. 52 bridge in St. Paul

A body was recovered from the Mississippi River near the Highway 52 bridge is being identified by the Hennepin County medical examiner's office. According to The Associated Press, 'Police spokesman Paul Schnell says the body appeared to have been in the water a long time, so an autopsy will be needed to determine information about the person and cause of death.

Because of the level of decomposition, Schnell said the the body may have been in the water for some time. It was turned over to the Hennepin County medical examiner's office for identification and autopsy. During the autopsy, which may take a few days to complete, officials will try to determine cause of death and whether the victim was male or female.

Police working to identify body found in Mississippi River, Minnesota Public Radio, 06/22/09
Body found in Mississippi River near U.S. 52 bridge in St. Paul, 06/22/09


Monique777 said...

Oh my gosh, another person to add to a growing list found in the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities since early April. I was told a body can become badly decomposed if in water for 3 weeks during warm weather.

So: Please add to my list if I have forgotten anyone in the Twin Cities found drowned in the Mississippi:

-4/12/09 Female body found by Childs and Shepard Road
-4/26/09 Male, Ian Talty, 30, found after exploring Saint Paul tunnels
-5/1/09 Dan Zamlen found at Ford Plant
-5/6/09 Patrick Lee Manifold, 45, found at 3rd Ave. Bridge
-5/15/09 Antwane Tucker, 24, found at Hennepin Ave bridge (from St. Cloud)
-5/24/09 Edward D. Benjamin,21, found at Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam (jumped from Stone Arch Bridge)
-6/22/09 New body discovered,body badly decomposed in Mississippi near Hwy 52 Bridge in St. Paul

Assume the latest body went into the river in May due to decomposition. This means we have 7 bodies in 2 months found in the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities. That is almost one a week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should assume when the body went in. It's a little premature for that. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

They said badly decomposed and they still haven't said anything on the identity, but I think that they said that it was male?or maybe that was a different time, I'm thinking that they mean old as in over 2 years old or 5 years or something if they still haven't released anything about it since like what the 22nd. Also where's the US 52 bridge in relation to the rest of st. Paul Minn. anyway? If it's been years how far could the body have floated or is this a fell from the bridge thing, and if so why so long of no one noticing?

Monique777 said...

Anonymous: I spoke with someone who would know that a body can become "badly decomposed" in warm weather in as little as 3 weeks. (I had imagined years.) I shouldn't have assumed when the body went in but it is possible it was as little as 3 weeks before the 22nd.Maybe we will get the facts. The number of bodies being found is adding up but I don't know if this is typical or not.

Monique777 said...

The Hennepin Ave Bridge and 3rd Street Bridge in Minneapolis,MN is about 11 miles from the Hwy 52 Bridge in Saint Paul,MN. This is driving.
The River snakes and so it would be approximately a stretch of 15-20miles of river length between the Hennepin Ave. Bridge and the Hwy 52Bridge. The bodies have been found along approximately 15-20 miles of river in the Twin Cities (Saint Paul and Minneapolis.)

Anonymous said...

The body has been in the river since December 2008.