August 13, 2009

08/08/09: Braden Andersen, 20, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Braden Andersen, a 20-year old from McMunn, Manitoba, in Canada disappeared in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 8 in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was last seen by family and friends walking south on Rorie Street from Bannatyne Avenue at about 2:45 a.m. after attending a family member's wedding in the Exchange District.

Family members reported Braden missing at 2 p.m., around the same time that his wallet and clothes were found on the bank of the Red River near the Alexander Docks. The finding of the belongings prompted a water search, and his body was recovered three days later.

The Search for Braden Andersen

Police officers and firefighters began searching the Red River and its banks near downtown Winnipeg about 3:15 p.m. Saturday, August 8--the day Braden disappeared--after his wallet and clothes were found on the river bank. Relatives, friends, and even members of the wedding party--still dressed in a bridal gown and tuxedos--gathered on the riverbank to watch divers search the river and console each other.

The search by a police dive team resumed on August 10. Police also searched the river between the Alexander Docks and the CN Rail bridge.

The Winnipeg police dive underwater search and recovery unit returned to the river on August 11 to continue the search.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m Central Time., on Tuesday, August 11, Andersen's family found his body in the waters of the Red River surrounding the Alexander Dock area.


On Wednesday, August 12, it was reported that an autopsy determined Braden Andersen died of drowning. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are still waiting results of a toxicology report, but they do not suspect foul play.

Anyone with information on Andersen's disappearance is encouraged to call the police missing persons unit at 986-6250 or Falcon Beach RCMP at 204-349-8035.

About Braden Andersen

BRADEN PAUL ANDERSEN January 22, 1989 - August 8, 2009 It is with the utmost sadness and grief that we announce the passing of Braden, our beloved son, brother, boyfriend, uncle, nephew and friend. Well before his time, Braden tragically passed on Saturday, August 8, 2009.

Braden was loved by all and will leave a profound void in the lives of his parents, Paul and Judy, his four brothers Shannon (Cheryl), Jeremy (Amy), Hans (Karen), Brett, and his girlfriend Desiree; as well as Braden's nephews Branden, Cole and Kai, and niece Emma, they were the highlights in his life. He loved them dearly and will be greatly missed by them. He will also be fondly remembered by his uncles and aunts, cousins, the Hiller family and his numerous friends. He was predeceased by his grandparents Kai and Nanna Andersen and Arthur and Rose Krampetz.

Born in Winnipeg, MB just moments after his twin brother Brett, who would in years to come, become the most special friend to him in the world. Braden graduated from high school in Whitemouth in 2007. Like many in his family before him, he began working with Manitoba Hydro shortly thereafter and was in the midst of completing an Industrial Mechanic apprenticeship program.

Although he had moved away from McMunn, it was very dear to him and even recently spoke of calling it home again some day. Braden was working in Brandon for the past few months but was eagerly waiting for September, when he was scheduled to begin working in Winnipeg. This meant he would be closer to those special in his life.

Although the end came far too soon, Braden was surrounded by those who loved him most during the last days of his life. Braden was dedicated to everything important to him in life including his family, girlfriend, friends, work and sports. Braden most enjoyed an evening in McMunn at Mom and Dad's with all of his brothers and their significant others over at the house, in front of the fireplace under a blanket with Desiree, talking (but most importantly laughing) about all that was going on in each others lives.

Other than McMunn, Braden cherished his time at the Hiller residence, snowmobiling with friends, the hockey rink, the ball diamonds, and being out with Brett and their large group of friends.

Braden's brothers were not only a special part of his life, they were his best Friends. He was dedicated to helping them in whatever endeavors they would undertake, and frequently visited them and their families. He was a very proud brother and son, and frequently looked for and took advice, showing how much he respected these special relationships.

Braden looked for a way to make everything in life fun. He was never one to dwell on the negative. He would instead look for and focus on the positive. If there wasn't a smile on Braden's face, he was either deep in thought, or his competitive nature (which he had lots of!!) had taken over.

We thank the numerous family and friends who showed their support during the sleepless days and nights, and the Winnipeg Fire Department and the Winnipeg Police Service for their dedication in helping us bring Braden to rest. His passing has left many questions in the hearts of everyone he touched, but more importantly, it has left cherished memories that none of us will forget. Braden's funeral service will be held on Saturday August 15 , 2009 at 11:00 a.m. in the Reynolds Community Hall in Prawda, MB.

(Source: Obituary, Winnipeg Free Press Archive, 9/21/09.)

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Braden Paul Anderson, 20
Hometown: McMunn, Manitoba (near Falcon Beach)
Last Seen: 2:45 a.m. walking south on Rorie Street from Bannatyne Avenue
Physical Description: 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, and white shoes.

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all of this is a damn shame....

Monique777 said...

My prayers are with Braden's family and friends. This is such a sad loss and my heart goes out to you.

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What do you think about Joe Grozelle's case, another Canada case?

Lisa said...

Joe Grozelle's case is very odd indeed. He was last seen studying and finishing up his law paper, and when his girlfriend woke up, he was gone. It doesn't seem that anyone knows why he left or where he went. His story is posted on the menu under 10/21/03--here is the link:

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Going for a swim in the middle of the night, alone, while intoxicated is never a good idea, I think we've all come to learn. Poor kid.