September 8, 2009

Article mentions new theory in deaths

The Footprints blog was recently mentioned in an article by J.R. de Szigethy in American Mafia magazine.

Click here to read the full article, which includes some interesting connections de Szigethy has uncovered that may relate to some of the drownings listed on this blog.


Monique777 said...

Very interesting theory on what could be happening to these victims who drown. I suppose with anything, there can be extremists who have practices that would appear to the average person as being very far fetched.

I find it interesting that out of all the sites about these victims they chose Footprints on the River's Edge because of it's neutrality in presenting the information.

Congratulations to the site owner for doing such a great job of keeping us informed in an objective and unbiased way!

Devin said...

Fascinating article!! I had no idea about some of these events-but was very familiar with others-I very much appreciate your posting the link to it and am going to return to it to read in more detail tomorrow-very much agree with Monique777s comment and others-you do a fantastic job-both presenting the information and remaining neutral-all the best to you!!

Toriop said...

neutral...very neutral...indeed.
So that we will not see what we are not looking for...and all neutrality...for the next victim...and the next...

heather dune said...

We lost Sam Todd on New year's Eve 1984--was he one of the first? My theory that he was murdered by a serial killer who has been secretly at work for decades in NYC seems to be gathering legitimacy. Although I was writing fiction, it just seemed like there were a lot of young men disappearing in NY by drowning--all drunk? Makes no sense to me. Who the hell wants to fall in the NY rivers? They're disgusting! Anyway, I am skeptically hopeful that this might be taken seriously and investigated. The Todd family and those of us who were with him the night he disappeared are still haunted by that night. If you are looking for a murder mystery examining these incidents through fiction, you might find a trip down 80s memory lane entertaining: The Weeping Buddha (Akashic Books).

Monique777 said...

What I have found so far is the following on the Orishas:

Eleggua-"crossroads"-numbers are 2 and 21.

Obatala-"Creator of the world" "Peace and Purity" Numbers are 8 and 16.

Yemaya-"Queen of the Seas and Goddess of motherhood" Number is 7.

Oshun-"Goddess of love and lust" "Godess of RIVERS,LAGOONS and gold" Number is 5.

Chango-"God of virility and strength. Numbers are 4 and 6.

Oggun-warlike god.Number is 7.

Babalu Aye-"God of illness" Number is 17.

Ochosi-"God of hunters,spellcasters and justice"-number is 3

Of the 76 victims listed here, 19 were taken on an Orisha number and 32 were taken a day before and on an Orisha number. That's almost half.

This religion is practiced very secretly and has been corrupted through the years.Because it's been so secretive, we can't be sure drowning hasn't become more common among the practice.I would like to keep an open mind and not rule this theory out so quickly as some have. There is a possibility. And considering the drownings have been going on for DECADES and they haven't stopped-anyone shedding possible new light on this and presenting a possible theory may move this along. I mean the whole point here is to help find the missing and to get justice for these victims.Right?

If you accuse me of a cover-up because I am examining a new theory then I too will wonder what people's agenda is here. I have the right to examine all theories without critisism in an attempt to try to help the victims. This DOES NOT take away from the corruption and cover-ups at the Abbey or the evidence found there.Examining theories doesn't negate this truth nor attempt to hide it. But this would seem an obvious fact to anyone with a clear mind.

justlogic said...

I have a list of dates that, I think are likely to be very close to the next alleged SFK events over the coming months. All of the dates posted here are Fridays. I use Friday because I cant possibly say a particular event will take place at a given date time and location, but I can say the events will be on or near Friday. These are just estimated windows of time. I think about 4 events will occur in WI and MN in total. A WI event will be first. I think more will be on a Friday as it seems to be SFK's favorite day, followed by Sundays and Thursdays equally. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays score the lowest. Saturday had an odd score, it fell below Thursday and Sunday.

Sept 18
Sept 25
Oct 16
Dec 18
Jan 15
Feb 12
Mar 12
Apr 16
May 14

Monique777 said...

That is very scary. Friday is tomorrow. I pray young men stay together and are safe and nothing bad happens.

How did you arrive at these dates? I'd be interested to know.

justlogic said...

It has been observed many of the events occurred at or near the waning moon and near the middle of the month. I combined that with the observation that many events occurred between Thursday and Sunday. Then I scored each day of the week,in relevance to occurrences. Don't get too caught-up in Friday,see it as a time window. The probability is higher at these times.If these were all accidents Saturday should should have scored higher than Thursday and Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I'm back. Well, in a way I am. As an admission of fact this should be of no enduring interest to anyone. Certainly not as some startling confession of guilt, perhaps only as a brief commentary on what has transpired all those passing months--the simple truth as it were.

I returned, if it can be simply stated, only to confirm for myself that the horrible epidemic of death has continued, alas will most certainly do so for some time. Moreover, that the pattern of the mayhem has not yet altered one iota and therefore must remain the work of sponsored groups whose true purpose is unclear if unmistakably apparent in the modus operandi, itself seemingly chosen over and over again. Let me, then, say once more that it is wholly impossible for such random acts of violence to be perpetrated over such a large area (the Midwest, the Northeast and even Canada) without logistical support coming from some source or nexus of sources working in collusion, whatever be the objective. Further, that one other aspect of this case seems apparent as well: this being that many of the victims were last seen with friends who can attest to their whereabouts just before they disappeared (from a bar, campus party or dormitory) and that many of these same witnesses are or were college students, invariably, young men in their late teens or early twenties. In reading accounts of these incredible disappearances I was repeatedly struck by the thought that someone near the crime scene at the time the crime occurred knew what was happening; someone, for instance, who had lured that young man from that bar in NYC, someone known to him whom he trusted. Always there seemed to be that presence of friends or acquaintences nearby. But why? And what could the connection, then, be between all these possible accomplices, when few if any know each other? No group of "smileys" could be so good at abduction and murder that they could intuitively grasp where to be at the right moment--always unseen, always making good their escape, never a witness or a trace of evidence to arouse the suspicion of authorities.

See what I mean? And consider some other facts. Serial killers do not work in groups larger than two or in more than one group using the same m.o. So, the copycat theory fails, since the most likely m.o. appears to be consistent and well-practiced with only plausible variations indicative of the same level of experience and success. Ergo, the same people or group of people...or umbrella groups connected only by that direction and design given them by the actual authors of this insane madness.

But how is this all possible? Someone is helping them.

miki said...

"But how is this all possible? Someone is helping them."

Do you mean, cops?

Also, I wanted to say something about the poor young man who was found here in Minnesota, face down in a pond. There are those here who said that he didn't fit the profile because he was black and not a prosperous college student.

That's kind of naive. Here's a sad fact: black young men die here all the time, and they don't make the headlines for long. And there are bodies fished out of the river all the time, but because they are not white and from upper middle class families, the media doesn't seem to notice.

Here's what I suggest: maybe we need to change the profile. Maybe we need to see . . . MORE than what the media is giving us.

BoyintheMachine said...


I just read that article and noticed a big mistake...

Adolfo Constanzo did not practice Santeria, instead he practiced a form of Palo in which he perverted for his own greed.

Palo, like Santeria, is an African Traditional Religion.

African Traditional Religions such as Santeria, Palo, Lukumi, IFA, Candomble, and the like do not practice human sacrifice.

Constanzo was a sick individual, but let's not rush to judge a religion based on a sick individual. After all, how many sick people in Christianity have killed people...TONS.

I'm a little tired of people placing blame on minority groups. So let's nip this right in the bud.

If indeed these drownings are murders, then they are not being commited by Santeria practioners.

The biggest clue is that there is no blood letting involved. With regards to sacrifice in African Traditonal Religions, blood is the offering to the deities, real blood not just the killing aspect. There are 2 types of sacrifices in African Traditional Religons;

1.) Sacrifice to the deities - food animals killed, blood offered to the deities, the meat is cooked and eaten by worshippers.

2.) Sacrifice to heal sickness or to take off a curse or negativity -animal is killed and not consumed as it is believed to take away the negativity with it's death.

Both forms of sacrifice involve the slitting of the animal's throat so as to produce bleeding.

If by chance these deaths are somehow associated with African Tradional Religions then the victims would be found with their throats slashed, and devoid of blood.

Drowning has nothing to do with sacrifice as performed by African Traditional Religions.

It's extremely easy to place blame on people who are percieved different from us, such as practicing a different religion. In most cases such accusations are dead wrong, and this seems to be another of those cases.

justlogic said...

Kevin Gannon says he will name persons responsible soon. Follow this link to Geraldo at Large and see the persons of interest video.

justlogic said...

At the posted link scroll down to shows select Geraldo at Large then select persons of intrest video.

BoyintheMachine said...


Thanks for the link!

Interesting and of course I will suspend judgement until hearing what Gannon has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Gannon made an important revelation on Patrick McNeil. He was burnt to death

justlogic said...

Sam could you tell me where you saw that comment,I have not heard it before,although I have seen a comment by Gannon that there had been some indication of burning on one victim. As I recall, I read it on the Nationwide website.

Anonymous said...

re: justlogic

Here is the link to the video of Gannon on Fox->

It is the same video which Gannon claims they will soon be releasing more info to the public about the organization.

He then goes into a brief specific detail with the McNeil case. The quote I wrote above is a direct quote. I myself missed it the first time I watched the video.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. The link didn't fully post on. Here ->

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I didn't write the direct quote under this page, I wrote it on Patrick McNeil's page. ->

"Patrick McNeil was not only murdered but [Patrick McNeil] was (actually) abducted, held for a period of time, tied to a chair, and BURNT TO DEATH."

justlogic said...

Thanks Sam,I just watched it again and don't know how I could have missed it the first time.