September 28, 2009

NY investigators to announce new details by January

In a brief interview on Fox's Geraldo at Large, Detective Kevin Gannon said his investigative team is closing in on the "smiley face" murderers. Gannon expects that by January he will be able to name the organization responsible, what has been going on, and why they are doing this. He said the team has been very productive this last year, collecting names and evidence to substantiate the case. By releasing this information, Gannon hopes to encourage arrests and raise awareness amongst the families.

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Devin said...

It is amazing how much awareness even someone like me who is "housebound" much of the time can raise with the power of the internet-I hope there is a bunch of new information and arrests to be forthcoming-the victim's families and friends need to see justice done and society as a whole-not to mention of course the men and boys who were killed in the first place! Thanks again for all of your hard work!!

Monique777 said...

When I initially heard the NY detectives were going to name an organization responsible in January I kind of lost faith the victims would ever get a fair shake. Nothing against Gannon, as he's only shown goodness but it seemed so backwards to name a responsible party to get an investigation for cases ruled as accidental drownings. I mean typically there is a homicide, then an investigation and finally a person/group is named.
I have renewed faith since hearing former NY DA Trish DeAngelis and a skilled forsensic pathologist are providing their expertise in reviewing all the evidence from the cases to find the truth. This is one huge step towards justice for these men. While much evidence has been lost at the original scenes, hopefully they will provide the answers we have been asking for. If just a few of these cases are reclassified as homicide, then naming an organization responsible will have much more meaning to the public. Maybe this is why Gannon is waiting until January?

BoyintheMachine said...

Gannon's not going to name any specific group of people. That would open him up to lawsuits. Instead, it's likely he would name a generic group, like "Satanists" for example. This would protect him from lawsuits but would destroy any credibility he has.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

BoyintheMachine said...


Trish DeAngelis is a lawyer, not a medical examiner. I am skeptical of her ability to help provide actual proof for the murder theory.

DeAngelis might be able to use her contacts but she really has no power herself with regards to the classification of a death.

Monique777 said...

Right, she was the former DA in New York so she's an attorney and is working along side a "highly-skilled" forensic pathologist who is not currently being named. Who knows what her findings will be, if any, but it can't hurt to have each of these cases looked at again. She may confirm some were accidents while providing evidence to show some were foul play (eg. Patrick McNeil). I believe this evidence can be brought before a state attorney and the cases can be re-opened.Remember the Jenkins were able to push to have Chris's case reclassified when enough evidence was shown. She, herself can't reclassify a case but I'm sure she is well connected being a former DA.

Does Gannon really have to worry about being sued if he were to name a specific gang? Would the Bloods, for example, really go to court with a law suit against a retired NY detective to say they didn't drown these men, they only killed Jane, Pete, Rob and Jimmy?

I must agree, if Gannon would say Satanists or some generic group I would wonder what the point would be in making the announcement.
And I hate to say it, but if it is said to be satanists, I still don't see one iota of anything pointing to this whole idea. And yes, I've read about the Christian necklaces being removed because we all know the heavy current of the river couldn't have snagged them off. I just don't buy it but as you said, we'll have to wait and see.

BoyintheMachine said...

Att: Monique777,

I was thinking along the lines of him name specific people or an organization. Of course it depends on the organization, but yes many organizations do sue. If it's a street gang, then I don't think they would sue.

(But serioulsy, if it's a street gang then a lot of the SFK followers will have to admit that the graffiti is gang stuff, not serial killer stuff! LOL)

If you remember from the Gannon interview, he says he will name "people of interest", so that's kind of exciting but unsettling as well. I would hate for innocent people to be falsely linked to this. I fear that such people may have a leg to stand on with regards to potential lawsuits.

Monique777 said...

I guess I interpreted it as Gannon naming a group of people and missed he said "people of interest". That sure would make it more interesting but I just don't see him giving actual names when the cases are still ruled as accidents and there is no proof, not even enough to get any of the cases re-opened at this point. I would think he'd be setting himself up for a law suit.

So, I was thinking it would have to be a group that wouldn't sue.
It may be some group no one has ever heard of (like some off-shoot of a gang that joined forces with satanists or pedophiles to form the "new group name".) That might be pretty benign for him to announce as far as self-protection. But I can't see how this would serve the victims.

I am curious though!