November 13, 2009

11/13/09: Christina Whittaker, 21, Hannibal, MO

Christina Whittaker is missing.

A friend of this young woman contacted me to help spread the word about her disappearance. I am hoping you can help bring her home. 

Christina Whittaker, 21, disappeared after leaving Rookie's sports bar in Hannibal, Missouri on Fri., Nov. 13.
Witnesses told police that Whittaker had been consuming a large quantity of alcohol and the bartender had asked her to leave around 11:45 p.m. after becoming disorderly with other bar patrons. She left the bar alone. There is concern for Whittaker's safety because she is a new mother and had been taking prescription medication.

Police conducted a ground and water search and obtained assistance from the Missouri Water Patrol. They have also gone door to door. Although Whittaker's cell phone was found on the ground on South Seventh Street, police say there is nothing to indicate foul play. Police Capt. James Hark told the Hannibal-Courier Post, “we’re not ruling that out, but we’re pursuing all angles at this point.”

Whittaker's family says she is not the type to just disappear. “I knew from the first day something was very, very wrong,” said Whittaker's mother, Cindy Young. "She has a 6-month-old baby. I know she did not run off. She has never did it in her life." She added, "I cannot remember one day in her lifetime I have not talked to her on the phone or in person.”

If you have any information about Christina Whittaker's disappearance, please contact the Hannibal Police Department at 573-221-0987.

Name/age: Christina Whittaker Young, 21
Status: Missing
Physical Description: 5'5" 130 pounds, red hair, green eyes
Last seen: 11/13/09, Rookies sports bar, 600 block of Broadway, Hannibal, Mo wearing pink tank top, jeans white and pink Nike tennis shoes

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Monique777 said...

Was Christina dating anyone? (I am assuming she was not married?) I also wonder who her last call was to from her cell phone that was later found on 7th street.These are the only things that come to mind when reading this sad story.

My prayers to the Whittaker family and friends. I hope Christina is found soon so she can be home to take care of her new baby.