February 9, 2010

02/03/10: Vincent Lamoureux ,20, and Hugo Pereira, 22, missing in Montreal

2/10/10 - The Star reported that it appears the search for Vincent Lamoureux and Hugo Pereira has come to an end. Police found the car the men were last seen driving submerged in the river under the Viau bridge of the shore of Montreal today. Police were led to search there after finding traces of car debris earlier in the week. Two bodies were found in the vicinity of the car and are awaiting positive identification. In an odd twist, another vehicle was also found in the same vicinity as Pereira's car. There is no word yet on who the other car belongs to or how Lamoureaux and Pereira ended up in the water. The full article is here.

In Montreal, Canada, the families of two missing men are waiting for their safe return. On Feb. 3, roommates Vincent Lamoureux, 20, and Hugo Pereira, 22, went to watch a hockey games with friends, then headed over to Le Diable Vert bar on St. Denis Street. They were seen leaving the bar near closing time, about 2:30 or 2:40 a.m.

About 10 minutes later, Pereira sent a text message to a woman inside the bar inviting her to his home for a drink. The woman went outside to meet him, but Pereira never arrived. She called his cell phone and got no answer. Neither man has been seen since.

According to a police trace of their cell phones, “three hours later, at 6 a.m., Pereira's phone received a text message from Lamoureux's phone, saying, ‘Where are you?’.” Pereira never responded. His roommate says he never turns off his phone, and this would be out of character.

"We're worried, and we don't understand," Lamoureux's uncle Real Lebeouf told CTV News.

Lamourex does not appear to be the type of young man to just disappear. He is described by family as being responsible and close to his mother, visiting her every Thursday before attending a construction site safety class at Collège Montmorency where he is studying to be a firefighter. His family says he has no reason to disappear, and has many friends and no enemies. Lamoureux is a junior A hockey player. His family says he doesn't do drugs or gamble.

According to the Montreal Gazette, “Pereira graduated from the same program last spring and is studying at the Université du Québec à Montréal so he can teach firefighting courses at CEGEP. He also works as a cook and orderly at the Louis H. Lafontaine psychiatric hospital in east-end Montreal.” His family says he doesn’t do drugs.

“I can't understand," said Pereira's mother Fabienne Ouellet. "This is not my Hugo. He would never not give news to his mother."

The men were planning to drive to Longueuil on the South Shore on Feb. 3 to apply for jobs as firefighters, but they never arrived, which raised the alert to their families. At this point, the families believe they may have had an accident or are in a location where they cannot contact them.

The car they were driving that night—an “expensive” black 2007 Acura TL (license plate 861 ZBD) belonging to Pereira—has not been found. Lamoureux’s car was where he had left it, parked outside of the house the men share with two other roommates in the Laval des Rapides district in Montreal.

Vincent Lamoureux is a white, French-speaking man, who is five-feet-eight, 160 lbs., with short brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a green V-neck sweater, a black Energie-brand jacket and a fur cap. Hugo Pereira is a white French-speaking man, who is five-feet-nine, 180 lbs., with short brown hair, brown eyes, an earring and an eyebrow piercing. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white sweater with a hood and a black coat.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to make an anonymous call at INFO-CRIME at 514-393-1133 or speak with an investigator at 514-280-3367.

http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Worried+families+wait/2539086/story.html#ixzz0f3kITsfA http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Worried+families+wait/2539086/story.html#ixzz0f3kCa1Uh


Jordan said...
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BoyintheMachine said...

@ Jordan,

These guys are missing. We don't know what happened to them, so let's not jump on the SFK bandwagon just yet.

Unfortuantely, it's a fact that people go missing every single day.

Let's just hope that the pair will be found safe and sound soon.

Jordan said...

@ BoyintheMachine

Excuse Me. I guess I was just commenting on the website as a whole-not just this article. Maybe I misplaced my comment, should've been written under the missing Iowa men.

Jordan said...

And also, you're right...they are only missing-there's no SFK implications yet. It just all seems so tied together...And yes, they could be alive. It's just hard to stay positive when so many bad things are happening every minute of every hour of every day. Again, you're right...let's hope that all of these missing people are found safe.
I'm more of the type to write what I'm feeling in the moment without regards to fact or logic and thinking it through first. Oops.

Craigs said...


"Police find two cars in frigid river..."

Jordan said...

How sad...my thoughts are with the friends and family of these two guys.

Craigs said...

I wonder who the other car belongs to. Either someone hasn't been reported missing, or someone is missing their car...

Tragic ending nonetheless. My heart breaks for their families and friends.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Craigs,



I feel so sad for their loss.

I wonder if the other car was older or had been there longer? Could both be the result of an accident that sent both cars over the bridge? What happened to the driver of the other car? So sad...

BoyintheMachine said...

"According to a police trace of their cell phones, “three hours later, at 6 a.m., Pereira's phone received a text message from Lamoureux's phone, saying, ‘Where are you?’.” Pereira never responded."

Is it just me or does this not jive with other people as well?

If they were found deceased in the water, then who sent the message? If it was sent before they died then they had to be seperated for a time. I would definitely like too know when the estimated time of death took place to see if this phone call checks out.

Craigs said...

I was under the assumption that the text was sent to one of the missing men from someone else. Wasn't there a girl they were supposed to meet up with or something?

Did I read that wrong? Did one of the men send a text?

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Craigs,

You are talking about the girl one of them asked to come over to his house for drinks. She went outsie but he never showed.

This is a seperate phone call that one of the men made to the other man. That's why it's so weird. Something's not right here.

Craigs said...

I guess I assumed that it was a text TO one of the men. I need to go reread the newstories now.

If that's the case, that one of them texted, then uh... yeah, it does seem a little strange.

I was too fixated on the other car they found to really think too much about it.

Craigs said...

I see what you're referring to now. A lot of the articles only mentioned that their cell phones weren't reachable after 3AM and that it was odd for them to be out of touch like that. Interesting that the other articles aren't focusing on the 6AM text between the two men.

Finally looked up and saw your quote BoyintheMachine and read the news article. (after I smacked myself in the head for not paying attention.)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that all these texts were publically mentioned.
I wonder if this could be a case of fatally texting and driving, and perhaps thats what media is also speculating towards. For one thing, the submerged car was Pereira's car. This meets the assumption that Pereira was the one probably driving.

Accourding to google maps, the bridge is approximately 6 minutes away. Reports claim Perira sent the woman a text at approximately 10 minutes after the two
men left the bar. Assuming they took a couple minutes to get to the car, start it up,
maybe let it heat up for a bit, maybe some other form of stalling, and
then went on their way - the reported time Perira sent the text
would put them very near the vicity where the car swerved off of the bridge. The direction
of travel from the bar to their residence is consistent with the need to cross through the bridge.

Anyway, of course, this is all speculation. It can be assumed that Pereira's cell phone was recovered since all the reports on the text messages are reliant on his phone alone. What of Lameoureax's phone though? His phone would reveal the true time he had sent the message of "Where are you?" to Pereira at 6 am. It's possible that, for whatever reason, the message reciept was delayed. (Happens to me all the time.) This delayed situation can be the fault of either the sender's or the recievers phone.

Another big question mark, how would a message be recieved if the car was submerged?

Whats really interesting is that no one saw or reported the car crash.

check this out:


The approx. speed which the car was traveling is being estimated at around 150 kmph - roughly 90 mph. That's FAST. People don't drive that fast unless the roads are pretty empty and that
the driver is confident LE isn't around to get him - especially after visiting a bar and all.

The media report that the second car may have been stolen and pushed off the bridge furthers the assumption that the bridge is decently bare at certain hours.

This is all really tragic.

Craigs said...

I have no idea what that area is like, but you would think someone would notice a speeding car going off a bridge. I know it was late, but it just seems so odd.

Text-time is off too, but like Sam said, it could very well be a delayed text...should be easy enough to figure that out by taking a look at their phone records.

I guess it could just simply be a case of excessive speeding; but, I hope the authorities take a thorough look at the car to see if anything was wrong with it before they write it off as "just speeding". (mechanical type failure or something)

The car looks to be quite intact for hitting the ice water at such a high speed, too.

Craigs said...

I just ran across this article when I was looking for news on this story.

I'm not saying that the two are related in any way. I just thought it was interesting. Two American men in Canada. Found at the bottom of a quarry.


Anonymous said...

Craigs -I see they are not writing it off as an accident so that is encouraging. I think that has occurred too often with some drowning cases.Even Pat Brown said there could be a serial killer doing some of this. I think her major problems with Gannon's theory is that he thinks there may be more than one killer and that the graffiti proves nothing. It is impossible for me to have an opinion on those points when I don't know exactly what that graffiti or evidence they have is.I know of some missing the same day but if one is missing in the early morning hours and one at night there is time to travel a long distance.But anyway I don't assume this is related either.Unfortunate accidents happen all the time.I just hate to see LE jump to conclusions

Anonymous said...

I was wrong about the possibility of fatal texting-and-driving in this case. It is believed that Lamoureux was behind the wheel of Periera's car.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/cars/Laval+drowned+submerged+autopsies+reveal/2558797/story.html#ixzz0fSRakfCF

BoyintheMachine said...

For everyone who is posting links...

For now on, please stop posting the full link here.

Intead, go to tinyurl.com and then put your link in the box. Hit the button and a new and shorter link will be given to you.

This will help other people be able to view the links because many full links are cut off or are uncopyable.


Craigs said...

I was just reading an article on torontosun.com (dated today, Feb. 15) about this story.

I'm really not into conspiracy stuff, but this story just keeps bugging the heck outta me.

A quote or two from the article:

"Autopsies were conducted Thursday at the Laboratory of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine in Montreal. The coroner's office didn't release the cause of death. However, QMI Agency has learned the bodies of the young firefighters and roommates were "intact," and that the cause of death was likely drowning.

No evidence of injury or trauma was apparent.

On Wednesday, divers found one body, likely the driver's, at the rear of the vehicle. The passenger's body was found with his seatbelt still fastened and his window open three inches. "

How was there no evidence of trauma if the car was going at such a high rate of speed? I still think the car looks pretty good for hitting the water that hard too.

Has anyone else heard anything about the 6 AM text? Have they determined that it was just a delayed message?

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Craigs

Do you have the link to the story? (Use tinyurl.com to shorten it before posting here.)

Also, keep in mind that it takes 4 minutes or less to drown. That's the time your brain cells begin to die from lack of oxygen. Howerver, it's a far shorter period of time before one goes unconscious.

I don't know what happened to this men, but if they were intoxicated and on top of that were stunned by the wreck for the amount of time it would take for the water to fill the interior, then they would quickly be goners. Remeber that it would be difficult person to exist a submerged or sinking vehicle, even harder on an intoxicated individual.

Craigs said...


Yeah, BIM, I know all of that. I just have things that don't sit right with me in this story. Not sure why.

But, I guess a few drinks and a fast car has killed many a person.

Craigs said...

Has anyone read any follow-ups to this?