March 14, 2010

03/12/10: Lei Deng, 26, Oswego, NY

Lei Deng has been found SAFE!!

Lei Deng, 26, was last seen around 8 a.m. Friday in Hart Hall on the State University of New York (SUNY)-Oswego campus in upstate New York near Lake Ontario. He had planned to go home to Queens for the weekend and had called home to "ensure his parents had his favorite foods," but then never showed up. At the time, police believe he may have taken a bus out of Syracuse to New York City, but no one had heard from him since 10:30 p.m. March 12.

On March 19, SUNY Oswego Police reported that Deng had been found safe and unharmed in New York City.


CyPhy said...

I am very worried about this young man. If he was taking the bus home to Queens, the route from Oswego would presumably be southbound down I-81 initially, which would pass within 20 miles of Ithaca, NY. If the FBI are truly involved with the recent events in Ithaca, I hope the disappearance of Lei Deng pops up on their radar screen.
There is a rest area at Mile 60 of I-81, about 8 miles south of the Ithaca exit. Someone should try to determine if the bus Deng was riding had stopped at this rest area.

Monique777 said...

Hopefully this young man will turn up safe.
Oswego, NY is on a river.


When I look it up it shows Oswego to Syracuse is 40 miles going south. One would have to travel an additional 54 miles south, southwest to get to Ithica.

CyPhy said...


Yes, it looks like a good 90 miles from Oswego before you would get anywhere near Ithaca. I-81 would be roughly 20 miles east of Ithaca. My take on the rest areas was confused by the fact that northbound and southbound rest areas are at different locations.
My point is that freaky stuff has been happening in Ithaca, and his route home took him within 20 miles of Ithaca.

BoyintheMachine said...

***Off Topic Post***

I was watching a show on t.v. today that talked about surviving in extreme conditions.

One of the cases detailed on the program was of a ship sinking in frigid waters. The narrators stated somethinga bout "cold water gasping", which is an involuntary reflex that everyone has.

"Cold Water Gasping" is exactly what it means, when a person is suddenly submerged in cold water they immediately gasp or inhale a large volume of air. It's completely involuntary. The narrator stated that if the person is underwater when they gasp, then this fills their lungs with water and causes them to drown.

I thought this info may be important to these cases as one of the factors is that these deaths occur more often during the colder months of the year.

I also found this online:

Sudden immersion in cold water results in an involuntary(that means you can not stop it, and yes, that means all of us) gasp, followed by 1 - 3 minutes of involuntary (yes, that still means all of us) hyperventilation. Specific data are: 2.0 liter gasp in 82o water and 3.0 liter gasp in 50o water (i.e. nearly your entire lung volume), and in 50o water a 600 - 1,000 percent increase in ventilation(air in and out) in the first minute. This hyperventilation results in a profound lowering of blood carbon dioxide levels and raising of blood pH levels, which causes a large risk of ventricular fibrillation (“cardiac arrest”), muscular tetany (cramps), and cerebral vasoconstriction which starves the brain of oxygen, causing disorientation and confusion.

These effects, coupled with changes in lung mechanics caused by the pressure of water on the abdomen and chest result in subjective feelings of inability to breathe and panic typically lasting 1 - 3 minutes. Most importantly for survival of a capsized kayaker is a sharp reduction of maximal breath holding, for example - in one study from a mean of 45 seconds pre-immersion to a mean of 9.5 seconds on immersion in 41o water, with one subject averaging less than one second breath holding upon immersion. It is easy to see how these effects of gasp, hyperventilation, and impaired breatholding would result in prompt catastrophe upon a fall into choppy water or a capsize."

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that the victims last names in January are "L","M","P", and that the states were "I","W","M". That same pattern repeats with the victims in February.

( With the exception of Bryce Tarter)

BoyintheMachine said...

Lei Deng has been found alive. He was in New York City.

'Missing' SUNY Oswego student reported safe