April 21, 2010

03/19/08: Kellen McElwee, 25, Langley, BC, Canada

Help bring Kellen McElwee home
Kellen Charles McElwee, 25, was last seen March 19, 2008 about 9 p.m. after leaving the Keg restaurant in Langley, B.C., east of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He had been having dinner with some friends. He was parked at the nearby Colossus movie complex and spoke to friends by cellphone as he drove off.

Several days later, McElwee's bronze 2006 Honda Civic, 4 door was found abandoned on a quiet residential street---the 5100 block of Halifax Street--in Burnaby, British Columbia, a couple of miles from his apartment.

McElwee has not shown up for work at Rogers Call Center or contacted family or friends, which is unusual. He has no history of going missing and has no criminal record. On April 22, 2008, the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team took over the case a few weeks later, and from the start of the investigation said the disappearance seemed suspicious.

Surveillance Videos Released
On March 28 and April 2, 2008 Burnaby RCMP released surveillance images (see below) of an unidentified male seen in Kellen McElwee’s condo building. The man was wearing a hooded, puffy-style winter jacket with fur around the hood, possibly a designer jacket by Christian Audigier. He was carrying a DC Skateboarding brand backpack.

New Tip Emerge
In July 2008, it was reported by CBS News that police officers on the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced that they had received information indicating that McElwee had met with foul play. IHIT’s Cpl. Dale Carr said that police were not able to reveal what had come up, only that they had enough information to support their suspicion of foul play.

Police have said that they have not been able to make any conclusive links to gangs, drugs or organized crime as being responsible for the disappearance of Kellen McElwee.

Investigators have received a number of tips since the investigation began, but they have not been enough to keep it moving forward, so they are asking for the public's help.

Reward increased to $100,000
On the one-year anniversary of their son's disappearance, McElwee's parents doubled their $50,000 reward offer to reach $100,000 for information leading to their son. "To qualify for the reward, the Claimant’s information must lead the police “directly” to the location of Kellen's remains. By “directly” the Information must either describe Kellen’s location or lead to a line of inquiry that, without the need for information from another Claimant, locates Kellen's remains. The Information must be provided directly to the police and must not be the subject of any other claims for compensation."

Cpl. Dale Carr spokesperson for IHIT said, “There is no doubt that someone out there has the information police need to move this file forward. The amount of money that the McElwee’s are offering is significant and could change a persons life. One-Hundred-Thousand dollars is the kind of money could really give a person a new beginning.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the IHIT TIP LINE at 1-877-543-9217 or if you wish to remain anonymous please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Do you recognize this man? He was seen on surveillance tape in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada on 3/19/08. If so, please call 1-877-543-9217.

Quick Facts
Name/Age: Kellan McElwee, 25
Residence: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Last seen: 03/19/08, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Date of birth: 2/11/83
Physical Description: 5'10," 220 lbs, dark blonde hair styled with slight mohawk (fauxhawk), blue eyes, black and white tattoo of dragon below left shoulder. Last seen wearing a black long sleeve fitted shirt, jeans, and a brown leather jacket.
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Published: 4/21/10


Monique777 said...

This is so sad that they are looking for his remains and there is no hope he is alive.
Initially the first thing that came to mind was he had been pulled over by the police and that is why his car was found parked on a residential street a few miles from where he lived.

Hopefully the people that know what happened will come forward to bring this family some closure. Someone must recognize the guy in the picture even though he is trying to cover himself. At the very least, the family deserves to bury their son.

BoyintheMachine said...

***Off Topic**********

Remember those feet that were washing ashore in Canada?

Well, I just watched a new shoe called “Weird or What?”. They had a segment on these feet. Anway, there’s a new theory now. The old theory was that the feet came from a shipwreck. Now it is bellieved they were actually the result of suicides and washed ashore from the river. One of the victims was identified and witnesses who last saw him described him as being ‘emotionally distraught’.

If you want to watch the show, it comes on tonight on the Discover Channel at 10 PM CST.

BoyintheMachine said...

LOL...I wrote "I just watched a new shoe". LOL It's 'show' not 'shoe'.

Monique777 said...


I read about the supposed suicides but it doesn't really make sense because the feet started appearing one week apart and then slowed down and stopped appearing in Oct. 2009 when the 8th foot was found. If they were suicides I would think they'd keep appearing...also, where are the heads and other body parts?

They matched up 2 pairs, one belonging to the guy and another to a female but none was done by DNA. I was just reading about them the other day. It really is a mystery because the feet had been in water for different lengths of time. Did the show shed any new light onto the situation? I am fascinated by this.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Monique777

The reason the feet washed ashore was because the shoes floated.

Yeah, they have the DNA on all the feet but they just don't haven anything to match it to.

As far as new info, the only new thing I heard was that they traced the currents and the simplest explanation is that they came from the rivers and not from the ocean. And of course that one of the victims was described as being 'emotionaly distraught' and was believed to have killed himself.

trout said...

How do we know this is a guy? I think this could easily be a female.

Monique777 said...

Good point Trout.

I noticed there are tiles on the floor where the person is walking. I think it was on forensic files where they measured the tiles and were able to find out the height of the individual that was a suspect on the show. They were also able to compose a 3D image of the suspect all taking tile measurements. The police could find out the height of this unknown person if they measured the tiles.

Trout1 said...

Wow, great idea. I hope they do that because that could be very helpful information.

Trout1 said...

Having this person show up after he went missing makes me think of Brian Shaffer and how his apartment was broken into about a month after his disappearance. They thought it was someone taking advantage of an empty apartment, but that would be pretty risky considering everyone (neighbors) were probably keeping an eye out for him still.


how does all this relate to Kellen?