April 5, 2010

In Remembrance of Dan Zamlen

All I keep thinking is that all of the boys on your website are someone's little boys, someone's brothers. They are all aspiring young men who were taken too soon, leaving all of us to wonder why. We can only imagine the difference they would have made in the world. The families of these boys have had there hearts ripped apart. A pain that can't be healed - only managed." - Sally Zamlen, 4/7/10

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the disappearance and loss of Dan Zamlen, shortly before his 19th birthday. I hope you all join me in remembering this remarkable young man by watching this powerful memorial video and reading more about Dan's life on Finddan.org. Please also take a moment of silence or prayer for the Zamlen family and leave a comment about how Dan's story has touched your life.

A memorial service for Dan will be held Thursday, April 8, 7 PM in the Saint John Vianney (SJV) Chapel at 2115 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105.

Daniel Zamlen from Andrea Zamlen on Vimeo.


Monique777 said...

I posted this morning already under Dan Zamlen not knowing a one year memorial would be posted.

One year ago I had returned from Palm Springs and was pulling into my garage when a group of girls approached me. They asked if I had seen Dan or had heard anything the night before. I told them I had been out of town yet these girls were so politely persistent.They made it known it was serious. It was very disconcerting that a St. Thomas student was missing and I felt pretty convinced he would be found. After a day went by and Dan hadn't shown up, I went to the search room because of the concern he may have passed out from his diabetes. I knew it was critical he was found and found soon. I was able to meet Dale and Sally Zamlen who are the neatest and nicest people in the world. They really touched my heart.
After about a week I couldn't help but to wonder what had happened to this Eagle Scout, good student, a "go to" guy who always seemed to help people do the right thing.
The neighborhood is pretty safe, so how does an intelligent guy like Dan just vanish? The police said he had entered a vehicle and with the number of students combing the bluff it became convincing he could not be on the bluff-he had to have gone somewhere else.
I hung posters in many area businesses and everyone was so kind and hoped Dan would be found soon. Every business broke their rule of not having anything taped to the front windows because everyone wanted Dan to return home and sent prayers to the family. Some people even wrote notes which were handed over to the Zamlens.

My final day of hanging Dan's colored posters with his beautiful smile was at the Ford Plant on Ford Parkway. It took 10-15 minutes for the security guard to find a place to put it. There was no black and white flyer up to replace with the new colored flyer. We both left feeling uneasy for some reason. Maybe it was just the contrast to other businesses being so welcoming...we still don't know. When I returned home later that evening we were told Dan was found in the river at the Ford Damn. It was heart-breaking news and seemed unbelievable.
The following day there had been a big push for volunteers to continue looking for his iphone. I called several people telling them not to come because Dan had been found and no one could make sense of this-of how he ended up in the river. It still does not make sense.

Because of Dan's tragic ending, I have become an advocate of young men that go missing. Investigations need to change and males deserve the same resources and time as females. This was clearly not the case when Dan went missing.

My prayers go out to Dan's family and friends, hoping their faith will continue to help them through this tough time and this very sad one year anniversary.
Dan may have touched many lives by those paths he crossed during his short life, and he continued to touch lives by his death. I heard so many amazing things about this young man-his humor, his nick name, Dan the Man, his athletisim, his research into the Omnipod and all of his wonderful qualities, I only wished we had met. He is on my mind every time I walk River Road or run into a bunch of students-knowing he is not a part of the new school year. It's very sad.

The world would be a better place with Dan here but he is now truely home.
I pray Dan's family and friends can find some peace and comfort.

Johnson said...

Monique777 Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts and for your help with searching for Daniel. He is so missed by our family. Our children are definetly gifts from GOD. This is such a tough loss for any family to deal with and so much pain. The only way I think it possible to mend is with GOD'S GRACE.

Lisa said...

The Jenkins family asked that I leave this comment on their behalf:

To the Zamlen family,

We're so sorry you lost your awesome son, Dan. We've both worked so hard for 7+ years, hoping to stop this string of young men disappearing in the Upper Midwest, only to be found in water. Wish we had some words of wisdom. After all this time, we miss our son Chris as much as ever, maybe more. The only thing that keeps us sane is to know that Chris is in heaven, and no one can ever hurt him again. Love each other, it will be the ultimate tribute to Dan.

Jan & Steve Jenkins