December 10, 2010

New Reading Room

Footprints has a new Reading Room! Click here to find a collection of interesting articles related to topics discussed on this site. (A link has also been added to the menu.)
Of particular interest are two articles written by Mario Vittone, an educator and former Coast Guard rescue swimmer with 19 years of combined military service in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. The articles provide some interesting insights into water safety that aren't widely known.

More articles will be added to the Reading Room in the future.

If you have additional articles you'd like to suggest, please send a .pdf to:

1 comment:

Monique777 said...

The Mario Vittone articles were fascinating. I have read so many articles about drowning but his experience shed a lot of light on just how quickly and silently one can drown from the cold water response.

It was shocking to read some parents have actually watched their own child drown while having no idea the child was drowning. I always had the impression that arm thrashing and gasping for air were apart of drowning, making it very obvious.

Thanks for sharing these articles with us!