April 26, 2011

05/26/89: Charles Horvath-Allan, 20, Kelowna, BC, Canada

"Charles" Horvath-Allan
Kelowna, BC
Karoly "Charles" John Horvath-Allan, a resident of Yorkshire, England, has been missing since August of 1989. His case is considered cold, and he is presumed deceased by the RCMP, but his mother, Denise Allan, has never stopped trying to find out what happened to her only child.

In the spring and summer of 1989, Horvath-Allan was backpacking his way west across Canada. He had stopped in Ontario in mid-March 1989, Saskatchewan at the end of March, then reached Kelowna, British Columbia in early May. Once in Kelowna, he registered at various employment agencies and then accepted a job at the Flintstones Bedrock City Amusement Park. In mid-May, he registered at the Tiny Town Tent and Trailer Park on Lakeshore Avenue. At the time of his disappearance, Horvath-Allan was living in a tent at the Tiny Town campground and keeping in touch with his family via fax. The last confirmed sighting of Horvath-Allan was on May 26 when he cashed his paycheck at the Orchard Bank in Kelowna. An unconfirmed sighting also places him at The Live Wire Nightclub in Kelowna in August. If valid, it was the last time he was seen.

Horvath-Allan was reported missing after he failed to finalize plans to meet up with his mother in Hong Kong, where they planned to celebrate his 21st birthday and his mother's 40th birthday. All of his personal possessions, including his tent, clothing, sleeping bag, shaving kit, rosary, and photographs, were located at Tiny Town Trailer Park after he was reported missing. Rumors suggest he was murdered at or near the trailer park. It has also been speculated that Charles Horvath-Allan's body is in Okanagan Lake. His body has not been recovered, and no charges have been laid.

Horvath-Allan's case has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries, and his case has been featured on numerous Web sites, including I Am Missing, Help Find the Missing, and You Tube.

Denise Allan, who resides in England, makes regular trips to Kelowna to make public appeals to find her son and some justice. She has a memorial Web site dedicated to her son, and has written this letter to her son's killer.

Charles' grandmother, Edith Thorpe, had prepared a personal plea to the public regarding her grandson, but sadly, died suddenly of natural causes on Sunday, Jan 8, 2006. Her funeral service was held on January 20 in Cambridge. A place has been prepared for Charles to be laid to rest with his Nana when his remains are recovered, and a memorial headstone was place on his grave during the service. The Horvath-Allan family has also released her emotional plea to the public:

In September 1988, my grandson, Charles, came to visit me in Cambridge, England, before setting off on his long journey to Canada. As we waved Goodbye to one another at the bus stop, I feared that I would never see my grandson again, the tears poured from my eyes. Another Christmas has come and gone without our family knowing the fate of my only Grandson, Charles. Soon I shall be 80 years old. If you know who took Charles from our lives or if you know where his body is located, please find the courage to come forward. For 16 years, I have helplessly watched the health of my daughter, Denise Allan, deteriorate as she drags herself across Canada and the world in hopes of finding fate her only child. Whomever took Charles from our lives, I beg you to come forward and tell us where we can find him. Peace desperately needs to be brought to our lives.
- Edith Thorpe, Nana of 'Charles' Karoly John Horvath-Allan

If you have any information about Charles Horvath-Allan, call Kelowna RCMP 250-762-3300.

Timeline(posted on http://www.justgiving.com/Denise-Allan2)
14 Dec 1988 - Denise Allen flew out to Montreal, Quebec to join her son and watch him on the catwalk in a 'Christmas Fashion Show' at the Delta Hotel. At this time, Charles stated that he would like to come home to celebrate his mother's birthday on August 17. He said, ''mom, you are 40 on the 17th, and life begins at 40." His own 21st birthday was August 15.

Charles then travelled from East to West across Canada, working in Montreal, Quebec, visiting his natural father Max A K Horvath Sr. in Thunder Bay, ON and his godfather in Cochenour, ON (both are now deceased), and his half brother Maxwell Horvath Jr.

17 April 1989 - Charles telephoned home from Banff, Alberta to say that all was well and his was working at the Rimrock Hotel. He and his mother discussed where they would meet for their respective birthdays and decided on Hong Kong, where Denise had grown up.

11 May 1989 - Charles sent what was to be his final letter home to his mom by fax from Roche Stationers, Bernard Ave, Kelowna, British Columbia stating the cost of a ticket from Vancouver to Hong Kong, and  sending his love to his Nana and the cats. Denise expected to receive a final phone call to finalize his arrangements, but it never came.

26 May 1989 - Last confirmed sighting of 'Charles Horvath'' in Kelowna when he cashed his paycheck at the Royal Bank in Orchard Park, Kelowna and hitchhiked into downtown Kelowna.

After Charles disappeared, his mother and grandmother traveled to Kelowna to look for him. They discovered that his tent, sleeping bag, clothing, personal ID, photographs and shaving bag had been disposed of by Phillip Flett, the manager of the campsite where Charles had been staying. Items of his clothing and shaving bag had been taken and worn by other campsite residents. Flett returned Charles' rosary, tiny red Bible, and a leather strap from Charles' boot to his mom.
10 August 1989 - 'Charles Horvath' was officially reported missing by his mom Denise Allan'to the Kelowna Detachment of the RCMP; after many weeks of frantic telephone calls and begging for help.

Name/age: Karoly "Charles" Horvath-Allan, 20
Last seen: 08/89, Kelowna BC
Hometown: Surrey, England
DOB: 8/21/68
Physical description: 6'0" tall, 175 pounds, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tattoo on left upper arm of a skull with mohair.
Investigating Agency:  Kelowna RCMP 250-762-3300.


BoyintheMachine said...

Here's the Unsolved Mysteries segment.

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BoyintheMachine said...

Missing Treasures (show on Charles Horvath)

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Also, here's a Crimestopper segment on Charles Horvath that mentions a man believed to be seen with Charles before he disappeared.


searchforcharleskjhorvath-allan said...

Thank You to all for supporting my search for 'Charles' Karoy John HORVATH-ALLAN.

2011 May 11 -
will be the 22nd Anniversary since 'Charles' sent what was to be his final letter home from KELOWNA British Columbia Canada to mom in Yokshie England.

Please HELP 'Brng My Boy Home'
A place has been prepared for him to be laid to rest alongside his beloved Nana 'Edith Austin-Thorpe' in Cambridge UK.

mom - Denise Horvath-Allan
18 Aspen Hse
TW9 3BY Surrey England
Tel011 44 208 332 6776



IF YOU KNOW WHERE the REMAINS of my son lay. PLEASE contact:

Cpl Lisa Cullen (1) 250 470 6326

RCMP Switchboarf (1) 250 762 3300


or his mom

BoyintheMachine said...

Does anybody thik there's a chance that he may still be alive? I know his Mother believes him to be deceased but I do have a nagging suspicion on whether or not he is still alive. He seems to have been a drifter, the type of person who could easily disappear and not leave any trail to track him by.

As fas as leaving behind his limited possessions, it means nothing. I did that sort of thing when I was young too, as in gave away or threw away most of my possessions before moving or "just because". Then later on I usually regretted it!

Lisa said...


I am happy to help; please let me know if there is more I can do!


Lisa said...


I'd like to think that he is alive, but I'm afraid I have a hard time reconciling how a person could drop out of site for so very long with absolutely no contact with anyone. He also seemed to have a very close bond with his mother. He could have had an underlying medical issue (witnesses did not seem to report anything odd) or have gotten into trouble due to his trusting nature.

Charles was likely carrying just basic necessities and not much else. It would be hard for someone in his situation to start a new life from scratch. While leaving behind possesions doesn't necessarily mean something bad happened, I do find it unusual to leave behind a rosary, particularly if one is devoutly religious. (I assume he was, as he was bringing a Bible and rosary with him while backpacking for only a few months.) The rosary also can have a special significance, have been given as a gift, and may not be that easy to replace.

I wouldn't go so far as to say he was a drifter. Backpacking is still very common throughout Canada and Europe--even today. And back in the 1980s,
it was much more commonplace (even in parts of the United States). Horvath-Allen's family lived in England but had planned to travel to Hong Kong, so I would guess that they were fairly experienced travelers. He may have thought that he had enough experience and wordly knowledge to embark on a backpacking expedition across Canada. And back in 1989, it may have felt safe to do so.

Ghost-writer & Author said...

Lisa you are absolutely correct, and with such a loving mother, I do not believe this was a boy without a strong support system. Who is this "boy in the machine" now that sounds like a former drifter. It's pretty easy to guess what could have happened to a young man with a warm and trusting nature. The article said he had just gotten a paycheck and went out on the town, someone with a drifters nature either who knew him by name or by association followed him, either joining in the payday celebration or simply stalking him and killed this poor sweet kid when he was drinking, happy go lucky and not out of money yet. I would suggest the owner of tiny town tents cough up a ledger of who was staying in the park, that's where your drifter was on 5-26-1989 and probably his murderer.