April 29, 2012

01/21/12: Angelo Packo, 20, Grand Rapids, MB, Canada

Angelo Packo
Angelo Packo, 20, was last seen in the early morning hours for Saturday, January 21, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance have not been reported.

After Angelo's disappearance, his family, along with community members, conducted regular searches for him.

On Sunday, April 22, Donald Packo, the young man's father, found his son's body floating in Lake Winnipeg in a portion of the lake near Eating Point Beacon.

Angelo's mother, Denise Packo, told CBS News, "The first time his dad went out was yesterday morning," Denise Packo told the paper. "They [had] seen a black thing in the water like a bubble … it was his hoodie. And that was it."

RCMP released no further information about the discovery, but an autopsy will be conducted.

She added that the discovery gave them some relief. "We can put him to rest," she said. "There's no more sleepless nights, wondering where he is."

Funeral services were held at 12:00 noon on Saturday, April 28, 2012.

Grand Rapids is about 400 kilometers (248 miles) northwest of Winnipeg.

Case Details

Name/age: Angelo Donovan Packo, 20
Last Seen: Sat. 1/21/12, Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada
Physical Description:  6'0", 300 pounds, black hair, brown eyes
Recovered: Sun., 4/22/12, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Investigating Agency: Grand Rapids RCMP, 204-639-2469


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