When your loved one is missing

This page contains collected resources that are either well known or have been used by families on this site. Many of these agencies and foundations can provide immediate support and guidance, as well as crucial advice on how to interact with law enforcement, work with the media, use volunteers and provide and how to avoid scams.

(Disclaimer: This is not a personal endorsement, only a list of available resources and it is not a complete list. Many of these organizations would be able to find resources in your area. )

Guidance for Families of the Missing

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
For missing children; 24-hour hotline for families and law enforcement. Rapid deployment of Team Adam--retired law enforcement professionals--to assist in search and offer resources. Case analysis and mapping. Age-progressed photos. Social services professionals provided emotional support.

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
For missing adults/children; 24-hour hotline. Offers information, support, advocacy and connection to resources. Foundation started by mother of missing child.

Jon Francis Foundation 
For missing adults. Primary focus is search advice and assistance for those missing in the wilderness. Also offers crisis and grief support and is an advocate for wilderness search and safety. Foundation started by father of missing adult son.

Project Jason
For missing adults or children. Advice about which services will help you; programs to raise awareness of your loved one's case; DNA and procedural expertise; private family forum offering information; free online professional counseling, retreats for families of the missing. Foundation started by mother of a missing teenager.

Polly Klaas Foundation
For missing children; 24-hour hotline. Counsels parents on ways to search for their children, offers poster faxing service to parents and police, forwards leads to law enforcement, sends missing child flyers when appropriate. Offers Rapid Response team of "feet on the street" to distribute posters of missing children. Foundation started by the father of a missing child.

Cue Center for Missing Persons
For missing adults/children. Provides trained professional search and recovery units nationwide (canvassing door to door, K9, aircraft, water, mounted horse units, ATV, ground support, IC, mapping, sonar), provides public spokesperson and programs to raise awareness of your loved one's case,  4-hour tip line, assists with counseling resources.

The Doe Network
For adults/children. Assists investigating agencies with cold cases.


The Compassionate Friends 
Grief/bereavement support group for those who have lost an adult or young child. You might also try your local hospital or ask your doctor for a recommendation.

Ambiguous Loss by Pauline Boss (A book suggesting strategies to cushion the pain of unresolved loss, to come to terms with grief and leave sadness behind and with a message of hope.)

Footprints of Courage by Jan Jenkins 
A book by the mother of missing college student, Chris Jenkins. The Jenkinses passionately hope that Chris's legacy and their struggle for justice will inspire others to trust their instincts and stand up for truth.

Where's Opie: Vanished in Chicago by Donald Ross  
A book by the father of missing college student, Jesse Ross. Share the experience of a family suddenly thrust into the reality of having a missing son.

Beyond Tears by Ellen Mitchell, Rita Volpe, et. al. 
Meant to comfort and give direction to bereaved parents. Written by nine mothers who have each lost a child. The revised edition includes a chapter written from the perspective of  surviving siblings.

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