June 1, 2009

02/02/97: Franklin Gottschalk, 25, Lansing, MI

Franklin Gottschalk is missing.
Franklin Gottschalk, 25, was last seen at his residence in Mason on February 2, 1997. Gottschalk apparently drove off in his brother's car without permission. The car was later found in a parking lot at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Cedar Street in Lansing, Michigan, but there were no signs of Franklin Gottschalk near the car and he has not turned up. Cyclists later found two bags belonging to him on the Shiawassee Street bridge. The bags were missing Gottschalk's black leather jacket, his Detroit Lions coat, his wallet, and a watch his mother had given him. Divers searched the water beneath the bridge but found no clues. Franklin Gottschalk is still missing and his case remains unsolved.

According to VanceHolmes.com, "the missing student's parents, Adeline and David Gottschalk suspected there may have been a connection between their son and Ryan Getz’s case. In 1998, Adeline Gottschalk said, 'I don’t believe he is voluntarily missing. He would’ve called if he was alive . . . It’s still a mystery to me. Especially since I heard about the Getz boy, it makes me think something is going on.' She prophetically added, 'I hope it doesn’t continue, but if it does, you’ve got to stop and think.' "

About Franklin Gottschalk

Franklin Gottschalk had been an English major at Michigan State University. He was within three credits of graduating, but did not register for the upcoming semester (spring 1997) of classes. According The Charley Project, he may have been depressed at the time of his disappearance.

If you have any information in the Franklin Gottschalk case, call the Eloy Police Department at 520-466-7324.

Facts of InterestName/age: Franklin Gottschalk, 25
DOB: 1972
Physical Description: white male, brown hair
Residence: Mason, MI (Ingram County)
Last seen: 2/2/97 Mason, MI, possibly near Shiawassee Street bridge
Recovered: Still Missing

Originally published 6/11/09.

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