May 27, 2009

05/26/09: Mason MacPhail, 16, Toronto, ON, Canada

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 16-year old Mason MacPhail, a shy teen with Asberger Syndrome, a form of autism, accompanied three friends to an all ages concert for the band Disturbed at the Sound Academy bar on Polson Street in Ontario, Canada.

At some point during the night, he got into an altercation at the club with another concert goer during the concert and Mason was escorted out. He became separated from his friends. Video surveillance shows him stepping outside of the club and in, according to The Star, "an isolated stretch of derelict portlands on the waterfront" at 8 p.m. (also reported in the media as 9:30 p.m.). He was supposed to meet up with his friends in the parking lot at 11:30 p.m., but he never showed up. His body was found two days later in the channel of the Toronto Harbor.
The Search
Between 45 and 50 police officers were involved in the search for Mason MacPhail, searching shelters, 24-hour restaurants, and the area around the club, and the water for clues. He is believed to have been carrying some money. He has a bank card, but there’s no evidence he had been to an ATM.

Shortly after 11 a.m., on Thursday, May 28, the body of Mason McPhail was found by police divers in the eastern point of the channel near Polson Pier.

Police studied surveillance video from the club and spotted MacPhail inside the building and in the parking lot.

MacPhail was not familiar with Toronto. He was from a small town and his Asperger Syndrome made it difficult for him to find his way; it is unlikely he would have been able to find his way home.

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Mason MacPhail, 16
Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario
Last Seen: 05/26/09, 8 p.m., 11 Polson Street, Toronto, ON, CAN
Physical Description: White, 5′11″, 160 lbs., Green eyes, Short wavy, dark brown hair, scar on his nose. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white, long sleeve shirt and running shoes.
Mason McPhail has autism.
Recovered: 05/28/09, Toronto Harbor channel

If you have any information about Mason McPhail, call police at (416) 808-5100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).

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monique777 said...

I was told he appeared older than 16 y/o but the club should never have thrown out a 16 y/o into the streets. He wasn't from there and had no place to go. he had been drinking and they should have called the police. He would have been safer!

Tenneguy said...

I would suggest people that know or saw the victims the day of their disappearance look at this man.,2933,521119,00.html

A killer seems to follow a similar pattern to the zodiac killer .The zodiac said he would reveal himself.He probably did but with a word game.
The letters in melacon make the name Coleman

Mbaz said...

Yea well did you know that Nathan Fish Williams disapeared around the same date as Paul Lee Stine 35 years prior and was never recovered. Also, in the vacinity that Williams was supposed to be another teenage male named Grant gieslhart went missing and was recovered in a lake. On the 35th Anniversary of the the blue rock springs killings tony luzio jr went missing never recovered.
Found spraypainted near one of the suspects murder scenes was the sentance Flow on with the FISHS, God GRANTS pure wishs. Now thats god damn creepy. I think that if it is a criminal organization, they must recruit individulas from somewhere. My hypothesis is some of these victims(the ones never found) were kept alive and forced to kill for the cult. Think about it. If this group of killers is large, how did it become a GROUP in the first place. They dont just randomly pick people off the street......or do they.

Mbaz said...

BTW grant gieselhart went missing exact same day of 35th aniversary for paul lee stines murder

Mbaz said...

And the whole word play thingy with the names of fish and grant is soooooo zodiacesque