March 31, 2007

03/31/07: Abel Bolanos, 19, Ames, IA

Nineteen-year old Iowa State University sophomore, Abel Bolanos, was last seen leaving a campus party at 208 Hyland Street very early on the morning of March 31. He was believed to be walking the short distance to his residence hall sometime around 4 AM. His body was found by divers in Lake LaVerne on April 3.

Something was terribly wrong
When Abel couldn't be located later that day, family and friends thought something was terribly wrong. It simply wasn't like him to wander off without leaving word. They described Abel as funny, likable, trustworthy. He was also smart and responsible, attending Iowa State on an academic, four-year, tuition scholarship.

Amended timeline
Friends from the party initially told officials Bolanos left the 208 S. Hyland apartment between 4 and 4:30 a.m. Saturday. However, Bolanos' access card was used to attempt access twice before 4 a.m. into the unoccupied Wilson Hall, which is located west of his dorm building, Wallace Hall.

The two attempts to access Wilson Hall occurred at 3:22:57 a.m. and 3:23:12 a.m. Saturday.

"[Bolanos] had access to Wallace, but not Wilson," said Mona Wilson, clerk in facilities planning and management. "He used it on Wilson Hall those two times, but he didn't try it at all at Wallace." A card belonging to a different student, whose name was not released, was also used at Wilson Hall shortly after Bolanos. This attempt was made at 3:26:34 a.m. Saturday. According to activity records on the access pad outside the door of Wilson Hall, this was the only other attempt beside Bolanos' that was made after 3 a.m., Wilson said. None of the attempts resulted in successful entry.

Records of activity on the access pad outside Wallace Hall indicated plenty of activity after 3 a.m. Saturday, which suggests people were around. "There were several [entries] around that time," Wilson said. Gene Deisinger, commander for ISU Police, also confirmed that Bolanos' access card was found with the body. Police are investigating the time discrepancies and have ruled out any confusion of delayed time stamps because of the change in daylight-saving time that occurred March 12. "[We are] pretty confident that the time stamp is 3:23 [and] that is the correct time," Deisinger said. Bolanos' room showed no signs of entry; however, everything is still being held in place until the investigation ends. Bolanos' room was searched Sunday after Bolanos was reported missing. "We found nothing that caused us any concern," Deisinger said.

Friday, March 30
11 p.m. Bolanos got off work at Red Lobster

Saturday, March 31
12:30 a.m. -Bolanos drove and parked on Lincoln Way, and walked to the party on Hyland
3:23 a.m. - Bolanos used access card to attempt entry into Wilson Hall
About 4:30 a.m. - Bolanos was spotted in Campustown by at least one person who gave a very good description of him
Shortly after 4:30 a.m. - It is believed Bolanos accidentally drowned
5:15 p.m. - The annual Polar Bear Plunge takes place in Lake LaVerne.

Sunday, April 1
11:53 a.m. - Officials were notified that Bolanos was missing
12:12 p.m. - Bolanos' car was found on Lincoln Way; the Ames Police and the Story County Sheriff became involved.
11 p.m. - The Iowa State Patrol put up an aircraft with heat-seeking capabilities and searched farmlands near Towers

Monday, April 2
10:30 a.m. - A person turned in Bolanos' credit cards were turned into Ames bank. The person was not identified as a suspect.

A formal request was put out during the afternoon for an organized search group.

Volunteers started a door-to-door canvas in Ames.

Tuesday, April 3
Search of Lake LaVerne begins
3:39 p.m. - An unidentified body matching the description of Abel Bolanos was removed from Lake LaVerne
4:45 p.m. - Officials blocked off area around Lincoln Way
6:05 p.m. The body was positively identified as Abel M. Bolanos

Wednesday, April 4
8 p.m. A candlelight vigil was held on Central Campus in memory of Abel M. Bolanos.

Search and Recovery
On April 3, law officers, rescue teams and volunteers had been engaged in an exhaustive search for Bolanos. (Search participants included: ISU Police, Ames Police, Ames Fire, Boone Co. Search and Rescue, the Iowa State Patrol, Civil Air Patrol, the STAR 1 Search and Rescue team and numerous volunteers.) During the search, groups of Iowa State University students fanned out and began looking around campus buildings and residential areas. They also went door to door asking residents whether they had seen Abel.

Shortly after 3:30 PM on Tuesday April 3 divers discovered Abel's body in the southeast corner of Lake LaVerne in 4 feet of water. There were no obvious signs of foul play. A preliminary autopsy performed April 4 by Dr. Dennis Klein, Assistant State Medical Examiner, indicated that Abel died of accidental drowning. An investigation is underway, and police will be looking at how Abel ended up in the water.

Another tragic story
This is the second case of a missing Iowa college student this school year. Last fall, Grinnell college student Paul Shuman-Moore disappeared. Police and volunteers launched a massive search but he has not been found. Shuman-Moore also was from the Chicago area. Sadly, it ws later determined that Shuman-Moore had committed suicide.

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Abel Bolanos, 19 (from Rolling Meadows, IL)
College: Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Major: English
Physical Description: 5'7," 165 pounds, brown hair, words "Ancora Imparo" tattooed on upper right arm.
Last seen: 03/31/07, 4 a.m., leaving a party at 208 South Hyland Street en route to his residence hall (Wallace Hall)
Recovered: 04/03/07
Cause of death (preliminary): apparent drowning
Manner of death (preliminary): apparent accident

Autopsy: Missing college student drowned, Chicago Tribune, 04-APR-07


Anonymous said...

I have totally been scared to death since this has happened we have had trouble with criminal activities by public and political officials. We were very public about criminal activity tied to very strong political persons and a few public officials in our Area. My daughter was Abels best friend. Two fellas came to visit me from a lawsuit in KC that ALBERTO GONZALES was involved in before becoming US Attorney General. About some of the same firms and officals interfering in their case. After they left two days later Abel dissappeared. I was sent two email links to news stories over next couple of days both were news articles where someone drownwed tied to that KC case. One was a US ATTORNEY found floating in her pool and the other a reporter who investigated the case found floating in here pool. Niether death had good explantation like Abel. I told my daughter if they found him in drowned we were going in Hiding and we have. I lost my whole life to criminal activities of sertain parties with the power to cover up and I tried to fight for my civil liberties but I will have no more people die because of this. It is true that another was killed a year before a local reporter who tried to investigate our position. He was reported found dead suicide by hanging in one local paper and found gassed by the other. My son who had met him was young and turned very afraid then this abel deal right after the other visit by these two. Search Google for post of Lowell Ewalt. You will find many people with the need to shut us up.

I can be reched at

Anonymous said...

I think, if anonymous poster is right, that Abel Bolanos' death in IA, (Evil Happy Smiley Man) is warning for something to do with this.

"Based on the federal codes cited in a copy of one of the subpoenas [Novation, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, G.E. Healthcare and Cardinal Health were all cited] investigators are seeking evidence of health care fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, theft or bribery involving programs receiving federal funds, obstruction of investigations and other possible violations. The subpoena was signed by Shannon Ross, criminal chief of the United States attorney's office in Dallas."

"Novation members like Tenet Healthcare purchase hospital supplies through Novation, meaning that Novation acts as the gatekeeper with the ability to either impede or allow others to enter the hospital supply market. This is an anti-trust issue regarding the ability to control all the costs as the purchasing agent," said Lipari.

This post was in 2007 and Rove and his cronies were involved.

It is an sfk and all that it has been claimed to be, but the upper echelons were the white house crooks.

How are we ever going to get universal health care as well as keep our boys alive until we tear the bad guys all down. Throw them in the pits of hell.

BoyintheMachine said...

I've communicated with Paul Shuman Moore's father, via YouTube, and he explained to me that Paul committed suicide, hence not connected to the sfkillers theory.

(I had left a comment on the video asking if his friends/family thought there was a connection to the sfkillers. Paul's father deleted my comment and then sent me a personal message stating that Paul committed suicide.)

Paul's body was found in a swimming pool 7 months after he disappeared after a party.

osu11 said...

I know this is an "old" case but the recent disappearance at in Ames caused me to look back at this one. If one utilizes google map, the Wilson/Wallace residence hall that Abel attempted entry to was rather far from the party location. The lake where he was found is closer to the party, but in the opposite direction. I causes me to wonder why and how he got into the lake? I can understand if he was drunk, trying to gain entry into the wrong residence hall but what led him back to the lake? Was he trying to go back to the party or find his car? Also who else tried to get into the wrong residence hall right after Abel did? If all these college students are getting drunk and falling into bodies of water, the institutions really need to crack down on the drinking and/or monitor these bodies of water, perhaps with cameras.

Anonymous said...

It may not have been Abel that tried to access Wilson Hall. Sloan is in the name Bolanos. Sloan Wilson wrote ICE Brother,s. an Ice pattern starts with Jenkins. The media reported Jenkins was out with his girlfriend Ashley Rice. The next ICE victim was Scheiss. The next was Isaac Ripsberger The date those 3 went missing was October 31.There is a Lincoln pattern because the unabomber sent the book Ice brothers with a bomb inside. The unabomber lived in Lincoln.

director said...

Adding to the creepiness that 'Anonymous', above, describes in relation to government involvement:
During the anti-trust trials, several attorney generals 'suddenly' resigned their positions, and some actually were found deceased. One of these was the attorney who filed the anti-trust litigation....and she was found dead...floating in her own pool.

STEVE WEST said...

My son, James, from Cardiff Wales is spending a year at ISU, rooming at Wallace. He has had recent bad dreams with a terified young man's face trying to form in front of him - and feelings of sticking to the ceiling etc
It transpires that his room is 4 doors away from the one that Balonas lived, and was doing the same College course.....
I may have passed on to James my raw psychicness and thus he is sensitive to spirits.
These 'dreams' have a meaning and maybe are giving a clue as to how Balanos really died..............

Princess Jas said...
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