October 12, 2009

Justice for Josh march - Nov. 7

The family and supporters of Joshua Guimond will be joining forces with victims of sexual abuse to host the “Justice for Josh” march on Nov. 7.

The march will raise awareness about Josh's disappearance while honoring victims of sexual abuse by the clergy. While Joshua Guimond, was not believed to have been abused, the Guimond family and abuse victims hope that a united effort will yield them more answers from the university and Sheriff's Department about both Josh's disappearance and the 130 documented cases of sex abuse by clergy housed in St. John's Abbey.

To this end, the Guimond family has also created a petition asking St. John's University and the Stearn's County Sheriff's Department to be more forthcoming with information that could help them find Josh. Their goal is 5,000 signatures.

During the rally, supporters will march on the University of St. John's campus in Collegeville, MN, stopping at the area where bloodhounds trailed Joshua Guimond and Chris Jenkins' scents, then march in front of the Stearn's County Sheriff's Office in St. Cloud, MN.

Following the march, supporters’ can meet up for a low-cost supper at the Moose Lodge in nearby Waite Park. An evening prayer service will also be held in Maple Lake, MN. Additional details are below.

I hope you will show your support for the Guimond family by joining the walk for justice or signing the petition.

A word from special advocate Carrie Henson: Myself along with several others are flying in from coast to coast because after an intense review of this case, we believe there has been a great effort to halt any investigation into what happened to Joshua Guimond. Over the time we have spent with this family we have grown to see the truth--that evidence was ignored or discarded by law enforcement. New case details will be revealed. I urge the public to get involved.

Justice for Josh march

Date: November 7, 2009

Time: 12 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., followed by a luncheon and evening prayer service.

Locations: St. John's University, Collegeville, MN and Stearn's County Sheriff's Office, St. Cloud, MN

Schedule (times are approximate):

12 p.m. - Meet in front of St. John's University, 31802 County Road 159, Collegeville, MN, 56321.

1 – 1:30 p.m. – Travel to Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, 705 Courthouse Square, St Cloud, MN 56303.

1:30 - 2:30 p.m. - March in front of Stearn's County Sheriff's office.

12 - 1 p.m. - March around the perimeter and the center of campus and down all access roads.

3:00 p.m. – Supper in nearby Waite Park at Moose Lodge, 1300 3rd St N, Waite Park, MN, 56387. Supper is on your own, but Moose Lodge is assisting with the cost.

6 p.m. - Evening prayer service at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 5460 63rd St NW, Maple Lake, MN, 55358. Drive time to Maple Lake is approximately 40 minutes.

Please e-mail bobg1123@yahoo.com or davgra72153@earthlink.net if you have questions.


Devin said...

Thanks again for your hard work with this blog Lisa! Indeed I hope Josh and all of the rest get justice very soon! I hope you are having a great week and thanks also for keeping the "older" cases coming in-as below!

BoyintheMachine said...

"A word from special advocate Carrie Henson: Myself along with several others are flying in from coast to coast because after an intense review of this case, we believe there has been a great effort to halt any investigation into what happened to Joshua Guimond. Over the time we have spent with this family we have grown to see the truth--that evidence was ignored or discarded by law enforcement. New case details will be revealed. I urge the public to get involved."

What does the above mean?

Why are they joining forces with the sex abuse victims?

I kinda confused here. Mainly because it's coming across as a subtle accusation that Josh was sexually abused/assaulted.

I mean, I fully support meetings and groups of people trying to push for the truth but there is a difference between truth and what people want to believe as truth.

Anonymous said...

I reallly want to go to this event. Mostly because I personally do not believe / follow the Abby theory. It would be enlightning to hear what the speakers have to say nonetheless and get a grasp for the community response to the rally and the whole of the situation.

BTW, BoyInTheMachine -
Datura/Moonflowers are again a hot topic at the SFK site. It just keeps coming up. Other than the fact that its related to witchcraft, I don't know why people keep grasping on to it more than any other possible hallucinogenic. Though it is harder to research the toxicology than other mainstream misused drugs, partly due to the legality of growing the plant (illegality to consume), certain portions ARE detectable in a typical drug screen.

Toriop said...

But..."you cannot see what you're not looking for".

Lisa said...

Just wanted to let you know that I temporarily removed the information about guest speakers because the arrangements are still being worked out. I'll keep you posted.

BoyintheMachine said...

Att: Sam,

That's one of the reasons I stopped posting to the site. Too much of a "Satanists Did It" mentality. It's quite sad, actually. If by chance these are murders and they are connected, then such talk serves only to sabotage any investigations. "Satanists Did It" mentality will only serve to create another modern Witch hunt. One would think people would have learned the lessons from the Salem Witch Trials and even the Satanic Panic craze of the 70's-90's, but people never do learn the lesson. That's why history constantly repeats itself.

But the whole "moonflower" nonsense is so freaking ridiculous. I shudder just thinking about the loons that copied & pasted entire pages about "moonflower" crap here in the comments.

Lisa said...


I asked Carrie Henson the question you raised on 10/12. She said,

"A victim of crime is a victim of crime. No, we dont believe Joshua was a sexual abuse victim, but the Guimond's son was a victim of a crime that took place on the campus. We just wanted to unite and support other victims."

BoyintheMachine said...

Thanks for the info, Lisa.

Lisa said...


No problem, it was a great question; I wish I had asked it! Thank you for bringing it up.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Devin!

I am working on trying to get more cases put up. I was derailed by a nasty cold, but I'll try to get back at it soon!

Kris said...
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Yocomclan said...

There is a group that has been investigating Josh's case for the past seven years. All possibilities must be considered in this case. A great deal of information has been withheld from the public. Many secrets and lies involved in this crime. A credible theory exists that Joshua was abducted by a local sex offender. For more information, if you have not yet had the opportunity, please see Josh's website to locate the relevant link. You may slso check into an interview conducted several years ago by "A Closer Look." I believed this program was produced by a public radio news group in Minnesota. Knowledge is power. Thank you for caring.

carrie henson said...

i want to thank all the great people on this site that have helped and supported the joshua guimond family and with all of your help we together can get justice for joshua i urge all of you to call the dept of education and voice any feeling you have we can hold the school accountable for there actions one complaint at a time if you complain make sure you say i want to make a formal complaint even if you dont want to leave your name make sure you say i am formally complaining you are
going to make the difference one complaint at a time please help all the victims that have been hurt on there campus there are to many victims on there campus to ignore anymore the public needs the truth carrie henson

Monique777 said...

I would like to know how the march for Joshua went. Was there a good turn out? I haven't heard anyone say anything and am curious as I couldn't be there.
I hope it stired up the town.I can't imagine what the Guimond's have had to endure just to TRY to get to the truth of what happened to their son. It is difficult to even read about so I can't imagine what they are living through.The only thing I can do is give the Guimond's my prayers and thoughts and my signiture on the petition. I hope they know how many people out here are praying and hoping Joshua's day of justice comes.

Lisa said...

I am posting this on behalf of Carrie Henson, the advocate for the Josh Guimond family who helped coordinate the march.

Hello, Lisa, for some reason I can't post on your blog, but I wanted to respond to the individuals that asked questions.

First - Monique777
Monique, thank you for your interest and i will find the website address but you can watch the Justice for Joshua march, it is on You Tube. Also it was about 50 people--some showed up at the after dinner and some went to first rally at school or Sheriff's. All in all, it is a good start for the agressive fight we are going to do towards getting somewhere on this case. I spoke to the Head of Life and Safety, Shawn Vierba Director of Campus police and I wasn't too shocked to hear his lack of concern or want to assist or be part of the solution in this search for Joshua. Is was obvious to me that he doesn't really want to find out what happened. This topic is a shameful reminder that he is employed by a school that has little concern over what happens to its students or prevents crimes against their students.

They have an attitude that they are so untouchable, but their walls are starting to crumble. I am in the process of working with several campus crime specialists working on a way to hold them accountable and any input from readers is welcomed. I need all the Footprints readers' help and ideas. You are a smart bunch of readers and I know that if we put our heads together, we can shed new light on this situation.

2nd - to Yocomclan
I am very glad to hear that this person has been secretly investigating. I urge him to contact me with anything or contact the family because what I have seen in this case is that everyone has a little piece that makes a big picture. So if he is willing to join forces, great, the help is welcomed.

3rd - Boy in the Machine
I am very glad you asked that question regarding the victims of sexual abuse, and if Joshua was abused. Joshua was not abused and I hope you keep asking the great questions.

I am working on the next rally. I hope this one will be at Governor Pawlenty's office and will let you know when I know more details.

Also, we will be asking lisa to post some very interesting documents that will only be seen on this site; these have never before been released.

Thanks again,
Carrie Henson

Lisa said...

Carrie would also like to add:

If you are interested in assisting with the fight for justice for Josh, you can:

1) call the Office of the Inspector General hotline at 1-800-409-9926
2) e-mail the Board of Education at ocr@ed.gov or 3) call the Office of Civil Rights 1-800-421-3481 and voice your opinion/lodge a complaint.

Monique777 said...

Thanks Lisa for posting Carries's additonal suggestions on how to help. I think I'll start by emailing the board of education.

It's great to hear at least 50 people showed up. That is a great start! I would imagine this brought some bit of comfort to the Guimonds knowing how many people still think of Joshua and would like to see a proper investigation.

I have some questions, but I'll wait to see what more gets posted about Joshua at this site before asking.Many of my questions come from reading Joshua's web site.

I have read most of FindJoshua and find it is highly disturbing at how St. John's and Stearn's County reacted when Joshua disappeared.

My prayers to the Guimonds-may your hope be renewed by the success of the march!

Aubrey Immelman said...

Video chronicle of the Justice for Josh march and candlelight service:


Basic information about Joshua Guimond's disappearance: