April 14, 2011

04/17/09: Jelani Brinson, 24, Anoka, MN

On the evening of April 17, 2009, Jelani Brinson, 24, called his mother, Alyce Hamilton, on her cell phone. Hamilton, who was at the Mad Jack's Sports Cafe in Brooklyn Park, MN, never heard the phone ring over the din of the crowded restaurant, and Brinson didn't leave a message.

Jelani Brinson disappeared later that night.

Amazingly, three of Brinson's friends say they were all at Mad Jack's that night, and that Brinson probably made the call to his mother from inside the restaurant. Mother and son never bumped into each other.

"It's just eerie that we were both there and never saw each other," said Hamilton.

The friends, as it turns out, could be the last people to have seen Brinson.

After leaving Mad Jack's, they all went to a friend's home located on the 600 block of Kennedy Street near the Anoka County Fairgrounds in Anoka, MN. Friends say that at about 10 p.m, just five minutes after they arrived, Brinson abruptly left the residence without saying goodbye; and there weren't any problems prompting him to leave.

Hamilton, an emergency room nurse, called police late Saturday afternoon after her son missed work and failed to visit his daughter. He also had not picked up his car.

She told the media, "I keep calling his cell phone to see if someone might answer, but it just goes into voice mail. I don't know what to think, but I don't think it's good."

The authorities looked into the possibilty that Brinson may have hopped a slow-moving train. Hamilton said it would be totally out of character for Brinson to take off without calling someone first or to not call her back.

"If I call, he will call me back," she said. "Even if I don't leave a message, if he sees that my numbers come up, he's always called me back."

His girlfriend, Dena Anderson of Eagan, agreed that the disappearance was out of character. She said Brinson had never not shown up to watch their daughter and had always communicated to her if he wasn't able to watch her.

Police said that Brinson had a clean record and that there was no immediate sign that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the disappearance

"We're trying to sort out relationships between him and other people and their intentions," said Police Chief Phil Johanson.

Clues found during search for Jelani Brinson

Hamilton and dozens of others began searching the morning of Sunday April 19 with police and three search dogs. Brinson's winter hat and one of his new Adidas tennis shoes were found on the other side of a neighbor's wooden fence near railroad tracks, just across the street from where he was last seen. The other shoe was found south of the tracks in an industrial area near Hwy. 10 and St. Francis Boulevard in Anoka.

Search dogs tracked Brinson's scent from near his friend's home in Anoka to an area about 1.5 miles west. The scent trail ended about 100 yards behind the Outpost Bar. His family viewed the bar's security tapes but didn't see him, Police Chief Phil Johanson said.

See a map of the area

The following afternoon, police and fire rescue crews began searching in and around the Rum River in Anoka.

Jelani Brinson found

At about 1 p.m., on Saturday, April 25, 2009, an employee discovered the body of Jelani Brinson floating in a shallow pond at the Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka. There were no no apparent signs of trauma to the body,

The location is about 1,500 feet from where Brinson was last seen--across the street and over some railroad tracks from the home on Kennedy Street. Brinson's body did not have on shoes, yet Brinson's socks were clean. Investigators say this means Brinson didn't walk into the pond on his own; he was placed there.

The Anoka County medical examiner's office conducted an autopsy and reported that the cause of Jelani Brinson's death was inconclusive. No marks, signs of injury/trauma, or foul play were found during the examination, and there were no narcotics or alcohol in his system. The autopsy also ruled out anatomical causes such as a heart attack or a brain aneurism, and even drowning. The autopsy revealed that Brinson died before he entered the water.

Brinson's wallet was found on his body, which seems to rule out robbery as a motive. Investigators have not found anything else to go on.

Sheriff's Lt. Paul Sommer said there were no signs of a fight where where Brinson's tennis shoes and hat were found, and his friends have cooperated with the police.

"The coroner couldn't say why he died. That's what makes this investigation so difficult," says Sommer. "It is particularly frustrating because normally in a situation like this we expect certain things to be apparent. If he's found in a pond, you'd think he drowned. He did not. Or if he was dumped there, you'd think you'd find an anatomical cause of death or a drug overdose. That was not there either. We have very little to go on."

About Jelani Brinson

Alyce Hamilton said her son, who graduated from high school at Fourth Baptist Christian School in north Minneapolis, was recently promoted at the local Sprint store where he worked. He and girlfriend, Dena Anderson, have a 9-month-old daughter, Zion, who he was crazy about. The couple lived apart, but he cared for his daughter two days a week. Anderson said Brinson talked about marriage often.

He was active in his church, and his faith makes it unlikely he would have harmed himself, Hamiliton has said.

Brinson's parents were divorced, and he had been living with his father, Donnie, who was helping him to care for his daughter. Donnie Brinson was watching his grandaughter on the night his son disappeared.

Read Jelani's blog

A family statement released by Brinson's godmother Mamie Singleton, said, "The Brinson and Hamilton Families are deeply saddened by the lost of their beloved son, Jelani Dante Brinson. Jelani was 24 years old and very involved with his spiritual growth and development. He was a beloved son and brother. He was also a devoted father to his 9-month old daughter. Jelani had a loving relationship with the mother of his daughter. He was loved by his many friends and relatives. We will miss him dearly. The circumstances of Jelani’s passing are not completely clear. We do know that he had a joyous spirit that was manifested by frequent laughter and numerous acts of kindness. He is survived by his parents, Mr. Donnie Brinson and Ms. Alyce M. Hamilton, his brother, Mr. Jamari L. Brinson, and sister, Kai Z. Brinson, his daughter, Zion Melissa Grace, and Zion’s mother, Dena L. Anderson. Funeral arrangements will be announced early next week. We are deeply grateful for all of the love and support we have received—and thankful for all of our blessings."

The day before Brinson's body was found, his girlfriend Dena learned she was pregnant with their second child. She has since named the child, a little boy, Jelani Donte Brinson Jr.--after his father.

"It's so sad that he didnt' know about his little son," Hamilton said through tears. "Two children will never know their father. And for what?"  (Star Tribune, 04/09/11).

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is should call the sheriff's office at 763-427-1212.

Facts of Interest

Name/age: Jelani Brinson, 24
Last seen: 4/17/09, 10:30 p.m., Anoka, MN
Recovered: 4/25/09, 1:00 p.m., Greenhaven Golf Course, Anoka MN
Physical Description: black, 5'9", 150 pounds, hair in cornrows.
Last seen wearing black shirt, black hoodie and blue jeans.
Investigating Agency: Anoka County Sheriff, 763-427-1212.

Published: 4/21/09. Updated: 4/14/11.


BoyintheMachine said...

Any word on how old he was and if he had been drinking?

Anonymous said...

He is 24, and there were no signs of alcohol or drug use.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think this is happening so much? These abductions. I mean, his shoe and hat were found in the next yard. There must have been a struggle.

Sy Knab said...

It's a tragedy. I verified the facts of the story and found the police were telling the truth- no criminal history. He is a good man who was taking care of his child and working hard. I hope for the sake of he and his family that he is just taking a 'time out' somewhere and is safe. The world needs more men like him.

BoyintheMachine said...

Att: Anonymous @ 2:02,

We don't know these are abductions.

I would be suspicious of foul play involved due to finding the shoe so close to the friends house, but from what we know at this time it doesn't 'fit the pattern' of young college-age men dissapearing after attending a bar or party and being found in water.

Of course this could change, but right now there is no indication this is connected.

Let's not forget that crimes happen and that people disappear everyday.

BoyintheMachine said...

This is bizare. I've been reading up on the news reports and I'm sorry, but something just isn't right here. If his belongings, including his shoes, were found in various places, including a neighbors yard, then it would suggest either an abduction or some sort of breakdown and running away. I tend to favor the first option.

To me it looks like he was jumped and then abducted. I'm not sure why the police don't think it's suspicious that his shoes and belonging were found. Are we supposed to assume he ran away, shoeless, and in his right mind?

If the police searched the river then I'm wondering if someone tipped them off.

Lisa said...

A friend of mine made a good point:

"No man leaves behind a new set of Addidas... especially a young father working hard to support his child (not exactly an expense you want to repeat)."

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!

BatMan said...

Well,,Therez a couple things here, IF i hurd them correct.-
This Gentlemen Had On a pair of “NEW SHOES” That were either - BRAND NEW; or an Older Pair He kept CLEAN or conditioned. (possibly Vintage or Classic) Either way my POINT BEING - They were of WORTH, to Jelani,.

As “NEW SHOES” are to most kids like myself, an others around Jelani’s age. Many people that I know of in MN.(especially),Go $buy$ a “BRAND NEW PAIR OF SHOES” as Soooon as it gets nice out!

An the Last thing we want happening to our “NEW SHOES” IS TOO GET THEM DIRTY! Especially this early on in the season. WE (Speaking from my perspective as well as other Shoe Freaks) wouldn’t be walking down by the Railroad trax, or anywhere to far Off of Solid Cement.
-Unless it was an Emergenby.

Thats my perspective on this “NEW SHOES” stuff, because they found’um all over the place.(see Star & tribune) An it doesn’t sound like Jalani has a Lot of Money, he sounds middle class at best (If there is one anymore). An to people like us having any form of “NEW SHOES” demands you respect them. It would take a Weapon or Aliens of some sort to take-away your “NEW SHOES” you wouldn’t just ditch’um - NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1

Perhaps they are searching the river instead of the vast amount of land area because they are finally realizing these suspiciously missing college aged males that go missing are usually in water!

If I was a cop in MN and a young male went missing under odd circumstances that is where I'd search first. It makes the most sense.

Hopefully this young man will return but the shoes and hat are disturbing.

And if he was being robbed, the shoes would be in the robber's possesion.(Many men robbed at gun point for their gym shoes: Milwaukee Journal)

This story is troubling but we'll have to sit it out to see what happens. Hopefully he'll return and not be found in the Rum River.

Anonymous said...

The police have NOT ruled out foul play.

But then the police make no sense in suggesting he "may have hopped a slow moving train" What??

Anonymous said...

How did he get to this party?
Drive? Friends? Why are the cops not saying? He was only there for a short time, did he say his good byes?

Anonymous said...

..........Police continue to look for Jelani Brinson, 24, from Minneapolis, who has been missing since last weekend. He was visiting with friends in Anoka when he told his buddies that he was going out for a smoke and didn't come back. ........
Going out for a smoke and didn't come back? OMG!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, he drove to the party and never picked the car up. Jelani talked to his dad at around 10:00 on friday night and abruptly left the party around 10:30

Lisa said...

I just updated the post with a link to Jelani's blog.


Anonymous said...

Jelani rode with one of the "three men" to that house, he didnt
drive there and he doesnt smoke to be "going out for a smoke"
i definitely sense foul play by these "three men" and it will
eventually come out; i just hope jelani is safe, somewhere and
scared to come home....just yet. PRAY FOR HIM EVERYDAY!

Anonymous said...

i agree, why did it take his family to call the police to file a missing report the next day and not the people he was with that night. How did you get the facts about the driving situation and his smoking habits?

BatMan said...

Jelani-Another Big Christian, so strong in his Faith that he Rapped/ryhmed/ wrote an or performed his Christian poetry.
Putting it on display for others too notice.
So they could see just how compassionate he really was about his religous beliefs.

An personally I like good strong ryhmes an I could tell by reading his 2nd verse in his blog that -

Verse 2:
"Where all my cats who know the bible's solid,?
Grinding off in bible college, getting it in with Psalms and Prophets,
Becoming urban bible scholars-
Yearning, learning all the knowledge,

That is some powerful Sheet right there!(above)
He also refers too Minneapolis as Murda-apolis. Which many North Siders do. -

I also, found this on the bottom of his blog - "Waiting"
(Under the Graffiti pic)

-"Well again I write to you with thoughts of loneliness. Bored out of my mind and the only thing I really want to do it pop a few pills and go to bed. For real, but on the side note I just finished watching the matrix movie."
(end qoute)

What was he "WAITING" for ? The Messiah (Jesus)to return? Or - ???

He probally came-out for a smoke
OR came out to meet somebody to buy pills???

Let me think here,,,,Hmmmmm -

Maybe he jacked somebody an sold Bunk/Fake pills? So he could have $ to buy the Pills of his prefrence? An the people he robbed where outside waiting for him. Or then again maybe he had a prescription an nohing about PILLS (from his quote above) has too do with any of this.?

Or he came-out to have a smoke, somebody was waiting for him/had been stalking him (perhaps)?
An was like "Hey whats up Bro?" (Or referd to him by name) A Stranger would catch one of guard if he knew your name an you didn't know who he was at all. Especially if your an underground Christian Musician/Preacher Right, so then Jelani walks up to the vehicle were this seemingly friendly guy is sitting or faking like ha has car trouble.
(Like Ted Bundy/Buffalo Bill)

So Now, Jelani lets down his guard (thinking this dudes cool) An then BAM! Knock-Out Needle, Tazer, ect. OR A Guy with a Gun,-
gets out from the otherside an says - "Walk" or "Get in the Van/truck/Car."

Based on evidence that I read (wether or not that evidence is correct or not)? Is my hypothesis based on evidence, proballity, & speculation.

Anonymous said...

i know more than you, that is how i know and BATMAN you are quite far fetched if you ask me. He was outside of his environment, in Anoka. either them boys set him up or they did it themselves. he didn't smoke cigarettes, i am fully knowledgable of that.

Anonymous said...

not a smoker, hardly a drinker, a very moral/religous person, i know him on a personal basis. couldn't ask to meet a better person this is shocking/sad.

BoyintheMachine said...

Crime can happen to anybody.

I've stated this before, but if most people in the US are Christians then most victims of crimes, as well as most criminals, are Christians as well.

I hope he is found safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

If you've been to the location where the shoes and hat were found you would agree with me that they definitely look like they were planted there. We can all assume we know what happened or where he is but the fact of the matter is that only Jelani and them 3 men know what happened Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans are Christian, but most of those Christians do not try to live Christ-like such as Jelani does. Most of those Americans don't have blogs that express their spirituality like Jelani does. Praying everyday for Jelani.

BoyintheMachine said...

Att: Anonymous @ 10:15,

I'm not dissing his faith, just saying that anybody can become a victim of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1

To: Boy in the Macine
I agree, the US is mainly of Christain faith so stats would favor crime on Christians.

I asked at the other site (foorprints Dan Zamlen) where to discuss the run-in with the police theory for lack of a better name. Do you have any ideas? Is this being discussed anywhere.

Really think there might be something to it.

Please let me know.

Lisa said...

Anon1, feel free to click on "theories" in the tag cloud, then click on the Law Enforcement Theory and leave your comments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1

Thanks Lisa, you are a great help.

Anonymous said...

There is a fund set up for Jelani at TCF if you would like to make a donation go to your local TCF Bank and let them know it is for JELANI BRINSON. The money may be used as possible reward money and/or to help the Family and search parties. Thank you and continue to pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone called his dad in Colgne to see what their conversation was about at 10:00 that night?

Anonymous said...

His dad isn't in Cologne, that was an incoming call from a friend and their conversation has been told to investigators, nothing suspicious and it was prior to him missing.

Anonymous said...

According to the cell records it was an outgoing call, not incoming.

Anonymous said...

That isn't true though. That call was placed TO Jelani's phone, not from it.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I'm sure you knew Jelani but it sounds like you are unaware that he indeed did smoke every once in a while. I would't call him a smoker but he definitely did now and then. That said, I do believe, like you, that those 3 "friends" of his know a lot more than they are telling. Is there a timeline posted anywhere of where he was at or what he did before he went to his "friend's" house. I know they have reported that he was somewhere in another city before that like Brooklyn Park or Brooklyn Center but did they say if he went out to any bars or clubs that night?

Anonymous said...

How do you know it was placed TO his cell. Who are you? A friend of his?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the girlfriend speaking up? Maybe she knows something.

Anonymous said...

i saw an interview with her on the news a few days ago and from what she was saying you could tell she was suspicious of the three friends. My question is if they really did give him a ride and then goes missing, why would they not call the police when they couldn't find him, why did it take his family to report him missing the next day?

Anonymous said...

My opinion is the those three friends are guilty - very guilty of something. They know what happened. Hopefully, the police know this but its not in the media. I hope that police are not so stupid as to dismiss the three as suspects.

Anonymous said...

On WCCO they said that he updated his facebook account via his phone right before. Anyone a friend of his on facebook? What did he update?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:24

One news reports said Jelani called his dad around 10 p.m., another said he received a call around 10 p.m., which is why I mentioned the dad in the post. If you can provide any more details to me, it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i also agree that those 3 men are VERY suspicious and his g/f is speaking up; she doesnt know anything!! this is completely
out of character that is why it has to be foul play. he wouldnt just vanish especially shoeless. & you can X the SFK right off your list of assumptions because this case does NOT fit the missing college kids ones; he wasnt near a river, wasnt drunk and he was in a nice residential neighborhood. & those men haven't even helped
the searches that have been done; but then again jelani did trust them enough to drive with them to that anoka residence so who
knows; THEY KNOW.

Anonymous said...

he met one of the 3 "friends" in brooklyn park at cub off 610, left his car and rode in theirs. curious to know if any of you keeping up on this blog are participating in the searches or just following the blog to follow a blog? just curious please dont get defensive. and jelani needs all the prayers he can get at this point so PLEASE continue praying for his safety and return.

Anonymous said...

First of all.. It was not a party. He used to work at the Sprint in Brooklyn Park, his friend picked him up from that Sprint because he is not familiar with Anoka. These were old coworkers to Jelani. He had tried to minister to them in the past. They all went outside to smoka a cigarette, Jelani supposedly went first. The three "friends" said that when they went outside after him he was gone. They claimed to get in their cars and drive around looking for him. Yet they picked him up from Brooklyn Park, he would not go walking alone in Anoka. I live in that area and I'm the only person he knows from there. He didn't come visit me. Three days ago police officers were at the "friends" house and took prints, statements, and a piece of carpet. They were there for about two hours. (I'm not sure why) Let's just continue to pray that he comes home safe to my neice and sister.

BatMan said...

Well to Everyone who disagrees with me,,,cool.

All I know is what i read, An it said "He went out side for a Smoke"
wether that being a Cigar, a Grit, or perhaps even some Weeed???
Who knows???
Unless the people who there, where lieing = POSSIBLE.? Foul-Play is looking to be about 99% likely.
(See my "NEW SHOES" post above)

An YES! HE DOES FIT into an SFK.
Category = HE WAS A POWER CHRISTIAN !!! HELLO.? Who apparently seems extremley Vocal about his religious CHRISTIAN beliefs.

Because EVERYTHING (almost) points directly at SFK. Date of Innocent since Dan Zamlens diisapearence.
(see the 2 January 1st NJ. & PA. cases, Also the 2 PORTLAND 3/11 and 3/16 cases,& the 2 - 3/14 & 4/11 Montana cases, Where 2 Native Kids BOTH within a month of one another Vanished) ALL OF WHICH Happend in 2009. And also ARN'T LISTED HERE ON THIS BLOG.?
(FATRE) I believe ??, but I can Understand how much work it must be to keep up with this stuff theirs SOO Many. But the cases (above) all Happend, Back to Back of one another, in extreme proxcimity of one another.Just Like the 2 most recent cases in MN.

Another coicidence (Includes Jelani's)THEIR ALL 17-30, 20 some years old LOOKING MALES. Who are going too POSSSIBLY be the Flag-ship Teachers, Religious Leaders, Doctors, ect. in their respective futures. *THE ROLE MODELS OF THIS CURRENT NEW GENERATION WHO WILL BE THE INSPIRATION FOR THE NEXT COMING GENERATION.*

SFK.'s MO. Isn't just "ohh White Colledge kids" who go too school. an have good grades. Itz ALOT DEEPER than that!!!! Itz about stopping This coming generation of Figure-Heads/Future Leaders B-4 they can Inspire and or Teach the Next.

Itz a freaking National Pro-Anarchy/ Anti-American/ POSSIBLE Satanic Sydicate.

For the MOST part,,,,itz really SAD to say, but 90% of the people that blog/post here (FATRE) arn't looking at whats right in front of your Faces. Your ALL too quick too just say - "Ohh,Your Wrong, & Ohhh you whom-ever dont know what yar talking about."

Itz almost sickening & repulsive too read one hate comment after another,thatz is trying too put soeone else down. If you coe here just too argue.I honestly have too agree with "Boyindamachine" when he said - "Show some Respect for the Bog' (FATRE)

An another thing whoever, or whatever "Anonymous person" said: they Know more than me, about who Jelani is.??????
How do you Know who I am. YOU DON'T. An wasn't Jelani into reading comic-books on a weekly basis???

Anonymous said...

Where's all the updates in the news? 90% of the people I bring this up to don't have clue about what I am talking about. It's been less than a week and I haven't seen anything on it in two days. I hear about the college kid who is missing from a few weeks back all of the time. As a matter of fact, when I bring it up to people they think I am talking about that kid.

Anonymous said...


Never said I knew more than you;
that was responding to someone else when i mentioned your USERNAME is when i was referring to YOU; and if you KNOW Jelani and more to the situation....you wouldnt think it was the SFK you would think it was his "friends" like every other FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER thinks...hmmmm unless you are one of the "friends" and are trying to place blame on the SFK gang to ummmm hmmmmm idk cover up what really happened??? dont like my analytical mind now do you?!

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been on/in the news since 4/21 because there are no new leads as of now :( All we can do until something comes up or someone speaks out is pray, everyday. zion, dena and the brinsons need their father/boyfriend/son/brother/friend home.

Anonymous said...

to anon that said..

Where's all the updates in the news?

All I can say is the media can't seem to get the facts straight most of the time, as they did in the Zamlen case. Use the sites dedicated to get your news out. Here and at sfkillers.com. Here we learn who Jelani really is. I'm asking if he would meet up with 3 men that would something bad to him. Although if he had wanted to leave, he didn't have his car.
Is it not possible someone grabbed him while following him, or do you think he was set up? Why? From what I've read there is not reason for this, so I would think it is another sfk. (senseless and unexplainable, so far)

Prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

channel 5 just had a story about the prayer vigil tonight, it will be interesting to see if the "friends" are present.


Highly unlikely that they will be there as they haven't participated in any of the searches for Jelani. I sure do hope that the detectives working on the case are looking into the "friends" cell phone records from that night to see if they tried calling Jelani's phone while "looking" for him, after he disappeared into thin air right in front of a house in a nice area.

Anonymous said...

yeah it doesn't look good for the "friends", especially if the police really took carpet out of the house, it will take a few weeks to test that, but obviously there was something on there that made them suspicious, plus if they took fingerprints, they will try to tie them to the evidence found.

Anonymous said...

As a good buddy of Jelani's, I am hoping for the best and praying for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Prayer Service for
Jelani Brinson
Created On: Friday, 24 Apr 2009, 8:50 AM CDT

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. - Family and friends of missing Jelani Brinson, a Minneapolis man missing since April 17, plan to gather Friday night in Brooklyn Park for a prayer service.

Brinson, 24, was last seen leaving a friend's house in Anoka around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, April 17.

One of Brinson's shoes and his hat were found across the street on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. He didn't show up for work Saturday and he hasn't picked up his car.

Calls to Brinson's cell phone have not been answered. Several organized searches fro Brinson have turned up nothing.

The case continues to be investigated by Anoka police and the sheriff's office.

Prayer Service for Jelani Brinson
Friday, April 24th
7-9 p.m. (meet at door at 6 p.m.)
Grace Fellowship
8601 101st Ave N, Brooklyn Park

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the "friends" are. I haven't seen them interviewed at all. Names?

Anonymous said...

no one is going to drop names on a website like this, however, there is probably a reason why they are keeping a low profile and not speaking out...if this happened to anyone else's friend, how it supposedly happened, a good friend would be out on the front lines, speaking out, especially if they were there the night their friend disappeared.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From this newscast, which I think is fairly new, it looks like they are finally looking into the people at the house.


Anonymous said...

I think I was wrong. It seems like that broadcast was from a few days ago. But Dena did sound suspicious of the people at that house.

Anonymous said...

yea that is from monday if i recall correctly. i hope they are still working diligently on the case and can find jelani before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

This case seems different from most of the rest. A possible set up? Possibly drug related, even though Jelani may not have been apart of the drug scene. Just caught up with the wrong group of people?

There isn't exactly a lot to go off of in this case so that is why it isn't in the news compared to Dan Zamlen's case.

Anonymous said...

Somebody had asked for Jelani's facebook update: "Expect the unexpected"...

Anonymous said...

I don't use Facebook. So he typed "Expect the Unexpected" or he chose it from a list of other choices?

Anonymous said...

He would have typed that as a Facebook status.

Anonymous said...

Family and friends confirm the body of 24-year-old Jelani Brinson was found today at the Greenhaven Golf Course.

Police pulled Brinson's body from a pond on the course but have not yet confirmed his cause of death.

Jelani Brinson went missing a week ago Friday after visiting a friend in Anoka.

We have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available online and on KARE 11 News at 5, 6 & 10pm.

Ashley H. said...

I just wanted to say that both my mother and I were really concerned when we heard Jelani was missing. Then tonight our hearts sank into our stomachs when we heard he was found dead. We were childhood friends and even shared the same exact birthday (we talked about that alot as kids usually do -lol). If anyone hears when and where services will be (if the news doesn't say), please post on here as my mother and I would like to attend. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I am sure Colleen or Tupee, at MWC, will have the info....you could contact them:

Metro Women's Center
6418 Bass Lake Road
Crystal, MN 55428




Grieving too, though I did not know him personally,
--Ma Sands

Ssharris005 said...

I think there is a great family here who has been tarnished by a bad group of kids.... people out there---- get your act together and stop hating!!! wtf with the hate to others? I am so tired of this. someone killed someone and they are going to hell!!!

Ssharris005 said...

i think that soneone out there knows something and they are too cowardly to say anything. what the hell??? the is someones BABY out there who has died. someone better FESS UP!!! this is absouetly absurd. this shit goes on in other countries. not here. for Gods sake. get it together for this family!!!!

Anonymous said...

News report on KSTP. This has an interview with the friends, Matt and Ermin.

BoyintheMachine said...

According to the ktsp article, it was his friends who found the hat and one of the shoes.

Something is definatley not right here.

I hope the autopsy uncovers vital information about what happened.

Anonymous said...

they found his body, thought everyone should know @ greenhaven golf course....

Anonymous said...

everyone should watch this:
ermin the one who "found" jelani's shoes and hat says that they were going out for a smoke when jelani put his head down and left. Now if they were going together wouldn't they have been close behind and seen him run away or something, how would he know to look in the neighbor's yard and near the railroad tracks to find jelani's things, this does not add up at all.

Anonymous said...

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic, April 21 (UPI) -- Former U.S. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was banned from delivering lectures at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, university authorities said.

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Curious said...

Wow I just read the update. What a tragedy. My prayers are with the family.

Lisa said...

Family statement released by Brinson's godmother Mamie Singleton:

"The Brinson and Hamilton Families are deeply saddened by the lost of their beloved son, Jelani Dante Brinson. Jelani was 24 years old and very involved with his spiritual growth and development. He was a beloved son and brother. He was also a devoted father to his 9-month old daughter. Jelani had a loving relationship with the mother of his daughter. He was loved by his many friends and relatives. We will miss him dearly.

The circumstances of Jelani’s passing are not completely clear. We do know that he had a joyous spirit that was manifested by frequent laughter and numerous acts of kindness. He is survived by his parents, Mr. Donnie Brinson and Ms. Alyce M. Hamilton, his brother, Mr. Jamari L. Brinson, and sister, Kai Z. Brinson, his daughter, Zion Melissa Grace, and Zion’s mother, Dena L. Anderson.

Funeral arrangements will be announced early next week. We are deeply grateful for all of the love and support we have received—and thankful for all of our blessings."

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up but do any of you remember this story from back in March? Think there is any connection? They are within 9 miles of each other. http://wcco.com/local/golf.course.body.2.954227.html

Lisa said...

Mr. ODonnell was 42 and had no permanent address (homeless). He lived with relatives in Ham Lake for 5 days in October 2008. Before that, his last permanent address was in Coon Rapids in 2007. His parents live in the area, but no missing persons report was ever filed.

There was no trauma found, but police are operating under the assumption that foul play was involved.


Anonymous said...

You would think cops and investigators would get off their lazy asses and do their jobs.
What a shame!
@ suspicous golf course deaths and the smiley killer crap-olla. Gosh it doesn't tale a rocket scientist to figure it all out!

Anonymous said...

Police found no obvious signs of injury or foul play on the body of a north Minneapolis man whose body was found in a shallow pond Saturday on an Anoka golf course.

Jelani Brinson, 24, had been missing a week since he abruptly left a friend's house in Anoka on April 17. Because of his unexplained disappearance, police have said they were considering possible foul play.

The body was found in a 2-to-3-foot deep pond at the Greenhaven Golf Course, said Lt. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff's Office. He said there were no reports of Brinson being under the influence when he left his friends. Because of the suspicious circumstances, the county medical examiner is doing a thorough autopsy, including a toxicology test, which could take weeks, Sommer said.

"There's a lot up in the air," he added.

An employee of the golf course called police about 1 p.m. Saturday after seeing the body floating in a pond. The pond is not far from the home on Kennedy Street where Brinson was last seen and railroad tracks near where his tennis shoes and hat were found.

Family and friends had searched twice along railroad tracks in Anoka and nearby Ramsey for Brinson. He had a 9-month-old daughter, Zion, and worked for Sprint in Edina.

His mother, Alyce Hamilton, said the family is struggling with their loss.

"He had a wonderful personality," she said Monday. Hamilton said she'll miss his laughter, gentle nature and his "really crazy grin." She said her son was active in his Christian faith and liked playing soccer

Anonymous said...

Body of missing man found at Greenhaven
Monday, 27 April 2009
by Mandy Moran Froemming
Union Editor

"The body of a Minneapolis man who went missing more than a week earlier in Anoka has been found.

Just after 1 p.m. on Saturday police were called to Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka where an employee had seen a body floating in a pond between the 10th and 11th holes on the course.

According to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, the body has been identified as 24-year-old Jelani Dante Brinson.

Brinson’s family reported him missing on Saturday, April 18 when he did not show up for work.
He was last seen leaving a residence on the 600 block of Kennedy Street in Anoka around 10:30 p.m. on Friday (April 17).

The day after Brinson disappeared, his family found his shoes and hat near the Anoka residence he was visiting. The weekend Brinson disappeared search and rescue dogs tracked his sent along the railroad tracks as far as the Outpost Bar and Grill along Highway 10 in Ramsey, about 1.5 miles from the Kennedy Street address.

Family and friends spent most of the last week searching for Brinson in and around Anoka.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office will be conducting an autopsy this week to try to determine why Brinson died.

Lt. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said Brinson’s body showed no obvious signs of cause of death and a determination could take weeks of testing.

He also said that while he could not be positive, it doesn’t look like foul play was involved and residents who live nearby should not fear for their safety."

- Doesn't look like foul play was involved? So he is saying that Jelani left the house, took off his shoe and hat by the RR tracks, walked a mile and a half with one shoe on, ditched the other shoe then walked back a mile and a half and drowned himself in the golf course pond? Come on Lt. Sommer! We are not that stupid.

Anonymous said...

both of his shoes were found near the house to clarify. one with his hat next to the fence and the other on the other side of the railroad tracks about 300 yards from the first shoe (estimating) and the pond was only 2-3 feet deep there is no way his body was in that pond on that golf course for 8 days without being seen prior to the 8th day. this family needs answers they deserve answers.

Anonymous said...

This all makes me want to go into forensics because if the police and investigators are going to write this off as nothing, than they are not doing their job!!! This man was killed. Had to have been. If he did it himself, would he really take off his shoes and then go lay in a pond? Come on people?! And how did his scent get traced all the way to the Outpost bar. Someone out there knows and they are not speaking up. Be MAN and confess!

Anonymous said...

If the Anoka County Sheriff's Office really feels that there was "no foul play involved" as they are quoted saying in the Anoka County Union, the people of Anoka County really need to elect a new sheriff soon. Demand some real answers from your elected official or get rid of him. He obviously needs to be in a different line of work if he is that naive.


Anonymous said...

all the minnesota cops are crappy, rookies, overweight, lazy!

Anonymous said...

Ya know this situation is upsetting. The obvious reason would be WHY IN THE HELL WOULD A SEEMINGLY HEALTHY, SANE, SPIRITUAL, ATHLETIC, 24 YOUNG FATHER GO MISSING? Apparently we know he didn't hop a slow moving train-(cops hair-brain ass idea of what happened during the search). WTF was he huckleberry finn? Slow moving train....so I guess he threw his shoes around in the neighbors backyard and left his hat on the tracks....then walked in one direction to the bar then changed his mind....and went to the golf course and decided to swim in the pond...Honestly I believe he was possibly drugged or jumped and he tried to run away from his attackers and ran up the railroad tracks but never made it because he was caught somewhere before he reached the bar.-which explains why the dogs could not track his scent any further. Also somehow this seems to be a setup...Why was his car left in Champlin...he clearly could have driven to Anoka. Y wasnt he picked up from his home in Brooklyn park to attend this "party" in Anoka? I believe this was simply a plan to isolate him so he wouldn't have any mode of transportation (or escaping) than to be on foot. Also these "friends" that he was with y didn't they call police when they couldn't find him? I mean if I picked up someone to attend a party in area they're not familiar with I would definitely call their and possibly the police if I couldn't find them. I wouldn't just call it a night because obviously they had no way of getting around. The biggest sign this is fishy and the police's idea of no foul play is BULLSHIT is this: No one floats into a pond if you find a body there...it was placed there. Someone would have seen a body in the pond if he was actually there since April 17th. Truth has got to be he wasn't at some point on April 24th and early morning April 25th someone placed him there. What goes on in the dark always comes to light. U may getaway today but bad deeds are always repaid. You will reap what you sow. I pray his family grieve in peace and wish his family the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to start out by saying that I used to go to a private high school with Jelani. I'd see Jelani in the halls, during lunch, at chapel, and he rode my bus for awhile but he was always asleep in the very back seat. I didn't know him very personaly. I am friends with Jelani on Facebook and so I've been able to see what he has all been up to. From what I can see he had been going to college (don't think he was currently in school) and was very religious. From all the pictures of him with his daughter I can tell he really loved her. I know some people are thinking that the Smiley Face Killers are involved and I am not so sure. First of all where he was in Anoka is a very residential area. This isn't some busy college hangout area. Second he is black and most of the college aged guys who have gone missing have been white (as far as I can tell). His scent was followed down some railroad tracks for about 1 1/2 miles (based on the news reports). Based on where the scent trail ended, the railroad tracks along this 1 1/2 went over a bridge that goes over the Rum River (which flows into the Mississippi River). Since the scent went past the Rum River I am guessing that is why the police were searching it, seems pretty obvious. It would seem like if the Smiley Face Killers were involved he would have been dumped into the Rum River which would have conveniently taken the body to the Mississippi. His friends at the house party said he seemed upset when he left the party (see link at bottom to see proof of this). At about 9:45 p.m. on the night that he went missing he updated his facebook status (with his cell phone) to "Expect the Unexpected". This may have just been a coincidence I don't know. But his other friends on fb have been wondering about the meaning behind this. Once it was found that his body had no signs as to how he died I am even more confused as to what happened to him.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to the people that cared about Jelani. I have no idea what is going on.

cagney said...

It is so sad to lose someone that held such promise. And his baby will be growing up without knowing her daddy. So tragic.

My thoughts on this case are that this case hinges on the people at that house in Anoka. One of the people in the KSTP interview has a very long 'rap' sheet for crimes such as felony domestic violence and drugs. My thought is he knows waaaay more than he is telling. The idea that Jelani abruptly walked away from a home in a city he was not familiar with, took off one of his shoes and his hat, walked a mile or so to the Golf Course and walked into a 2 to 3 foot pond and drown is puzzling. It does not make sense. Assuming he hadn't been drinking (and so far, it sounds as though he was not), how does he drown in such a shallow pond? Did he see something at that house he wasn't supposed to see and threatened the occupants with police involvement? Did they give him a drug that killed him so they threw him in the pond to cover up the crime? I hope his family is able to find the truth about what happened soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Cagney....its ridiculous. These criminals need to be punished.

Anonymous said...

Any word on autopsy results?

monique777 said...

@ Cagney

I agree with you. Seems as though he saw something, got upset to leave and his friends didn't want him going anywhere.

Does anyone know new news?

Do you all think his friends done him in?

Anonymous said...

Having an opinion or even asking questions that need to be asked will get you flamed.I an see why people would think the so called friends were involved but there does seem to be a religious connection also when you look at the big picure.The argument that it does not fit the SFK is ridiculous.We dont know that bodies ar not dumped in water later on ,that they left the body behind for unknown reasons or that they would follow the exact same MO every time.

Anonymous said...

Any autopsy results released. I notice the autopsy on the kid found in the Mississippi ii completed buit I have not heard a thing about Jelani yet.

Anonymous said...

Anything new? It was obviously foul play, but I've heard nothing. Please update with any information on the investigation.

Anonymous said...

I agree it sounds like foul play, I am guessing stemming from a situation not directly involving Jelani. The way this story just lost momentum until it stopped is really troubling/puzzling. i have spent hours searching the web for any new news/autopsy results and have found nothing. I am worried, he was a good kid and a good freind...

My2cents said...

This story does seem to have lost momentum. I do know that there is a law in Minnesota that prevents autopsy and toxicology reports from being available to the media. (The family has to consent to it being published, and you can't blame them for not wanting to air all the details when the death of their loved on is still so raw.)

But maybe the law explains the lack of interest in following up. Or perhaps because this is an active investigation no one can say much. I sure would like to know more about what happened to hin though.

Anonymous said...

^^^ As do all of his friends and family(maybe they know already) I worked with Jelani up until he went missing.........this kid loved life, his daughter like crazy, and actually loved coming to work. I've searched and searched the internet for any kind of results and nothing! But not a day goes by that we(at his job) don't think or talk about Jelani :(

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on the Startribune site.....Officials baffled by Minneapolis man's death in Anoka pond
The 24-year-old's body was found in a pond in Anoka, but he didn't drown and no signs of injury were found.

The county medical examiner's office recently said its examination of the cause of Jelani Brinson's death was inconclusive, said county Sheriff's Lt. Paul Sommer.

Brinson's body was found after he had been missing for a week. Brinson, 24, was last seen April 17 as he abruptly left a friend's house not far from the pond, police said. His shoes and hat were found near railroad tracks in the area.

Police found no signs of injury or foul play on the body, and the autopsy ruled out anatomical causes such as drowning, a heart attack or a brain aneurism, Sommer said.

"With him, there's nothing. No injuries, nothing to show he suffocated," Sommer said. "The coroner couldn't say why he died. That's what makes this investigation so difficult. There's no wounds. He went missing and he's dead."

Sommer said there was no sign of a fight where Brinson's tennis shoes and hat were found. His friends have cooperated, but said they didn't know why he left the Anoka home that day. Brinson, who had a 1-year-old daughter, worked for Sprint in Edina.

The autopsy offered no leads, but the investigation continues, Sommer said. He asked anyone with information about the case to call 911 or the sheriff's office, 763-427-1212.

"It is particularly frustrating because normally in a situation like this we expect certain things to be apparent," Sommer said. "If he's found in a pond, you'd think he drowned. He did not. Or if he was dumped there, you'd think you'd find an anatomical cause of death or a drug overdose. That was not there either. We have very little to go on."


D said...

It seems like Jelani and his friends are flashing gang signs in several of the photos of him on http://jelanibrinson.com/. That might be worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy the graffiti is intended solely as gang graffiti. There is graffiti that says half and ash w. Garza was last seen after 11pm on the day before ash wednesday . He was found on a day there was a half moon. Burrows was last seen alive on a day there was a half moon then found later in half moon lake. Ugly because Shaffer was at the Ugly Toona.A horseshoe shape with josh written inside. The horseshoe for Brian Shaffer that was on High street and josh because the search was in Highland park.Graffiti on Summit Avenue because the bar Welzien was at went from being an omni Hotel to a Summit Hotel. Summit is the same name on a victims myspace page. Waldo because they are taunting the police.The symbol of the star and the one next to it at bootleggers are similar to a bars logo. That bars logo has a boot in it. A boot is symbolic because in French raquette is a word used for shoe or racquet. A racquet is used to play Lacrosse also. One of the bars names was sneakers and that fits with the same pattern

Timeline from Fleischmann to Nick Garza

Kyle Fleischmann 11/9/07-same day as Matt LaCrosse

Josh Szostak 12/23/07-
He and Blatz both went to a Pearl Street bar. Josh went to Plattsburgh University and Blatz to Plattville University. Blatz was at Sneaker's bar.

Tommy Booth -Bootleggers 1/19/08

Nick Garza 2/5/08 Is believed to have fallen in the creek at the LaCrosse playing field.

The other shoe related victims are in a cross. Raquette has a double meaning. Albert Campbell was found in the Raquette river.He is part of a cross on the map. That is near the St Lawrence . That area was settled by french Canadians.

Anonymous said...

To D: I was told that the "gang signs" you are referring to is what he and his friends call the "OK Clique". That has nothing to do with a gang. It's something him and his friends came up with.

Jabari Akhenamen said...

Check out the research and videos of David Paulides. He has done extensive work into strange disappearances in the national parks that are quite baffling. Often people walking in a group will discover that the person at the end has mysteriously vanished without a trace. Often the missing people are found dead, like Jelani, with no shoes on or no apparent trauma or cause of death visible. And most are found floating face up, like Jelani, or with strange anomalies such as pants removed and neatly folded next to the body, and clothing appears to have be cleaned. Something strange is definitely floating in the tea.....

Queen B said...

I'm in total agreement with you Jabari Akhenamen.
It's some what similar to the Henry McCabe case as well.

Queen B said...
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