February 26, 2010

Missing man quickly found safe in Eau Claire, WI

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, a Fall Creek, Wisconsin man was found safe along the banks of Half Moon Lake after a two-hour search.

Allan Jarocki's mother called the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire police to report that her son had called a friend and said he didn't know where he was. According to WQOW.com, "authorities believed Jarocki was confused and had some sort of medical condition.

University police, working with Eau Claire police and fire, contacted his cell phone provider after he was reported missing. That company gave law enforcement a general location of where Jarocki last made a call." The general location was determined from looking at the last cell phone tower used the call went through. Narrowing down the location led searchers to Carson Park. Jarocki was found near the water on the bank of Half Moon Lake, less than two hours after he was reported missing. He was taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital in stable condition.


BoyintheMachine said...

Crews pull man from bank of Half Moon Lake, brought to hospital (w/ video)


Somebody claiming to be jarocki's brother doesn't seem to be happy that the news article was posted.

Glad to see that he was found safe and sound. I would like to know more about what happened to him, though.

eddie said...

I'll bet anything that Allan Jarocki was drugged. The killer/killers simply have access to a roofie-type drug that has profound effects but leaves the system quickly. Once drugged, victims are easy targets as they temporarily enter a state similar to sleep walking. They are then transported to, or forced to walk in the direction of, bodies of water and are then entered into the water. In most cases, they drown. The drug used by the killer/killers produces amnesia. Those who have been fortunate enough to survive such encounters reported finding themselves mysteriously in rivers/lakes and had no memory of how they got there (take for example the case of Cullen Fortney, http://tinyurl.com/62zd63). Another blogger noted the possibility of the killer/killers using "twilight sleep" (a strong anesthetic which allows a patient to remain conscious and pain-free during a medical procdure yet have no recollection of the procedure). In the case of Allan Jarocki, it was reported that, "Authorities believe Jarocki was confused and had some sort of medical condition" (http://tinyurl.com/yc2j6t8). My guess is that his "medical condition" was really just a drug-induced stupor.

Thank God he is safe!

eddie said...
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eddie said...

The other striking detail in the case of Jarocki is that he was found in Half Moon Lake. The same lake where the bodies of Michael Noll and Craig Burrows were found following mysterious disappearances. Apparently the killer/killers have returned to familiar territory.

Additionally, Jason Grau, a 17 year-old boy from Eau Claire, WI was just found apparently murdered near the Chippewa River in Chippewa Falls, WI (http://tinyurl.com/y8eej6f). Josh Snell and Jesse Miller were died in Eau Claire, WI in mysterious drownings...in addition to Michael Noll and Craig Burrows. Furthermore, the bodies of Jesse Miller and Josh Snell were recovered from the Chippewa River. Again, I believe the killer/killers are covering old ground.

Monique777 said...

Articles say he had a medical condition and since police responded so quickly and with such seriousness to him being missing he may be considered a vulnerable adult. He was found within 2 hours of being reported missing by his mother.
Vulnerable adults may have anything from learning disabilities to psychitric disorders. The media will usually specify the medical condition and because they kept this confidential and out of the public eye we have to consider this may have played a role in why it was important to search for this man so quickly and why he wasn't considered safe on his own.

osu11 said...

Is there any additional info such as what time he was found, what time he went missing and such? If it happened during the day, I would say that the drugging/killer theory would be less likely than the medical condition. Not to be ruled out though. If it happened during the evening and he had been at a bar or a party, then....

osu11 said...

Regarding Jason Grau, was he ever reported as missing? Why would a 17 year old be friends with a 30 year old (the one they arrested). Very, very sad and very strange. It is getting hard to keep up with all these missing/found dead cases.

Monique777 said...

@ OSU11

There is a video that shows he was rescued during daylight hours on Tuesday.


osu11 said...

Thanks Monique777.
Very strange indeed.

BoyintheMachine said...

This is off-topic for this particuliar case, but I thought I would share this information.

This is primarily for those who believe in the serial killer(s) theory or the smiley face killers theory.

In the past I have commented on that if these deaths are murders and are connected then we are dealing with pro's, like the type of pro's that would be connected to various intelligence agencies, the type who know how to assasinate and get away with it, make it appear as if it is not murder.

I present the following though I would add that I don't necessarily believe this to be the case, just throwing it out there.

U.S. Can Legally Assasinate American Citizens If They Are Deemed A Threat




BoyintheMachine said...

@ osu11

We won't know the deatils of their acquaintance until more info is released. Possible has to deal with a motive.

Here's a link:


Anonymous said...

A government assasnation? That is about the biggest jump to a conclusion I have read since this comment.

BoyintheMachine said...

It appears that his girlfriend Melissa seems very suspicious. She was with him but she conveniently fell asleep reading a book. When she awakens at 5:30 AM he is gone. She claims she last saw him working on a law paper that was due the next day.

On top of that, Melissa is the originator of the belief that he might have been "suicidal", as she claims he admitted to her that he tried to kill himself on at least on occasion. How very conveient.

It makes sense to me. Grozelle's girlfriend is a government aasassin . Her boyfriend probably found out so she had to get rid of him. This explains why despite there being no evidence of motive by her she disposed of him.

Congratulations. You are not only the biggest idiot on this site you are also a hypocrite.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ sfkillersinvestigations

1.) Learn how to properly quote someone.

2.) Learn how to read. I wrote the following:

"I don't necessarily believe this to be the case, just throwing it out there."

In fact I threw this out there in hopes of getting some of you back to reality. IF these are killings then the killers are professionas, as in they are able to get away with it w/out leaving behind evidence.

3.) Grozelle's death is mysterious and should be investigated, however there is no evidence that his death is connected to the deaths of any of these other men.

4.) Some of these deaths are probably accidents and suicides. Some may be murders. Howerver, currently there is no evidence to suggest that these deaths are being carried out by a serial killer(s) or a group or network of killers, as in the smiley face killer theory.

Sorry, but that's just how it is. The serial killers/smiley face killer theory is just speculation.

BoyintheMachine said...

Another off-topic comment...

Found Profiler Pat Brown's blog. She has three blogposts on the smiley face killers. All are parodies poking fun of the theory. Brown herself has been implimented as being involved in the "conspiracy".

Many believers who her blogposts may be offended, but keep in mind that it is the opinion of many people that the 2 detectives and other people pushing for a aerial kiiller(s) theory to be doing so at the emotional and financial expense of the families who have lost a loved one.

In the words of Pat Brown:

"What I think is appalling is a couple of detectives claiming over 40 young college men who drowned probably by an unfortunate excess of drinking, now have gotten their families to believe they were murdered by serial killers. These families, rather than coping with their loss and having closure, now will spend the rest of their lives believing some killer did their sons in. They will imagine their sons were beaten and tortured and cruelly killed. They will spend tons of money seeking their murderers. The rest of the country will live in fear of this dangerous group of serial killers. And, instead of dealing with the serious problem of college binge drinking and drugging, parents will worry about stranger killing their children. THAT is a travesty and THAT is what I am trying to impress upon people."


eddie said...

@Monique 777

I don't think Jarocki was learning disabled. He was on the honor roll in high school.

On a side note, Devindra David Persaud was missing for 2 days but was found alive. He disappeared after leaving a bar in Buffalo, NY called Pure...located on Chippewa St. (a block and a half from Pearl St.). Chippewa and Pearl are details that keep popping up in these cases. Makes me think he may have survived an attempted abduction/murder; however, no details have been released as to his disappearance.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Eddie

It's probably something the family would like to keep quient on.

On the Persaud case, if that was true then the cops would have been all over it as well as the media.

Monique777 said...

@ Eddie

Right. I was trying to give examples of someone who might be considered a vulnerable adult.

Monique777 said...


I don't think I've ever heard of Pat Brown but boy is she sure against any possibility of a serial killer! 3 blogs!
I could see how what she says might make someone feel bad if they did believe there was a serial killer but what would Pat Brown tell the parents of Chris Jenkins or Patrick McNeil?

Monique777 said...

Some of these cases are just plain odd. Some of the families have all the inside information and things still don't sit right with them. Some families appreciate the support from people running sites to help them through this and in trying to get to the truth as they don't believe their loved one had an accident. The facts don't add up. And bless the people who help these families as they seek the truth to what happened. And in the end they may accept it was an accident or firmly believe there was foul play as they process what happened to their loved one.

And then there are families that believe their son had an accident. It doesn't feel off to the family, things add up so they accept it as an accident even though there is this serial killer theory.It doesn't influence ALL the families, just some of them, mainly the families that recognize things don't make sense about the story of how their son drowned.

So while Pat Brown makes a very strong and harsh point, she can't be positive there isn't a serial killer or that some of these men have not met with foul play.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Monique777

When the Smiley Face Killers theory broke out into the media back in 2008, Criminal Profiler Pat Brown was one of the first experts to publicly express her doubts of the theory being true. Brown flat out called the theory "ludicrous". Even I disagreed with her at the time. Brown was also one of the first experts to dismiss the notion of grafitti and smiley faces as these were based on merely the opinions of where the 2 detectives believed the men entered the water and not any actual proof that such was the correct location. Also, Brown pointed out there isn't any criteria for how the detectives decide which smiley face is connected or not, meaning they just use "general area", which in her words could be anywhere in a 5 mile square area. Basically she is pointing to the fact that smiley faces are generic and are EVERYWHERE. Look hard enough and you will find them.

Presently, I understand where Brown is coming from because these deaths do not match any known pattern or behavior of serial killers.

With regards to Chris Jenkins and Patrick McNeil, I don't think she would dismiss them as being murders, but she would dismiss the notion that they were connected and were the work of the smiley face killers.

Criminal Profiler Debunks "Smiley Face Killers"


BoyintheMachine said...

@ Monique777

"So while Pat Brown makes a very strong and harsh point, she can't be positive there isn't a serial killer or that some of these men have not met with foul play."

I understand where you are coming from.

I'm sure you remember me discussing that I was a former believer in the smiley face killers theory. I am still open-minded but when I learned how popular the "Satanic Cult" theory was, such served as a wake-up call to me.

Monique, I was on a site where the father of one of these young man publicly stated that his son was murdered by a cult. -I'm sorry but no he was not.

I'm open-minded and admit there is a possibility that the serial killer(s) theory may be true, however the problem is there's a big difference between possibility and reality. Too many people are acting as if the theory has already been proved true when in reality all it is is simply speculation.

Some of these deaths are probably accidents and suicides. Some are possbily murders, however there isn't any evidence the murders are connected.

It's okay to entertain the possibility of the serial killers theory being true, but we have to always remember that there is no evidence. When I say no evidence, I mean no evidence that these deaths are connected.

anthony said...

thank god he was found alive
the smiley face gang are getting sloppy

Monique777 said...


Pat Brown does have a point about the graffiti. Can't argue with that one. After Dan Zamlen went missing it was an eye-opener to see the graffiti explosion around the area he went missing from. The city had a hard time keeping up with painting over all the tagging that went on around here.

It is understandable why this Satanism claim would turn you and other people off to this theory. Gannon has now dismissed this idea entirely. He now says there is NO Satanism or satanic element or connections to anything satanic at all. He also seems to be stepping away from the graffiti claims.

I get anyone who doesn't believe this theory and I get anyone who does believe this theory. What I don't understand are people who believe this theory has been proven wrong.

I agree, there is no evidence connecting these men. That is clear. And I agree some of these men are accidents, a few may be suicides and a few may be walk-aways and some may be foul play. IF some of these cases are proven to be foul play, perhaps the people these men were with last have more answers than they have given. In other possible foul play cases where the friends are on the up and up there is a possibility of there being a connection. I say a possibility.

I don't put Gannon up on a pedestal but he is an ex-detective with some amazing credentials and extensive experience (which counts for a lot more than college degrees in my book). Put this together with him having a strong belief some of these men are connected and it's difficult not to give this idea of his some respect.

Gannon has claimed 19 connections. He claims to have proof. We are waiting to learn about this evidence. I am also waiting to see who he believes is responsible.

But there is a huge problem when someone starts connecting all these men together. If Gannon claims 19 men are connected and people run with this idea and start connecting hundreds of deaths, anyone that has drown even if they were on a boat, it has gotten out of hand. After all we can't be certain 19 are connected at this point. And while I know I'm guilty of jumping the gun and posting initially as if the theory had been proven, I have tried to tone this down. I just can't let go of the idea that Gannon et el is onto something here. It's worth keeping an open mind and waiting it out...and it's hard not to get sucked into the oddities surrounding some of these cases.

I didn't know you were an advocate of the smiley face theory at one time- thought you were more into the mood seed idea! (just kidding)

eddie said...

I wish that some information was released as to what events surrounded Allan Jarocki ending up in Half Moon Lake. Likewise, I'd like to know where Devindra David Persaud was while he was missing and the details surrounding his period of being a.w.o.l. There's definitely a possibility that there's no significance to either of these incidents in relation to the cases of other missing/deceased men. If it's the the case that their situations were nothing more than bizarre yet explainable circumstances, then I wish it would be reported in the media. This would help prevent speculation on the part of those of us who are concerned that some evil people may be on the loose. On the other hand, if one or both of them were survivors of an attempted murder, the authorities may keep quiet to further efforts at catching the killer(s).

Also, regarding Half Moon Lake... I still feel that it's noteworthy that 2 other college-aged men died there under mysteriuos circumstances. Half Moon Lake is located in Milltown, WI and has a population of approximately 850. It's a very rural small town. It seems rather unlikely that 2 mysterious drowning deaths would occur there...not to metion that the demographic of victim was the same in both cases. Another thing is that, if a killer or group of killers are at work, Half Moon Lake may have been selected due to the fact that it's shape somewhat resembles the mouth from a smiley face. A final point is that there are reports that suspected abductions/killings have correlated with moon phases. This could be a possible reason for the selection of Half Moon Lake.

BoyintheMachine said...

@ Monique777

"I didn't know you were an advocate of the smiley face theory at one time- thought you were more into the mood seed idea! (just kidding)"


Those were the days...waking up and checking my email and fave blogs and finding multiple 'moonseed' comments here.

I guess they figured nobody read it the first time the posted it.

FYI: No offense to moonflowers, they are quite beautiful and their smell is intoxicating. I used to grow them. They are huge white flowers that only bloom at night. I'm talking flowers 6 inches across with a strong perfume-like scent. I think I might plant some this year, come to think of it. I like sitting on the patio on a hot summer-night and smelling them. Man, I can't wait till winter is over!

(I think the 'moonseed' person was really talking about the plant datura, which has flowers similar to the moonflower vine, but it blooms during the day. Regardless, both plants are toxic.)

Monique777 said...

This post is in reference to Gene Losik who went missing from the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston.

Back in March of 2007, Dustin Willis went to the Black Rose in Boston on a Friday night with a group of friends. He became seperated from his friends and went missing. Later, his cell phone was found on the sidewalk yards away from the harbor near the Long Wharf. The Black Rose is right near the Marriott Long Wharf. Odd isn't it?


Bridger78 said...

Dustin Willis was in the US Navy and was from Hatteras Island, North Carolina. William Hurley was a veteran of the navy and was from North Carolina.

Anabel said...


I feel I have to correct you. Half Moon Lake is a man made lake in Eau Claire Wisconsin. It is not a town. I lived and went to college in Eau Claire for 6 years, moved back to northern Wisconsin and then moved back to Eau Claire and lived there for 3 years before moving to California 8 months ago. Half Moon Lake is an outlet of the Chippewa River, a man made "bay" so to speak. It is located in Carson Park which is a vast park that houses the sports "arena" (its in quotes because it is small for an outdoor arena" and baseball practice fields/tennis courts that the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire utilizes. Football games are also held here, as well as the towns "Sawdust City Days" summer festival, town parades, and events.

Half Moon Lake is located only 3 or 4 blocks down from Water Street, which it the party area for most college aged kids. i know because I gave the place a heavy workout when I was in college. Basically it is why it took me 6 years to get my degree. I had tons of fun there. The Chippewa river runs along water street in back of the bars. Also, most of the college kids who live off campus live in this area. Your house is judged as "good" depending on how close you are to Water Street. Lower campus is directly across a walk bridge over the Chippewa River. In order to reach the UW Eau Claire campus from this area you HAVE to cross the Chippewa River. Students literally walk over the river 10 times a day to go to classes and back, and then to party at night if they are coming from the campus and UW housing.

Half Moon Lake and Carson Park are located at the opposite end of Water street. It is NOT off the beaten path, but anyone walking that way would be going the opposite way from the UW Eau Claire campus and much of the student housing, but it is an area familiar to any UW Eau Claire student. I find it odd that these students have ended up there, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility to wander there if you are very inebriated. I can speak from experience, though, that being inebriated was a specialty of mine, but I never found myself lost in that city or near Half Moon Lake unexpectedly. I do know, however that many, many, many students would try and "swim the Chippewa". It has strong currents and people consider it a challenge. Many a drunk young person has tried to swim it, and had to be pulled out. There were several while I was a student there.

UW Eau Claire students, much like LaCrosse students, are continually surrounded by water. I do think the disappearances and deaths are odd, though. For instance, the students in Menominie, WI, 30 miles from Eau Claire are also surrounded by water constantly and have to walk along it to get anywhere in that town. Lake Menomin is huge and the Red Cedar River runs right along campus. Yet no one disappears and ends up in the water there. As someone very intimately knowledgeable about all Wisconsin areas involved it is mysterious, though I really see a lot of assumptions on here which to me, with that knowledge, seem very implausible.

I just wanted to correct you in that the Half Moon Lake concerned in these cases is in Eau Claire, and not related whatsoever to the small "burg" that you found on a map in or near Milltown. Milltown is much further south than Eau Claire.

eddie said...

@ Anabel

Thanks for the correction. Where I went wrong was that I googled "Half Moon Lake, WI" and it directed me to the Half Moon Lake in Milltown, WI (99 mi. northwest of Eau Claire)...not the one in Eau Claire. With your explanation of the lake in Eau Claire bieng very near the bar district, it does sound more plausible that the 2 previous drownings could have been accidents.

Anabel said...

Again, I don't want to sound like I am dismissing the idea that they weren't accidents. Quite honestly, I really do think something is very fishy about these deaths. Like I said, i partied like a rock star in Eau Claire and never wound up anywhere by the river that would have put me in danger of drowning, or even falling it or falling through ice.

These are very obvious bodies of water, so it makes sense if someone were doing something untoward with students that the Chippewa River and Half Moon Lake, both being fairly close to campus, would be the place to to do it.

I grew up in a place in northern Wisconsin that is world famous for its lakes. All of us local kids partied like you wouldn't believe and no one ever wandered away and drown. Wandered around and passed out in the trees? Yeah. Passed out in a field, yeah. Got turned around and walked miles in a different direction? Yeah. But no drownings. I think the pattern in these areas where the drownings are taking place are a little hard to ignore. I mean, I now live on San Francisco Bay and don't hear of people falling into the bay drunk and drowning. Why is it so prevalent in Eau Claire, LaCrosse, The Twin Cities, and then nothing in Menomonie, which have such similar bodies of water just as close to campus...but yet...no drownings there? Check out UW-Stout and the proximity of it to Lake Menomin and the Red Cedar River! It is literally almost an identical set up to Eau Claire! UW Stout is a nice sized school with over 6,000 students living on campus, with another 3 to 4 thousand off, yet close. Why on Earth are there not drunk students drowning there? It is really something to think about.