August 6, 2010

NBC coverage in Chris Jenkins case

Just a reminder to please tune in to NBC for coverage on the Chris Jenkins case tonight!

Jan and Steve Jenkins appeared live on the Today Show this morning to discuss the gripping one-hour special, Solve My Mystery: The True Story of Chris Jenkins, will air tonight (10 PM EST/ 9 PM CT, NBC). 

A clip of tonight's special was shown during the Today Show.

The Jenkins family hopes the show will spur people who have information to come forward. They are also delighted that Solve My Mystery: The True Story of Chris Jenkins will bring awareness to the real danger in the street.

Solve My Mystery: The True Story of Chris Jenkins
Airs Friday, August 6 at 10 PM EST/ 9 PM CT, NBC

Show your support for the Jenkins family by tuning in!

Footprints at the River's Edge would like to thank NBC for highlighting this remarkable family. Our gratitude also goes out to all our readers who plan to tune in to support the Jenkins family! Thank you all!

More about Chris Jenkins can be read here.


Devin said...

Lisa- I so appreciate this reminder!!
I had forgotten about it and probably would have missed it had you not posted this - I so rarely watch TV that I forget there are some good and worthwhile things to view sometimes--I hope the airing of this show leads to or helps to solve the mystery - God Bless Chris Jenkins and his friends and family and all the other victims and their friends and families!!
thanks again!!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Devin, I hope you can watch tonight! It looks like it's going to be a really gripping show. It has been in production for 2 years!

The local news provided some more explanation about the show, and why the Jenkins family decided to do it:

NBC's Dateline covers Chris Jenkins murder mystery (video)

The national coverage this is getting will be so helpful to the Jenkins family to to so many families out there!

BoyintheMachine said...

I hope somebody who may have recorded it and uploads it to YouTube because I completely forgot. I even marked it on my calendar. LOL

BoyintheMachine said...

It looks like somebody has already posted it at YouTube. The only problem is that quality is not that good.

Here's part 1, just search to the side for the subsequent clips.