April 4, 2016

02/13/16: Zachary Marr, 22, Boston, MA

Zachary Marr.
Photo credit: Boston police
Our thoughts go out to Zachary Marr and his loved ones.

Zachary Marr, 22, was last seen on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at the Bell in Hand Tavern near Boston's Faneuil Hall. Marr, who lives in Harvard, MA, had taken the train to celebrate his birthday with his three cousins. The group, according to a family member, was from the Leominster area of central Massachusetts and not real familiar with Boston.

After being dropped off at the train station by his father, Matthew, and riding the train, Zachary's cousin, Amanda Marr, picked him up from North Station at about 6 p.m. According to the Boston Globe on February 16, "The two drove back to her apartment in South Boston, where she prepared dinner for him: chicken, chips, guacamole, and hummus. She said they had a drink before leaving to go to the Bell in Hand art about 10 p.m."

At around 1:30 am, Zachary sent Amanda a text that he was going out to smoke a cigarette, something he had done several times that night. He was seen on surveillance at 1:40 am, standing outside the Boston Public Market, across the street from the tavern. It was a weekend that saw record cold temperatures of 9 below, but Marr just had on a pullover sweatshirt. He had left his coat in the coat check.

"He sent me a Snapchat saying they're not letting me back in, let's leave," said his cousin Amanda, "I texted him and said where are you, and he said out front and that was at 1:41 am." It was apparently last call.

One of the released surveillance images does show Marr still in front of the Market as late as 1:44 am. But by about 1:51 am, after Amanda and her cousins grabbed their coats and got outside, he was gone.

"I was trying to stay calm," Amanda told the Globe. She hoped he'd just gone for a walk, run into a friend or met a woman, and she'd hear from him later that day. But he didn't turn up.

Photo credit: Boston Public Market / NECN.com.

     Photo credit: Boston Public Market / NECN.com.

Wide shot of Bell in Hand Tavern with Boston Public Market at left.
Google image search. Photo credit: Bill Mueller, June 2015.

The restaurant said in a statement that they provided video surveillance to the police, which shows Marr did not attempt to re-enter the Bell in Hand. Video shows other customers leaving and re-entering after 1:20 a.m. and they said Marr would not have been denied access. The restaurant said another video shows Marr in front of a garage, heading toward the Surface Artery.

The Boston Globe has reported that additional surveillance video shows Marr on a walkway, then walking on train tracks before disappearing into into the river underneath the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. 

Search team near Zakim Bridge at Nashua Street.
Photo credit: Caitlin Fichtell, 
The Boston Globe, February 23, 2016

Two passerbys spotted Marr's body in the water about 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Preliminary evidence indicates his death is consistent with a fall into very cold water.

Amanda Marr said Zachary had a few drinks that night, "but it was nothing out of the ordinary." 
Matthew Marr told the Boston Globe that he suspected Zachary might have tried to swim in the Charles River, or fell through the walkway.

Marr's paternal grandmother had passed away from breast cancer in January, and according to The Boston Globe, he was planning to help his father pack up her apartment that weekend. He had been very close to her, and while he was under some stress, nothing has been reported to indicate Marr was depressed. Marr, a graduate of Leominster High School, was a student at Mount Waschusett Community College. He was taking five classes and was doing well in school. In addition to being a full time student, he was also working full time at Quiet Logistics. The company provides shipping fulfillment for high-end retail fashion brands. Marr had just been promoted.

Marr's missing person's poster describes him as 5-feet-8, 175 pounds with blue eyes and short brown hair and beard. If you have additional information, call Boston Police at 617-343-4571 or Harvard, Massachusetts, Police Sgt. Coates at 978-456-1212.

A funeral Mass for Zachary Marr was held Wednesday, March 23 at St. Anne’s Church, 75 King St. Littleton with burial in Bellevue Cemetery in Harvard.  


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Troy said...

Joey Labute from Columbus, OH was just found in a river as well after a night out at a bar with family/friends.

D_Train said...

Really pleased to see a new post, thank you.

Troy said...

Agreed...great to see a new post. There have been MANY more of these cases in the past year---they certainly are not slowing doing any unfortunately.

Mbaz said...

Here are my observations.

Why would he send her a text saying that he is going out for a smoke? Were they not together in the bar? His wife said that she he went out for smokes frequently that night. Did he text her before he left for every cigarette? Being a bar rat in my 20's, you would never text someone that you were going out for a cigarette when that is something you have been doing frequently all night. You just go smoke your cigarette and come back in. You are usually not even gone from the bar that long enough to warrant a text! This is strange and the point ties into my overall hypothesis->

I think that Zachary was 100% drugged inside that bar. Not targeted per say, but managed to drink a spiked drink. We all know how common it is for people to bring drugs inside to bars and try to target women. We also know that men sometimes drink the drink that might have been meant for a girl. There are A BEVY OF CLUES which point to him drinking a spiked drink.

Mbaz said...

CLUE 1- Why text your girlfriend that you are going out for a smoke?... Well, he did this as a diversion so he could go outside and puke!. He was BUYING TIME by saying "going for a cigarette". What happens in these cases is the subject doesn't even know they were drugged. They have a few drinks, start feeling sick, and become embarrassed because they know that if they throw up, they will look like "that pussified person who can't hold their liquor" . That is not a look that a guy wants in a bar with his gf so he heads straight outside, so he can puke in peace away from prying eyes. I know, been in the situation a million times. Plus he doesn't want his gf to worry so he says "going for a smoke". A text he would never actually send if he was just going for a smoke(he would just go for a quick smoke and hop back inside). He felt sick, and was saving face with his text and buying himself time to puke it all out. Now we know he wasn't sick from the liquor because he only had a few drinks that night.

CLUE 2- The "they will not let me back in" lie. Either the drugs made Zach look too drunk and the pub really did not let him back in. OR he was embarrassed about being in the state that he was and he lied about not being able to get back in so his gf would come out. The club said they would have let him back in and that he was not refused at the door. SO i guess that he lied about not being let back in so he didn't have to suffer the embarrassment of either A) going back into the pub to drag his gf out or B) texting her that he was sick and that they should leave. She would no doubt tell all their friends that she was leaving becuz he was sick and then he whole "saving face" operation (WHICH IS SUCH A TYPICAL GUY MOVE) would have been ruined. Clue 1 combined with Clue 2 provides a very interesting argument for the drugged theory. BUT WAIT, THEIRS MORE.

Clue 3- We know he left. There is camera footage of hi walking away from the bar. There is also footage of him standing in front of the bar right after he texted his gf "lets leave". So why would he lie to her about him being able to get back in, text her so she should come out and meet him instead, and then leave her completely knowing full well that she will be coming out any second looking for him. The reason is that the drugs started to kick in. Those types of drugs build their power slowly. Especially if the drug was in pill form, he might have had a rush of effects at that point in time. ANyone who has taken drugs like MDMA recreationally or even an advil pill for headaches knows that pill forms of drugs don't effect you instantly. They creep up on you then before you know it, they have hit you like a brick wall. My hypothesis is he left that bar because he was so fucked up and didn't want the embarrassment of his gf seeing him. So he just walked away. In his mind, he probably thought, "if i just leave the bar, she and her friends won't see me like this and I can make an excuse about where I was later". Again, leaving the bar was inline with him whole saving face plan. The cigarette text was to save face. The "they won't let me back in" text was definitely to save face. The leaving before she could see him in that state was also to save face. Obviously when he's walking in the cold and falls in the water because of how fcked up he is, then thats GG.

Mbaz said...

Disclaimer: I used gf and wife interchangeably because I was not sure tbh

Mbaz said...

Toxicology report will confirm my analysis. This is a tragic case but there are definitely stranger cases on this site which are most certainly harder to solve.

lily rivers said...

I thought it was his cousin..
Just found your blog gonna read the posts.Is this still being looked at as murders by a group of ppl? One of the detectives working on this case back in 2009,I think said smiley faces were found around the area these guys were put in the water..

lily rivers said...

I thought it was his cousin..
Just found your blog gonna read the posts.Is this still being looked at as murders by a group of ppl? One of the detectives working on this case back in 2009,I think said smiley faces were found around the area these guys were put in the water..

Unknown said...

I have recently been very intrigued by all of these "accidental" drowning victims and the connection they have with the theory of the Smiley Face Killer. Please checkout the story of Shane Montgomery of Pennsylvania who disappeared without a trace and was found in the Schuylkill River weeks later. Many of my friends knew him and were very close to him, his disappearance sparked this interest I have in the string of suspicious drownings across the country.

Have there been anymore updates as to adding to the list of disappearances?

Tiffany Ray said...


Currently cross referencing these incidents with homicide or likelihood of connecting with SFK. I've been doing a ton of digging and researching, there is certainly way more than meets the eye when it comes to these mysterious drownings. I sincerely hope I'm not the only one still researching this, these victims and their families need closure.

Tiffany Ray said...

Also, I figured out how to tale my name off of 'unknown'. The comment above my name is my post as well.

D_Train said...

Sept 2016
After searching for 21-year old Bjorn Norderhaug, a missing student, his body is pulled from the Upper Iowa River.

Police say he was last seen in downtown Decorah, early Saturday morning around 2 a.m. They say he left the Corner Bar with a friend, and since then no was able to get in touch with him.

Tiffany Ray said...


Thanks for posting, I'm glad someone is still on here trying to piece things together. Cold weather is coming and numbers are going to go up, happens every year unfortunately.

Krishna Mishra said...

thanks for posting..

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Belinda Haynes said...


I REALLY think Corrie McKeague disappearance reads just like many of these
cases...it's eerie the similarities. Same MO. Let me know what you think.

D_Train said...

@Belinda Haynes
Yes.. Corrie McKeague case is very similar, as are these recent ones;



it's too weird.. too, too weird

Gene Skala said...
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Gene Skala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-B- said...

What about the most recent disappearance in Boston?

-B- said...

From last year: http://www.blumhouse.com/2016/03/17/the-vanishing-men-mystery/
Plus last weekend disappearance on my last comment. It's eerie.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if any of these young men had similar blood types? And the coronor needs to test the eyeball fluid for drugs bc of amount of time bodies were in water.

Mbaz said...


Unlikely that the killer is taking blood since his M.O consists of making sure the body has no trauma marks.

Also, they could easily be using a spray form of paralyzing serum commonly used by farmers to paralyze cows on a farm. I know for a fact that this is easy to get and would exit the system quickly if the body were in the water.

My theory is that they are stealing sperm. Its the only motive that makes sense/connects with the other puzzle pieces.

D_Train said...

These killings are done by a sick, organised network who, time after time, commit perfect crimes. No witnesses, nothing caught on video surveillance often in cities saturated with CCTV's it is suspicious beyond drunk people falling in water, I don't believe it.

D_Train said...

This blog appears to have been abandoned so if you'd like to stay updated, there's great info here;

Blogger said...

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Kimmysuebob said...

Excellent theory. Makes total sense. Thanks for the "guy" interpretation!

Leanne Mo said...

@FootprintsATRE (blogger): Have you left this site to start another elsewhere? Or are you retired from the subject now? Hopefully, you're only missing from here. :\

Any update to this blog would be great. Like others, I have admired your well-written blog!

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