May 4, 2015

05/01/2015: Robert Songtag, River Falls, WI

Update: Body of missing UW-River Falls student found
Day two of the search for 20-year-old Robert "Bobby" S. Sontag resulted in the discovery of his body on the Kinnickinnic River below the upper dam.
Sontag’s body was found around 1 p.m. Monday, May 4, a day after he had been reported missing and a search to find him had begun.
According to River Falls police, a wallet with a photo I.D. and other documentation was found on the body that helped identify Sontag.
An investigation into the circumstances of his death is ongoing.
River Falls police say Sontag, a UWRF student, was last seen in the area of the 400 block of South Main Street around 2 a.m. Friday.
He didn’t show up for college classes Friday and wasn’t seen or heard from since. His pickup truck wasn’t moved.
His disappearance was first reported to police Sunday at 3 p.m.
Sontag was last seen walking home from a bar with a friend. The two then went their separate ways.
Authorities believe alcohol was involved in Sontag’s disappearance.
Police and firefighters began searching for the young man later Sunday afternoon. Firefighters went out on Lake George in a boat to look.
Those efforts were interrupted by a thunderstorm but resumed before being called off because of darkness.
Monday morning they started again with help from Pierce County Sheriff deputies and the use of a quieter air boat.
Deputies in the boat peered into the waters of Lake George and the river, looking for a body. A sonar device was submerged as part of the search effort.
Other officers and firefighters were posted along the upper dam by the old power plant. A body below was finally spotted from a distance and a group descended the cliff to just below the dam.
Sontag was a junior majoring in dairy science at UWRF.

UWRF has counseling services available to students, located in Hagestad Hall.


Troy said...

All has been quiet on the Smiley Face Killer theory front for quite some time now. However, it is interesting (and deeply sad) to see that these mysterious drownings are still occurring in the same geographical area with the same type of victim.

I have researched these cases in depth these past few months and this blog has been a HUGE part of that research. Very well done! I do 100% believe that it is glaringly obvious that many of these young men didn't simply just get drunk, fall into a body of water and drown; there is something much more sinister at play here. Whether I buy into the Smiley Face Killer theory as it was presented by Gannon, I do not 100% know. There are lots of theories out there as to what is really happening to these young men. Some are far-fetched. Some are not. What I do believe is that in many, if not most of these cases, these young men are being targeted for a reason and murdered. There are just too many similarities and connections for these to by random, accidental drownings and disappearances.

I am curious as to if the owner of this blog (Lisa I believe?) has a theory or opinion about what is really happening to many of these young men?

bklynsteph said...

I totally agree.

Belinda Haynes said...

I would totally have to agree with Troy as well.

laura linger said...

Sound familiar?

Cindy_in_Norwalk said...

Read the 411 missing books. This had several of the same elements regarding water and a storm following inhibiting the search. also it seems to happen a lot to people of german heritage.

Tiffany Ray said...

Are you still investigating this, Troy? There have not been many other postings on this site but I have personally compiled a ton of research and would love to share it.

Vernonica Lee said...

Wisconsin has to many missing young men dead later found floating in rivers dead. Is there a connection with any off these cases ? Is there serial killer or more praying on our loved ones?