October 2, 2004

10/02/04: Chris Olberding, 18, Cincinnati, OH

Chris Olberding, had been a freshman at University of Cincinnati for just two weeks when he went missing on Saturday, October 2, 2004 after leaving a party on Muddy Creek Road in Green Township. He was gone, and so was his car, a red 1996 Dodge Intrepid. It was so out of character for Chris to go off alone that his parents immediately reported him missing.

A reliable kid
Chris was mature, stable and reliable. He played soccer and wrestled in junior high and had worked at a Kroger store on Harrison Avenue in Dent for four years before graduating from Oak Hills High School.

The body of Christopher J. Olberding, was found Friday, Oct. 8. off the bank of the Ohio River near Anderson Ferry and the 4500 block of River Road after being spotted by barge workers. The Hamilton County Coroner's Office later confirmed it was Chris Olberding. Dive teams from the Hamilton County Sheriff's office found his red 1996 Dodge Intrepid Wednesday at Anderson Ferry landing.

Police told reporters their investigation revealed no signs of foul play. Chris' father, Mike Olberding said, "The official coroner's cause of death was drowning." Officials did not say whether they found evidence that might shed light on what happened to Olberding.

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Chris Olberding, 18, Cincinnati, OH
College: University of Cincinnati (major undecided)
Last seen: 10/2/04
Recovered: 10/8/04, Ohio River, Anderson Ferry
Cause of death: drowning
Manner of death: no information available
Injuries: no signs of foul play
Blood Alcohol Content: no information available
Chris drives a red 1996 Dodge Intrepid with Ohio plates BD53VM.



nikki said...

i miss you so much

Anonymous said...

If Chris's car is still missing, it's a clear sign of foul play. How the police could accept the coroner's verdict of drowning without first finding the car is beyond me. This is cop dumb at its worst and incontrovertible proof of a logical disconnect in the thinking of those responsible for looking at ALL the evidence, not just the provable kind. Of course, the authorities could be trying to keep these suspicious cases under wraps while they conduct secret investigations behind the scenes. If that's what they're doing, they are also granting the killers broad latitude to kill with impunity. The public should be warned, if the authorities suspect serial murder. They can help stop the killing NOW, by announcing their concerns before the killers strike again.

Some possible I-94 cases involving automobiles: 1) Scott Javins, 5/02; 2)Jeremy Stienkeoway, 4/03; Chris Olberding, 10/04. Note that in each case the car was moved and/or hidden. That means it presented a problem for the killers. Note also, that the killers apparently had answers to these problems. That suggests to me prior planning, logistics, even professional assistance of some kind. The theoretical intercept--WHO--may, in fact, comprise students, non-students and their professional overseers. The Scepter never sleeps.

BoyintheMachine said...

Anyword on whether the police have found this guy's car?

Christopher Olberding said...

Sad circumstances - believe it was determined there was no foul play. Always freaks me out as I have the same name. Even the same middle name - Christopher James Olberding. Really not the most common name in the world.

Anonymous said...

any one know the name of the teams he played for?

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