June 15, 2005

6/15/05: Todd Geib, 22, Casnovia, MI

Todd Geib, 22, was last seen at a keg party and bonfire in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12, 2005. The party of 100 people was held behind an apple orchard in a rural part of Casnovia, Michigan, a marshy area containing 6 miles of hip-high grass. Geib apparently left the party to walk to his cousin's home at 291 Moon Court, where he rented a room. He lived near Half Moon Lake, about a mile and a half southeast of the party site and may have been seen walking along Moon Road.

Geib was last heard from during a series of cell phone calls between 12:47 a.m. and 12:57 a.m. on Sunday. At 12:47 a.m., he called the friend who had driven him to the party to say that he'd "had enough" and was walking home. He then called a friend at 12:51 a.m., but all he said was, "I'm in a field," before the phone call cut off. The friend called back and heard only what she thought was either breathing or the wind before the call ended. The phone was then used twice over the next few minutes in an attempt to call the friend back with the last attempt ending at 12:57 a.m. Geib's phone was not used again after that. Neither were his credit cards.

The area where Geib was last seen was thoroughly searched three times. During one of the searches, an estimated 1,500 volunteers as well as aircraft searched the area around the party site. Nothing was found.

Three weeks later, on July 2, 2005, Todd Geib's body was discovered in a remote pond near the party. It was reported, "according to the couple who found Todd, he was standing upright in Obenhall Lake. They remember it distinctly because his head and shoulders were sticking out of the water. With a blood alcohol content of .12, the cause of death was ruled “drowning.” The manner of death was ruled “undetermined.” The Michigan State Police closed Todd’s case." (Piehl, 6/12/09).

One police officer initially provided speculation to Geib's mother, Kathy, that her son had gone for a swim. But it didn't make sense. Geib was found fully clothed with his wallet in his pocket. (Piehl, 6/12/09).

Geib's family does not believe the official ruling. They believe Todd Geib died as the result of a homicide.

In 2009, Geib's autopsy report and recovery photos were reviewed by Dr. Michael Sikirica, a board certified Forensic Pathologist and CEO of Forensic Identification and Profiling Labratory. He showed the file to his team, other investigators and also shared the data at an international convention of Medical Examiners. All agreed with Dr. Sikirica’s conclusion--that Todd Geib who had been missing for three weeks, had been dead 2 – 5 days. (Piehl, 3/3/10).

Despite these new findings, the Michigan State Police refused to reopen Todd Geib's case.

In March 2010, Kathy Geib told WZZM13, "We can't bring him back with an investigation, but Todd deserves justice," said Kathy Geib. "It's almost like saying Todd's life is worth nothing when we have all this evidence and no one turn back to see what happened." (Brenzing, 3/18/10).

Kathy Geib is still fighting to get the case reopened. A small rally--Justice for Todd--was held June 10, 2012 in Ravenna, Mich. to help urge police to change their minds.

“There was no water in his lungs,” she elaborated in an interview with Heather Lynn Peters of MLive on June 6, 2012. “From what we have found from the professionals is that he had been placed in the water after he was dead. They are 100 percent in agreement that in this case there were clues missed.”

She hopes it will be enough for police to open a case.

Case Details

Name/age: Todd Geib, 22
Hometown: Ravenna, Mich.
Last seen: 6/15/05 Casnovia, Mich.
Recovered: 07/02/05 Obenhall Lake
Investigating Agency: Michigan State Police

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Published 7/2/09. Updated 06/24/12.


Bridger78 said...

There's a Todd Geib who graduated from high school in Inver Grove Heights, MN in 1986. The name of the high school is Simley High School.


Mbaz said...

Disorientation? Having trouble breathing? Sounds like this man was drugged. .12 Alc level is barely over the legal limit for driving. Ignorant society chalking up every person whos drunk and dies to an accident. Its just sad

likakilo said...

worth adding that the lake Todd Geib's body was found in is near Half Moon Lake where both Michael Noll and Craig Burrows were found -- "Geib left the party and was apparently walking home to the room rented from his cousin near Half Moon Lake." http://ccadp.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=victims&action=print&thread=6744

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Jason Kehoe said...

Police and other authorities are embarrassed and afraid to tell us what we already know:

They don't know the answers.
The medications found in Todd's system were placed there by someone or something other than Todd himself.
Supernatural variables are involved.
This is one of the most chilling and bizarre cases of mysterious disappearance and death in existence.

D_Train said...

This case gives me the absolute creeps. Definitely more to this story than what we know

Anonymous said...

Its definitely a missing 411 case

SMITTEN politexchangeofbullets KITTEN said...

There was amitriptyline found in his system.

SMITTEN politexchangeofbullets KITTEN said...

There was amitriptyline found in his system.

Blogger said...

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James Gray said...

If there is no water in the guys lungs he didn't drown. These poor people that this situation happens to are somehow drugged into confusion. He said "he'd had enough" when on the phone to his buddy that he called. Whatever killed him, was with him,in that field when he made those bizarre calls.

Rich Oshea said...

Does anyone know if Todd's body had the "lacerations" as other missing 411 people?