February 8, 2003

02/08/03: Glen Leadley, 23, Chicago, IL

Glen Leadley was attending a party at a friend’s apartment on Chicago’s Gold Coast, and left to catch a cab when he became ill. The police later received reports of a man walking near the water. Leadley's body was found near the Lake Michigan shore off Lincoln Park two weeks later.

In November 2002, Glen Leadley moved to Chicago to take a new job as a buyer with Anixter, Inc. In February 2003, he was attending a party at a friend’s apartment on Chicago’s Gold Coast. According to Glen Leadley's father, Gary, the young man allegedly told friends he wasn't feeling well and left to catch a cab around 10:30 pm. The party's hostess saw Leadley walk toward a taxi, but she headed back to her apartment before seeing him get into the cab. A surveillance tape showed a partial image of a taxi leaving the building's driveway, but it was unclear whether Leadley was in the cab. The cab driver has not been identified. Investigators think Leadley possibly got into the cab, but then got out. He was not wearing a coat or gloves having forgotten them at a coworker's apartment earlier in the evening.

Witnesses called police to report a man walking erratically very close to rocks that line the shore near Lake Shore Drive and Fullerton Parkway about 11 p.m. Police searched the scene for the man but found no one. Investigators believed it was a good sighting and that Leadley “quite possibly stumbled into the lake,” adding “there was no indication of anything unusual happening—there was no despondency—before the disappearance."

A little over two weeks later, a jogger spotted his body along the shore of Lake Michigan near Fullerton Avenue on a cement apron. A wallet and other documents initially confirmed Leadley's identity. Investigators said the body was frozen. An autopsy determined he had drowned. There was no official determination that the death was accidental, but it was also not known if foul play was involved.

Facts of Interest
Name/age: Glenn Leadley, 23 (from Portage, MI)
College: Michigan State/University of Northern Illinois graduate
Physical description: 5'7," 190#, brown hair
Last seen: 02/08/03 , 10:30 p.m., 1400 block of North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, then Lake Shore Drive and Fullerton Parkway about 11 p.m.
Recovered: 02/23/03, Lake Michigan
Cause of death: drowning, hypothermia


Anonymous said...

Glen went to work for Anixter.Anixter is a company that sells parts for Trane air conditioners.A cab was said to be waiting for him outside and the police think he may have got into the cab and then exited.Why would he do that?Was he drugged and did he know something was not right?It was reported that a cab was also called for Jessiah Jameson,another drowning victim.The cab was never identified.There was a one week class for Trane air conditioners at the time of Jameson's disappearance.There were only 10 days of classes in total that year in Clarksville Tennesseee,where Jameson went missing.Who called the cab?Was this a set up?Why isn't law enforcement .investigating this?

enh said...

Anixter is a distributor of various telecommunications equipment - as in, wire and cable. Glen did not attend any class for Trane air conditioners. Inferring that these two individuals are connected is a very big stretch. I would suspect Glen's "sickness" was from drinking too much. Got in the cab, and was kicked out for then becoming il. Since Lake Shore Drive is the main street I would suspect the cabbie kicked him out at that point. Who knows - we'll never know, but I would certainly bet against some mass conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

No one said glen attended their classes. Anixter makes and sells products for Trane. From their own press release.-Anixter wire meets all of Trane’s specifications on communication wire needed to service and maintain its Tracer Summit systems.