November 9, 2007

11/09/07: Kyle Fleischmann, 24, Charlotte, North Carolina

Kyle Fleischmann
Last seen Nov. 8, 2007
Charlotte, NC
Kyle Fleischmann is still missing. 

On Thursday, November 8, 2007, 24-year old Kyle Fleischmann caught Dane Cook's stand-up act at Bobcats Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. Fleischmann's mother and sister were also in the audience. When the show ended, Fleischmann  and his friends walked to Buckhead Saloon, where he met up with his family.

After the gathering, Fleischmann's friends and family left Buckhead Saloon while Kyle stayed behind. The Saloon's security camera captured images of the 24-year-old exiting the bar alone around 2:20 a.m. He left his coat behind at the saloon and the weather that night was chilly. He also did not have his credit card.

The last sighting of Kyle took place around 2:25 am, when Kyle was seen buying pizza at Fuel Pizza at the uptown location. An employee told police Kyle came in by himself, but the restaurant got very crowded shortly thereafter. The employee never saw Kyle leave.

Kyle then apparently made two phone calls around 3:30 am to his best friend and roommate. He did not leave any messages. Police say the activity on his cell phone was concentrated in the uptown Charlotte area and the First Ward area. His cell phone activity ended around 4:00 a.m. and his cell phone has been off since. All calls made to his cell phone since then have gone straight to voicemail.

Kyle has not returned to his car or his home. There has been no usage of his bank funds since his disappearance.

The Search for Kyle

On November 13, 2007 they conducted a massive search effort, starting at the Buckhead Saloon where he was last seen. A foot search for Fleishmann took place Saturday, November 17 starting at the Charlotte Fire Department at 228 E. Ninth Street. Firefighters and nearly 300 volunteers including Fleischmann’s family and friends combed a 9 mile area around Charlotte until around 4 p.m. Search dogs were also brought in to follow the scent from the jacket Kyle left behind at the bar. Reports have indicated that dogs have led searchers to creek beds. Kyle's friends created a webpage and Facebook page and appeared on The Today Show to help get the word out. His sister, Noelle, appeared on Fox News.

A private reward has been established through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crime Stoppers Program. Individuals with information leading to the whereabouts of Kyle Fleischmann are eligible for a reward of up to $50,000.00. If you have any information regarding Kyle Fleischmann’s whereabouts, contact Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600.

About Kyle

Kyle Fleischmann grew up in Charlotte, NC and was one of three children of Barbara and Richard Fleischmann. A kind and caring young man, describes Kyle as "an all-American guy, handsome, well liked, and very outgoing and fun to be around." He graduated in 2002 from Charlotte Catholic High School and in 2006 from Elon University where he majored in business administration. At Elon, he was vice president of his fraternity, the Kappa Alpha Order and a volunteer with the Special Olympics and the Boys and Girls Club. When he disappeared, Kyle was working as a healthcare recruiter at Maxim Healthcare Services in Charlotte, his hometown. Kyle's mother had to undergo surgery for breast cancer on November 17, 2007, while the search effort was underway.

After his disappearance, Fleischmann's family and friends have founded the Kyle Fleischmann Foundation, so that others would know where to go for help and information in the critical first days of a person’s disappearance.

Facts of Interest in this Case:
Name/age: Kyle Fleischmann, 24
School attended: graduate of Elon University
Appearance: 6′0,″ 180 lbs, muscular build, brown hair, green eyes. Wearing a dark t-shirt, jeans, black dress shoes
Last seen: 11/9/07, Buckhead Saloon (201 E 5th St.,Charlotte, North Carolina)

Published November 9, 2007.  Last updated June 9, 2019.


Anonymous said...

This one was featured tonight on AMW, however sadly, no mention of the bizzare coincedinces.

Anonymous said...

Here is an update from The Pendulum dated 3/18/09:

Federal agency now investigating Fleischmann case
by Margeaux Corby, March 18, 2009
Early last week, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives initiated a search for the remains of Elon alumnus Kyle Fleischmann in an undeveloped construction site in Charlotte but revealed nothing.

The ATF searched the site with cadaver- sniffing dogs and, according to N.C. Wanted, Fleischmann’s father, Dick Fleischmann, confirmed the ATF is now handling the case, although no further explanation was provided.

Fleischmann disappeared from uptown Charlotte’s Buckhead Saloon on Nov. 2, 2007 around 2:20 a.m.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department investigated video footage from the Saloon the night he vanished and a massive search party was launched in the surrounding area in the weeks that followed Fleischmann’s disappearance. Volunteers included the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order (of which Fleischmann), Elon students and community members, Charlotte volunteers, Public Safety Dogs, Inc. and the Charlotte Fire Department.

Fleischmann’s disappearance has been followed nationally by television shows such as "America’s Most Wanted" and candlelight vigils have been held in cities nationally, as well as on Elon’s campus.

The Kyle Fleischmann Foundation has established numerous Web sites, events and organizations in order to fuel public interest in the case and fund the ongoing search. The Facebook group, Help Find Kyle Fleischman-Missing!, has more than 50,000 members more than a year later.

"At this point we are trying to do what we can to keep Kyle’s story alive and get it back in the media," said Daniel Scagnelli, a close friend of Fleischmann’s and Elon alumnus from January 2008. "Students can help by continuing to spread the word, encouraging everyone to make donations and keeping the hope alive."

For any information regarding Fleischmann’s whereabouts or disappearance, call N.C. Wanted at 1-800-439-2683, The Kyle Fleischmann Foundation at (919)-251-6156 or visit

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why he left his coat and his money back at the bar? Apparently, if I understand correctly, he had his own car with him - I guess he didn't want to drive home since he had been drinking? There are just so many more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

I found this in a message forum. The article is from some time in December 2008. It's interesting because it seems that the ATF has returned back to that site more than one year later. I wonder if they have some new leads. Very disturbing:

Police say human remains found near a construction site in southwest Charlotte belong to a murder victim, but not Kyle Fleischmann.

On Tuesday, the medical examiner released a description of the victim that matches the Fleischmann case almost perfectly. Investigators looked at the possibility this week, but we're told that police are absolutely positive the remains found last week are not those of Fleischmann.

Several electricians stumbled on the human bones on Christmas Eve.

"They just started walking down a game trail, like a deer trail, and they just stumbled across the bones," said Officer Bob Fey with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The area along Dixie River Road near Interstate 485 and Steele Creek Road was blocked off until officers and firefighters could search the 15-acre construction site Christmas morning, but no more evidence was found.

"There's a very good chance that any other remains there could have been scattered by animals," said Fey.

The exact cause of death is not being released, but the medical examiner has determined the bones belong to a man who did not die a natural death.

"We're ruling it as a homicide. I can't get into a cause of death right now," Fey said.

The medical examiner says the victim is likely a white male between the ages of 18 and 30, who was killed sometime between 2002 and 2007.

But for investigators, that information doesn't narrow it down enough to identify the victim.

"Right now we've got just under 30 cases that fit this demographic," said Fey.

Investigators are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information about the case should call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Unknown said...

Se o Kyle saiu da boate la pelas duas da manha e esqueceu o casaco e o cartão de credito nesse local, como foi que ele pagou a comida no Fuel Pizza, se ele ficou quase uma hora dentro da Fuel Pizza é sinal que ele comeu. Logo, depois de comer talvez tenha percebido que nao tinha como pagar a conta e o pessoal da pizzaria pode ter feito alguma coisa com ele, talvez até por isso mesmo que a vidente viu uma placa de coca. Investiguem a pizzaria.

I used google to translate here, but my idea and the next ..
If Kyle has left the club by her two in the morning and forgot his coat and credit card there, as he paid the food at Fuel Pizza, where he stayed for almost an hour inside the Fuel Pizza is a sign that he ate. Soon after eating may have noticed that as he had not paid the bill and the staff of the pizzeria may have done something with him, perhaps for this reason that the seer saw a plate of cocaine. Investigate the pizzeria.

Good Luck - Fabiane - Campo Grande MS

Unknown said...

this is a complete mystery. during his time in the bar he was interacting with two women. maybe once he saw them leaving he ran out the bar to catch them or exchange numbers (maybe that why he left his jacket.) they probally walked and talked until they reached the fuel pizaa which is literally next door. he grabbed pizza, ate but was too intoxicated to remember to head back to the bar to retrieve his jacket/card. After leaving the pizza shop i believe he lost his sense of direction and headed down davidson (but in his mind he was headed back to the club) (back in my college days i had gotten super drunk and was told that i walked around the campus for an hour, the following morning i didnt remember anything) instead he wandered down davidson (which is a very sketchy part of town after dark) which is filled with homeless people (with the shelter being 2 street over), and gangs. i believe by him being a young white male, seemed drunk, was robbed which potentially could have been a ransom situation due to the amount of calls at 3-4am in the morning. once the robbers got no answer they killed him, and disposed of his body at the nearby construction site.