April 29, 2010

10/4/06: Brandyn Dirienzo, 20, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Brandyn Dirienzo is missing.
On October 4, 2006, 20-year old Brandyn Dirienzo from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, visited the Evergreen apartment complex on Bole Avenue in Chilliwack at approximately 8 p.m. Dirienzo has not been seen since. He was reported missing to the Chilliwack Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Since that time, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been conducting an investigation into his disappearance, and is treating it as suspicious. Foul play has not been ruled out.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-373-7886.

Quick Facts:
Name/age: Brandyn Dirienzo, 20
Hometown: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Last Seen: October 4, 2006 from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Classification: Missing
Physical Description: White male, 5'11," 150 lbs., short curly brown hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing black “G Unit” sweatshirt, black jeans and black shoes. He has "dad" tattooed on his left chest, and "BDLC" on his right forearm.


SoWhatever13 said...

This guy is a goner. 5 Years and he is still missing. Skeleton bones now. Anyways, this is sad.

Anonymous said...

i heard brandyn owed a large amount of money and he went to the evergreen apartments held captive, tied up, knocked out and dismembered. people are sick!!

Brandyn's Mom said...

I am Brandyn's mother and if you really know something, I beg you to reach out to me. But there have been a lot of rumours and I was very active in the investigation and from the investigation he did not owe a lot of money. Please reach out if you really know something.