July 1, 2010

New discussion group

Today I am launching a new discussion group, Footprints Forum, on Google groups. I am hoping for this to be a respectful place for the exchange of ideas in a thread-like forum. In order to avoid spam and other issues, you will need to subscribe to the site. Here is the link:


I'd like to hear your feedback on this forum as it gets off the ground.


Lisa said...

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the discussion forum. The initial response was better than I had hoped! It is truly a gift to see my site supported in this way and to know that people care about these young men. I am looking forward to some great discussions on the site and some positive solutions for change. Please keep checking back as things take flight!

Monique777 said...

Meeting a man for coffee at night? I wonder who the man was that he met. I can see meeting someone for a drink, but coffee at night?
There must be more to this story, like he was helping someone out who was troubled.

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