December 16, 2011

01/14/01: Immanuel Tharrington, 32, Philadelphia, PA

Manny Tharrington
Immanuel “Manny” Tharrington, 32, was last seen on Jan. 14, 2001. Tharrington, a sales associate for Kenneth Cole clothing, was planning to move to Las Vegas to start a new job at Saks Fifth Avenue. On the night he disappeared, he dined with friends at the Dandelion Restaurant at 18th and Sansom Streets. Afterward, he headed to Club Whisper alone. The VIP club is located on Walnut Street in a busy area of downtown Philadelphia. Tharrington left the club alone around 2:15 a.m., and it was the last time he was seen.

On Jan. 15, 2011, police pulled Tharrington’s ice laden 2003 Jeep Cherokee from the Schuylkill River near the Columbia Bridge. The vehicle’s gearshift was in neutral, and the driver’s door was open, but there were no signs of injury or foul play.

Six weeks later, on Feb. 28, Tharrington’s body was found in the water near the Robert Gillin Jr. Boathouse at 2200 Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, PA. The Boathouse is the home to the Saint Joseph's University men's and women's rowing teams.

Tharrington lived on the 1100 block of West Erie Avenue. Kelly Drive is located between Club Whisper and and Tharrington's residence.

Club Whisper has since made surveillance footage available to investigators, but authorities have not released any information about his death.

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director said...

Weird! The Schuylkill river has come up quite a few times, as well as just starting a new job (someone on the SFK website suggested that someone might have access to these victims' personal info via background checking companies, which are often consulted when someone is starting a new job), as well as Catholic universities.