December 13, 2011

07/19/11: Alexander Allen, 18, Spokane, WA

Alexander Allen
Alexander Allen, 18, was reported missing on July 22. The teenager was last seen around midnight on Tuesday, July 19 in downtown Spokane, Wash. with friends. Police said they believed the teenager was drunk when he vanished near the AMC movie theater. Allen who usually kept in touch with his family, even calling them if his plans had changed, hadn't contacted anyone. His girlfriend also hadn't seen the young man, and there were no signs of activity on his Facebook page.

Sadly, Allen's body was found by kayakers in the Spokane River on Tuesday, July 26 at about 11:10 a.m. The Spokane Fire Department was able to quickly find the body and retrieve it from the river in the area of West Boone Avenue and North Evergreen Street. Police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer DeRuwe told The Spokeman-Review that there did not appear to be signs of foul play.

In November 2011, reported that since his death, that Alex's mother, Becca Allen, "has only gotten bits and pieces of what happened the night of July 18." She has heard that Alex was on the ledge of the Post Street Bridge, rough housing with a friend, when Alex fell in the river. But, she says, those who know what happened either haven't come forward or aren't telling the full story. In the same report, the paper noted that "the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office has misdemeanor charges ready to file against Alex's friend who was with him that night," but the family would like more witnesses to come forward. "The family is speaking up because they think a misdemeanor does not do justice for Alex's death."

About Alexander Allen

The Allen family is devastated over the loss of their only son and grandson. “I'm always expecting him to come through that door,” Becca Allen told She has set up a shrine at her front window and keeps her son close to her heart in a necklace. “It has Alex's ashes in it, because he's my heart,” she said.

In Alex's obituary, the family wrote:

"We will never be the same without this beautiful sweet young man. This precious soul touched all of our lives and his leaving us so young has left a deep empty void. He was a tall handsome young man who loved getting his hands dirty helping his dad building things and doing whatever chores needed to be done. He loved the great outdoors. He loved going camping, hiking and fishing with his grandfather in the Cabinet Mountains in Montana. He had a big heart for those less fortunate than him and would help ANYONE with food and money. Where ever he went, people young and old knew him, loved him and respected him. He was an earth shaker, that's what he was.

Alex is survived by his parents Kenneth and Rebecca Allen, his grandparents Michael and Lila Perry, his uncle Terry Shriver and grandmother Jody Shriver, his aunt Brandy Irizarry and his girlfriend Amilia Feigner."

A memorial for Alex was held on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at Youth for Christ Center at 1309 N. in Spokane, WA.

If you saw Alex or witnessed what happened, you're asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233. Please help this family get some long-awaited and much needed answers.

Case Summary
Name/age: Alexander Keyes Allen, 18
Last seen: 07/19/11, near AMC Theater in Spokane, Wash.
Found: 07/26/11, Spokane River near West Boone Avenue and North Evergreen Street.
Physical description: 6'2", 150 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes
Investigating Agency contact: Crime Check, 456-2233.

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